Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 11, 1968

Filth In Our Schools


One of the great influences affecting the moral fiber of the future generations is that of the school, public or private. When you consider the fact that a child will spend more than 15,000 hours (grades one through twelve) under the influence and tutelage of our school systems, the magnitude of the situation becomes apparent.

What is so distressing is the increasing amount of sensuality and just plain filth that is being poured into the supple minds of innocent children. I have seen, it within the local systems here in Metro Atlanta, and have likewise seen evidence of it throughout the nation. In grade-school programs I have seen the teachers take 5th, 6th, and 7th grade girls who are physically mature and present programs that were pretty close cousins of "girlie shows," complete with suggestive dancing and sensual movements.

Another disturbing trend is in the reading matter not only offered, but at times required, in the libraries of our public schools. As an example of this, I quote from a letter written to the Atlanta Journal by an Atlanta citizen, Aris M. Davis:

The editors: -- What has gotten into our school department in regard to the literature they are putting in the libraries for the children to read? It was brought to my attention this week of a book found in the Washington Memorial Library, Macon, Ga. Title of book: "The Temptation of Christ."

The apostles mentioned by name are described as loathsome. There are 33 chapters of so-called imagery with Jesus as the central figure. In chapter 7 he is depicted as waiting in line, along with other men, "For the services of Mary Magdalene, the prostitute." In later chapters he is depicted as the husband of both Mary and Martha and the father of their children. "Martha and Mary competed to see who would give birth to the most."

Now comes the bad part. This book is being sold and put in libraries from coast to coast according to the commendations from newspapers on the flyleaf of the paperback editions.

The book found in the library in Macon was stamped:

"This book is the property of the Georgia State Board of Education and is furnished to Middle Georgia Regional Library. James S. Peters, Chairman, Dr. Claude Purcell, State Supt. of Schools."

If the Ga. Board of Education didn't stamp this notation on this book, who did? And did they have the permission of Peters and Purcell to do so? Now if the Board of Education did buy the books, then that is the kind of trash our tax money is going to purchase. And just how much more of that kind of trash are our schools purchasing for our teen-agers to read?

Parents, do you know what goes on in your schools? Do you know what your children are reading? Are you interested in the spiritual development of your child? It might be well worth your time and effort to take an active interest in school matters, rather than simply turn your children (and their eternal welfare) over to those about whom you know absolutely nothing. This is not a general indictment upon all teachers and school systems, but a warning for parents to take heed.

— J.D.T.