Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 1, 1968
NUMBER 38, PAGE 8-11a


- P.O. Box 641, San Luis, Arizona 85349

Floyd D. Chappe Lear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

John Bullock: 13231 Emily Rd., Dallas, Texas: During the last four months at St. Augustine Drive there have been thirty-one responses with five baptisms, twenty-one restorations, and five identified. My meetings this year were at Kike, Lindale, Lubbock, and Gladewater — all in Texas. If anyone who reads this knows of a prospect to teach or call on in this area, please send me names & address.

Leslie Diestelkamp, P.O. Box 498, Yaba, Nigeria, Nov. 21, 1967. It has been erroneously reported in some American publications that all white brethren had to leave Nigeria because of the war here. But brother James L. Gay and family, and my wife and I have been able to remain here throughout. We have been in no immediate danger, and have been able to teach and preach daily. On Nov. 3 Wayne L. Payne and family arrived. They live at Ibadan, working with the Gay family. Brother Payne needs an additional $150.00 monthly support very badly. Address him at P.O. Box 4064, U.C.I., Ibadan, Nigeria. Send a lump sum for temporary relief and/or regular monthly assistance. And we are still eager to hear from another mature preacher who would come in 1968 to replace brother Gay or myself when our time comes to leave. We believe support for such a man can be easily arranged.

Roy E. Gulley, 1340 East Ash St., Tulare, Calif. On October 1 I began my third year with the church meeting at 5300 Pioneer Drive in Bakersfield. We are having very good attendance, interest and contribution. Several have placed membership recently. One young mother was restored two weeks ago. Several prospects in regular attendance and we hope to soon see them obey their Lord. I continue to retain my position with the Tulare County Welfare Dept. I am enjoying my association with the fine brethren of the Pioneer Drive congregation. We are finding that our add in the Guardian helps traveling brethren to find our place of worship.

James L. Gay: "I want to remind brethren that brother Payne is still short of personal support by more than $100.00 per month. Any churches or individuals that can help him should contact him immediately. If you cannot help monthly but have a lump sum to use in preaching the gospel send it to Wayne Payne, Box 4064 - UCI, Ibadan, Nigeria."

Doyle Banta: P.O. Box 446, Athens, Ala. 35611. After four years with the Sardis Springs church in Athens I am now back with the Carriger church for my second time. During the years at Sardis there was good growth in every way. We also erected a new church building. Carl Witty is with them and doing a good job. At Carriger we had two baptized recently. Our second stay with the Carriger church is most pleasant and encouraging.

J.D. Tant: 4011 Phyllis Place, Decatur, Ga. 30032, "Valdosta has been the location of a Gospel Meeting at the Gordon Street Church with Irven Lee doing the preaching. A full house was present to hear an excellent lesson the night we were able to attend. J.D. Mosley is soon to move to Valdosta to work with the brethren there who are taking a stand for the truth."

(Editor's note: This whole congregation, in league with several others from different congregations, is taking a stand for the truth. The day is not yet past when whole congregations can be saved. Pete McKee, Conway Skinner, and myself, spent a day and a half in the city persuading several about a year ago. Brother's McKee and Skinner did much more work to this end. FDC)

J.W. Evans: 6115 Brandon Ave., Springfield, Va. "The Annadale church of Christ is a "conservative" congregation located in a 400,000 population county (Fairfax) which is part of the 21/2 million populated Metropolitan Area of our Nation's Capital. This church had its beginning May 5, 1963 with about fifteen members meeting in a High School in Bethesda, Md...Mr. J.W. Evans began full-time work as evangelist with the church in January of 1965. The Annadale congregation supplied over half of the preacher's support in 1965, with three out-of-state churches contributing to bro. Evans the remainder of a stipulated salary. During 1966 the Annandale church assumed almost the entire support of the preacher, and beginning January I, 1967 it is supplying all of his financial support. Thus, beginning Jan. 1, 1965 with a membership of 26 and a weekly contribution average of $229 for that year, the congregation enjoyed a growth to 65 members and a weekly contribution average of $315 during the year 1966...Our membership is now 71; for the first 9 months of this year the contribution averaged $362.58 per week. The weekly averages for Oct. and Nov., respectively, are $483.58 and $528.71."

