Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 7, 1967

Taking A Second Look

Guthrie Dean; 1900 Jenny Lind, Ft. Smith, Ark.

We are told that "the average Protestant is more likely to try to convert others to his faith than the Catholics or Jews," according to a Gallup poll sponsored by the Catholic Digest. Of course Gallup usually finds what he is paid to find. But the report continues: "Asked whether they ever tried to get anyone to join their religious group, 45 per cent of the Protestants queried said they did not, while the negative response from Catholics was 75 per cent and among Jews, 18 per cent. In all religious groups, 55 per cent said they never tried to convert someone, but among those who did, 33 per cent succeeded." It may be a fact that the run-of-the-mill Catholic is not interested in converting others to his religion; but it is also a fact that Roman Hierarchy is bent on the eventual domination of all religion. The Pope himself has said that he is praying for the day when he will be recognized as the Head of all religious affairs in all lands. And his apparent "concessions" and his part in the various ecumenical movements are slanted toward this end. The real Christian will do all within his power to convert others to Christ, regardless of their religious views. Just because a man is religious is no reason why we shouldn't try to convert him. The 2000 {sic, Acts 2: 41..about 3000} on Pentecost, the Eunuch, Saul of Tarsus, Cornelius, Lydia, and the Ephesians were all religious people before their conversion to Christ. But they had to hear the gospel of Christ in order to be saved; and so does every man today.