Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 14, 1968
NUMBER 44, PAGE 8-9a


Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

James L. Denison, Box 481, High Springs. Ha., 32643. "On Jan. 24 and 25 Bro. Luther Blackmon of Bedford, Ohio, preached on "Evolution and the Bible" at the Santa Fe Hills congregation. I conducted three meetings in 1967 as follows: Santa Fe Hills, Alachua, Fla., congregation at Marietta, Fla., Center Hill congregation. near High Springs, Ha. My next meeting is scheduled for April 21-28 at Mayo, Fla."

John Bullock, 13231 Emily Rd., Dallas, Texas 75240, with 2 baptisms, 10 restorations, and 2 identified during the past 6 weeks, this brings a total of 46 responses in the last 6 months, for which we thank God and take courage. We are emphasizing here at St. Augustine Drive that each member is to engage in "Personal Evangelism" "in season and out of season," and that the season for the work of the individual Christian doesn't open and close with what most churches know as a "Visitation Program," which covers a period of six weeks out of the year, usually preceding a short protracted meeting, but that soul winning is to be engaged in the year round. When in Dallas, visit with us at 1707 N. St. Augustine Drive in the Pleasant Grove area.

Personal Reports

George Bennet, Box 464, Atoka, Oklahoma; After more than three years with the church in Clayton, Oklahoma, I have moved to work with the Melba Ave. congregation in Atoka, Oklahoma. A new radio station began broadcasting from Atoka 50,000 watts power that can be heard over most of Oklahoma and North-east Texas. The Melba Ave. church has a 15 minute program each Sunday morning at 8:15 a. m. The call letters are; KEOR, 1110 K. C. I also speak each morning Monday through Friday at 7:15 a. m. for the North Side church at Fort Towson, Oklahoma over radio station KIHN, Hugo, Oklahoma, 1340 on the dial. I would like for brethren to try for these programs and send me a card so that we might know the distance we can cover.

The church at Clayton is generally sound and in need of a sound preacher. They are a poor congregation and unable to support a man as he should be supported. Is there a preacher who has some other income who would be willing to sacrifice a little for the Lord who would be willing to go there? During our three years there were 36 additions and a substantial increase in attendance. Clayton is situated in the heart of the beautiful Kiamiche mountains in South Eastern Oklahoma with plenty of scenic beauty as well as places for fishing and outdoor recreation. There is the potential of a congregation of 175 or more in Clayton. Any one interested contact, Ed Bible, Allen Horton or "Brownie" Houze, Clayton, Okla. 74536.

Dean Bullock, Bay City, Texas, Things are looking up here what with our meeting place nearly finished. I will be in a meeting with the Northcrest church in Victoria, Texas March 10-15. R. D. Simmons, Sr. is the local preacher. Oliver Murray will be with us here in Bay City for a meeting April 29-May 5, 1968.

New Churches

A faithful group of Christians has been meeting regularly in Tacoma, Washington, since last August. Located at 5129 North Pearl Street, their building is on the main road to Point Defiance Park, and is about four blocks south of the Park entrance. It is convenient to McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis Army Base. There is no other congregation within twenty miles of Tacoma except those who endorses and support human organizations among us. Anyone living in the Tacoma area, or moving there may contact Howard M. Roberts, 4418 North 32nd Street, Tacoma (telephone SK 9-8311), or Henry R. Jones, 3715 East L. Street; (telephone GR 2-6648.)

Grover Stevens, 1320 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, Kentucky: A new congregation began meeting on February 1st in the Mall on Shelbyville Road.

The place of assembling is in the Meeting Room adjoining the Community Hall upstairs. Bro.Ronald Mosby is the regular preacher for this new congregation. They meet for worship each Lord's day at 8:45 a. m., and 5:00 p. m. They have mid-week Bible study classes Thursdays at 7:30 p. m.

There is a great need for a loyal church in Louisville's East end. We are glad to see a congregation to begin in this area and wish for it the greatest success.