Two Requests:

Floyd Chappelear: Would the brethren please send me the following? All the names and addresses of men, whether native or Americans, who are preaching the sound gospel of Christ outside the Continental United States for a future feature article.

Also, Please send me what information may be available about the order of the "Eastern Star.'

A New Church:

David B. Moses, "A new congregation which is standing for the New Testament order of work and worship is now meeting in Winchester, Virginia.

"Services are scheduled as follows: Bible Study each Lord's day morning at 10:00, and each Wed. night at 7:00 in the evening. Worship services are conducted at 11:00 each Lord's day morning and again on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m.

"The congregation presently meets in the home of one of the members until such time as a suitable rental facility can be found. We solicit your prayers for this effort and the presence of any member who might be travelling in the area.

"Further information may be obtained by those travelling in the northern part of Virginia, by contacting one of the following members:

F.M. Straight 662-1644 Winchester, Va.

D.B. Moses 667-7393 Winchester, Va.

G.A. Driskell 869-3176 Winchester, Va.

Debate Coming Up:

Dana Halstead, 2026 N.E. Vivion Road, Kansas City, Missouri, 64118: "Work is going along good. Have debate set for Feb. with Ronny Wade on the cup question and class question. They asked for the debate, and of course I moved in just in time.


"The scriptures teach that an assembly of the church of Christ, for the communion, must use one cup (drinking vessel) in the distribution of the fruit of the vine."

Ronny F. Wade, affirms Dana Halstead, denies

"The scriptures teach that when the church comes together for the purpose of studying the word of God, a systematic arrangement of classes may be used for such study, with women teaching some of these classes."

Dana Halstead, affirms Ronny Wade, denies

Dates: Feb. 5,6,8,9 Place: Vivion Road church building

Preacher Moving About:

Ralph R. Givens, 386 Nobottom Road, Berea, Ohio. 44017: "I begin work with the church in Berea, Ohio, January 7, 1968, moving here from - Susanville, California. I would appreciate receiving bulletins from churches in this part of the country.

Preacher Needed:

O.H. Mitchell, 1722 Greenwood, Toledo, Ohio: "A young congregation in Toledo, Ohio, is in need of a full time preacher. We could partially support him, but we wonder if there is a congregation somewhere who would like to help us support a man in this field.

"Toledo is a city of over 400,000 in population and not a sound preacher in this city. We are a small group of 25 faithful Christians.

"We would like this to be the Guardian, to see if we could contact someone who would be willing to come to this city and work with us for the Lord.

Central Congregation in Conroe, Texas will be in need of a preacher later January 1968. Partial support available. Contact Joe Brew P1 6-2431 or Jack Covin P1 6-2434 or write P.O. Box 271, Conroe, Texas 77301.

Upcoming Gospel Meetings:

Earl E. Robertson: "I have promised to preach in eleven meetings in 1968. The first one is in Winter Haven, Fla. January 16th beginning. The next one in Wooster, Ohio, March 25-31."

Oliver Murray: Will be in a gospel meeting in West Columbia, Texas, Feb. 26 - March 3, 1968.

Hemisfair '68

Derrel Starling: "April 6, 1968 will mark the beginning of HemisFair '68 in San Antonio, Texas; the first such fair ever held in the Southern part of the United States. Millions are now being spent to prepare some 93 acres of downtown San Antonio into a marvelous world wide attraction. HemisFair continues through Oct. 6, 1968.

Truly outstanding will be the many attractions of this important event in the fabulous history of San Antonio. One of the most outstanding attractions promises to be the Tower of the America's; a concrete ribbed structure some 620 feet high with observation decks, restaurants, etc.

In your plans to visit HemisFair '68 we encourage you to make reservation well in advance if at all possible. For further information concerning accommodations write — Visitor Services, Inc., P.O. Drawer H. San Antonio, Texas 78206. For tickets write HemisFair '68, Box 1968, San Antonio, Texas 78206.

There are several faithful churches of Christ in San Antonio that would be happy to have you visit their services during your trip to HemisFair `68. Following is a list of the faithful churches in this area known to this writer. W.L. Wharton and Stanley J. Lovett work with the Highland Blvd. church, 1226 Highland Blvd.; Leon Odom works with the West Ave. church, West Ave. and Northwest Expressway; H.B. Gist works with the Valley church, Loop 410 and Hwy. 90 West; Carl Vernon works with the Woodlawn Hills, church, 1742 Bandera; Derrel Starling works with the South Flores church, 3432 S. Flores St.; and Bill Reeves works with the Spanish speaking church, Pyron and Interstate 35 South.

