Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 18, 1968
NUMBER 11, PAGE 7-8a

Gospel Guardian Gram

Coming Events

— VBS at West Side, Ft. Worth, Texas, July 8 — 11. Harold Turner, preacher.

— Meeting at Silver Street, New Albany, Ind., July 22 — 28, Ferrell Jenkins preaching. Claude Wilsford the local preacher.

— Singing School at Bowling Green, Missouri — Court Street Congregation, July 15 — 19. James Walker of Florida College teaching. Albert F. Robinson is the local preacher. — Meeting in Haynesville, La., July 24 — 30. Leon Goff of Camden, Ark. to do the preaching. B. J. Thomas the local preacher.

— Meeting at Mountain View Avenue in San Bernardino, Calif., July 14 — 21. R. J. Stevens of Pampa, Texas preaching. Arthur W. Atkinson, local preacher.

— Roy Brewer at Shores, Tennessee, July 28 — August 3.

— Billy Moore of Butler, Mo. in Bowling Green, Mo. July 21 — 28.

Personalities And Places

— David Koltenbah. Ph.D. is serving on the faculty of Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. His brother — in — law, James Ledford, is working on his master's degree at the same school. They work together with a congregation meeting on North Broadway, North Highway 67, a congregation less than two years old. It began with 13 people. Now about 40 are meeting in a converted residence on a large lot quite suitable for a future building program.

— The last surviving children of Daniel Sommer live in Indianapolis. Bessie is 88, Allen is a little younger.

— Dr. O. S. Jaquith, M.D. is in a rest home in Indianapolis. He is 96 years old and practiced medicine regularly until he broke his hip about a year ago. Many preachers who have preached in and around Indianapolis will not forget brother Jaquith.

— Ferrell Jenkins and William Wallace are making plans for another Bible land tour for 1969. Information forthcoming.

— Four Willis brothers preach the Gospel: Cecil, who edits TRUTH MAGAZINE, living in Marion, Indiana; Lewis, is leaving Kirkwood, Missouri; Don, at Wichita Falls, Texas; Mike is in Alexandria, Indiana. All good, sound men.

— George Pennock's Nigerian address as of July 8: P. O. Box 4064, UCI, Ibadan, Nigeria.

— Luther G. Roberts has moved from Market Street congregation in Salem, Oregon to work with a congregation in Tucumcari, N. M.

— A congregation in Louisville, Ky. lists three "Ministers": Joseph H. Cox, Warren Rainwater, Paul M. Bolton. The church is known as the Fairdale Church of Christ.

— James R. Trigg moves to the Greggton congregation in Longview, Texas, July 15. A. C. Grider from Longview to South Highway 231 in Owensboro, Ky.

— Wm. H. Lewis is in Wayne, Michigan beginning work with the congregation meeting on Harrison Street. Brother Lewis is a nephew of the late John T. Lewis of Birmingham. — This writer's new address is 706 Hoskins Street, Lufkin, Texas, 75901. Bill collectors, correspondents, and antagonists please take note. (Wm. E. Wallace)

— Sound churches in the immediate Indianapolis area include South Belmont Avenue, Emerson Avenue, Southport, High School Road, Trader's Point, Lafayette Heights, West Washington Street, Plainfield, Noblesville (Lafayette Road), Brownsburg. A little farther away are many more.

Preacher Wanted

— "The Church in Chiefland is in need of a full — time Gospel Preacher. We are looking for a man that backs up his preaching with a 'thus saith the Lord' and preferably a man seasoned with experience. If you are interested in a good work please contact Bro. Ray Smith or Bro. Jerry Smith at Chiefland, Florida. Write or phone 493 — 4429 (day time) or 493 — 4665 (night)."

Bible Land Story

— "A visitor to the Holy Land was asked if he would like to see where Peter walked on the water. There was no fee, he was told. Excitedly he boarded a boat and was taken about two miles into the lake to `the exact spot.' After a few minutes he said he was ready to return to shore. 'That will be $5.00 for the return trip,' the guide said. `No wonder he walked,' the disillusioned tourist muttered."

A Note About Tijuana.... But Not Herb Alpert And His Brass ...

— "Juan Alvarado withdrew himself from the liberals quite some time ago. He has preached `on the border' for 11/2 years with no regular support from anyone. Recently he reported FOUR BAPTISMS where he preaches. There are TWO faithful groups presently meeting in TIJUANA. MELQUIADES DOMINQUEZ preaches for one (and is supported by HUMBLE, TEXAS), and JUAN ALVARADO preaches for the other. If memory serves me correctly, there must be TEN or TWELVE liberal churches in the TIJUANA general area. PRAY FOR HIM." From Charles F. House.

Send Us Your Announcements

— By typing news and notes in this fashion and rushing them to the printer, side — stepping the editor, we can get fresh stuff to the GG readers each week. Send us your announcements — your news and notes for quick publication ... and don't blame the editor or the printer for any misdemeanors ... I'll be liable.

— W.E.W.