Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 12, 1968
NUMBER 19, PAGE 12-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram


The News-Gram Idea Has Stirred Enthusiastic Reception - We are overwhelmed with items sent in for mention. We got behind due to the "special" on the Holy Spirit in which we combined three issues in one. But we will catch up. In order to do so we are condensing everything this week into one running report. Wade through! (Thanks to Jesse Kelley for the new format).

David Smitherman of Imhoff Avenue in Port Arthur entered fulltime preaching work in Victoria, Texas September 1, leaving a good job to preach the gospel. ...James Fox of Expressway in Louisville, Ky. entered fulltime work as a gospel preacher in July with Paris Avenue in Peoria, Ill...Harold Byers an elder at Expressway in Louisville, Ky. was in Peoria in July "preaching 5 times in 3 days" in a weekend meeting. Byers reports that "The Paris Avenue church is sound in the faith and stands opposed to all human arrangements to do the work of the church and all human laws to govern the demeanor of its members" ...Small church in Cleveland, Miss. grows: "Three members began meeting in my home 3 years ago--at present we have 17. We have been renting a meeting place to meet until last week. We are now meeting in our new building, located on Rosemary Road." (W. H. Watts)...From Saskatchewan, Canada: "I appreciate a lot the work you continue to do. [I am] 88 1/2 years of age. Carried a New Testament about 75 years ago. Baptized about 70 years ago. Have had great sorrows, nothing like those who preceded me, to give me the truth..." (E. H. Clark)...Dr. O. S. Jaquith, 96 year old M.D. of Indianapolis was back in service at 40th and Emerson recently!...E. Lacy Porter left Glen Park in Gary, Indiana after 3 years work to serve the church in Monticello, Ky, Aug. 1...A letter From Fidel Cisneros, P. O. Box 42, Naco, Arizona 85620 says, "We greatly need Bibles, Hymn Books, literature (all in Spanish), seats, blackboard, pulpit stand and the fervent prayers of many of our brethren in Christ, that the work will get off to a good start at this place"...J. O. Walter writes that the brethren in Bolivia, N. C. (12 members) Rt. 1, Box 10A, zip 28422 need a mimeograph machine. He adds, "Hope someone has one they will give to the work there. We will try to make the best use of it to our ability."...Mt. View in San Bernardino, Calif: "We are happy to report that our contribution for the first six months of this year is averaging a little more than $100 per week above last year."...A1 Craig from Everett, Washington to Salem, Oregon to work with Market Street...George Southard leaves Dallas, Oregon to begin work with the Everett church, Sept. 1...Take a break and go to the next paragraph...

"Stand Fast" is the name of a new bulletin edited by Tom M. Roberts of Crockett Texas...P. D. Wilmeth is the new editor of VOICE OF FREEDOM, taking the place of the deceased L. R. Wilson...James E. Cooper is moving to Mason, Ohio, Sept. 1...Wayne Sullivan returning from S. Africa beings work with West End in Birmingham, Alabama..."The Franklin Road congregation [Nashville] is presently having fellowship with 39 Gospel preachers in their support other than the local work. These men are in various states and nations. This amounts to over 70% of our weekly contribution, totaling $3,490 per month sent to these men in the work."...The Willis-Inman Debate is ready for shipment. It is a good publication. It should set on your shelf beside The Holt-Totty and Cogdill -Woods debates. Order from GG...$4.00...New building under construction at Dalhart, Texas for the 5th and Peters church...The church meeting on Loop 287 in Lufkin, Texas enters a new building soon. Elmer Moore is the local preacher...Jerry Ray leaves Green Bayou, Houston, Texas after a good work...Aubrey Phelps is preaching again! He suffered a stroke a number of years ago and it seemed he would never preach again. This writer was among the number who said he would...Truman Smith moves to Sweetwater, Texas early September from Thayer Street in Akron, Ohio...Hoyt Houchen from Odessa, Texas to Aurora, Colorado... Billy K. Farris to Lexington, Alabama from Booneville, Mississippi...William Ward from Prescott, Arizona to Booneville, Mississippi...Take another break and begin again...

Homer Hailey writes, "My wife was staying in the hotel at San Augustine, Texas when it burned down...only lost her clothes."...A new congregation is meeting in Peoria, Illinois in the YMCA...Harold Byers reports on his meeting with the 13th Street church in Pekin, Illinois--3 baptisms, 2 identified. He commends the congregation as one endeavoring to follow the New Testament example for the worship and work of the church...George C. Garrison reports the start of a new congregation in Stockton, California, meeting at the Stockton Inn, 99 Freeway and Waterloo Road...Garrison also reports on new congregations in Saratoga, Redding, San Francisco, San Leandro and Ceres, all in California... Eugene Britnell meets Boyd Morgan in debate on current issues Sept. 9-12 in Pocahontas, Arkansas...James Lusby is in meetings in Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas through October...L. M. Honea, Box 1045, Lockney, Texas 79421 has a box of old Preceptors he is willing to give to anybody who will pay the postage...See, it is good that you have waded this far!

COMING EVENTS: Preston Highway in Louisville, Ky. meeting October 21-27, with Robert Turner preaching...Bryan Vinson, Sr. at Poplar St. in Cleburne, Texas early October...Leon Odom at Hickman Hills in South Kansas City, September 9-15...J. B. Grinstead at Mansfield, Ohio September 30-Oct. 6...Different speakers in St. Joseph, Mo., Lincoln St. at 10th, September 15-22...Edwin Hayes at West End in Bowling Green, Ky., October 6-12...Harvey J. Williams at Shively in Louisville, Ky., October 21-27...Ray Votow at Central in Beaumont, Texas, October 6-11...Bill Crews at Ridgecrest in Orange, Texas September 23-29 and at Huntsville, Texas October 21-27...Bob Crawley at Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana October 20-27...Herschel E. Patton at Huffman in Birmingham October 13-20...Granville Tyler at Eastland in Nashville, Tennessee October 7-13...0tis Moyer at the 807 Grant St. church in Novato, Calif. October 6-11, (changed from Sept. date)...Luther Blackmon at Haldeman Avenue, Louisville, Ky., October 6-15...Johnie Edwards, Youngs Creek, Ind. October 7-13...Leslie Diestelkamp at 406 N. Lew St. in Plano, Ill, Sept. 19-25...

More next week, and each week. When we "catch up", we'll give more detailed reports. Keep us informed so we can keep everyone else informed.