April 1-7, 1968, James W. Adams of Nacogdoches, Texas is to be with the South Flores St. church in a gospel meeting. If you plan to be in San Antonio at the opening of HemisFair we invite you to hear Brother Adams.

Dear brother Tant:

I would be very grateful if you could put this appeal in the Gospel Guardian. I trust that your new venture will prove fruitful in the Lord's work.

Brotherly, Ray Votaw

Votaw Travel Fund

For the first time in our fourteen years in southern Africa we are having to raise travel expenses from this side. We would like to leave here as soon possible after June, 1968. Our last trip to the states was in September, 1962. Thus far we have received the following assistance:

South Houston Church of Christ — South Houston, Texas $500.00 Mt. View Church of Christ — San Bernardino, California 400.00

Miller Valley Church of Christ — Prescott, Arizonia 150.00 Ridgecrest Church of Christ — Orange Texas 400.00

North Main Church of Christ — Vidor, Texas 200.00 Amount still needed $2,550.00

If churches or individuals can help please send to Ray Votaw, Box 801, Springs, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa. Personal checks are easily negotiated here.

Along The U.S. -- Mexico Border

Charles F. House: By devoting part time since 1954, and full time since 1960, by the grace of a merciful God, and the cooperation of faithful brethren in Mexico itself, I have had a part in planting and watering Spanish speaking churches standing for the truth, along this far western U.S. - Mexico border. This could not have been done without your faithful, regular, support, and prayers;

Thanks unto God, there are new faithful spanish speaking churches at Tijuana, Tecate, Valle De Las Palmas, El Porvenir, Mexicali, ALL in the border state of Jaja California Old Mexico; plus San Luis Rio Colorado, and Sonoyta, both in the Mexican border state of Sonora. There are 10 faithful evangelists working along this far western U.S. - Mexico border. Eight of them are fully supported by USA churches and brethren throughout the nation. In addition, there are young men being prepared by the Tecate & San Luis churches to assume evangelistic work in the not too distant future.

Marvel (my beloved wife and helper in the Gospel) teaches women and children. She and I moved to Southwestern Arizona in the fall of 1961 from Tecate, California. We have used San Luis Arizona USA as our headquarters and base for many years, as we went out with the Gospel. It has been centrally located geographically. In addition to 10 spanish speaking evangelists working along this far western U.S. - Mexico border, Sonoyta and San Luis have their own buildings (fully paid for.) Tecate lacks a few hundred dollars foi materials before their own building can be completed and "Nationalized." Of the ten border towns in Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and El Paso, Texas to be evangelized, in the over all long range planning. Six have been, and are presently being evangelized. The four remaining town! are Sasabee, Naco, Agua Prieta and Palomas, al in Mexico.

Before year's end 1967, Lord willing, I have planned to spend some time surveying Douglas Arizona USA - Agua Prieta Sonora, Mexico (400 miles east of San Luis,) with the thought in mind of moving there sometime after the beginning of the new year 1968, to finish evangelizing the remaining four towns along this far western U.S. Mexico border. Based on past experience, I have estimated this to take between 7 & 10 years, if God, by His grace, will give me those years. I greatly need your prayers, good will and support.

As has been my custom since the beginning, I will keep you fully informed of progress and developments of my work. Please feel free to write and ask any questions you may have. Pray earnestly for me brethren, that God will give me health and wisdom to do His will in ALL things. Faithful Mexican preachers working along this far western U.S. - Mexico border who are worthy of your confidence and support are as follows: Melquiades Dominguez, Santos Gomez, Luis Trevino, David Arellano, Apolinar Franco, Jose Ponce, Alejandro Hernandex & Filiberto Jimenez. Every one of these men receive their support DIRECT, as the New Testament so clearly teachesEvery one of the churches at Tijuana, Tecate, Valle De Las Palmas, El Porvenir, Mexicali, San Luis & Sonoyta cooperate one with the other in preaching the blessed Gospel of Christ, but with no organization between them except the local church itself. If interested in having a part in this great work, please write for further details. THREE or MORE men can be fully supported for $600 per month.