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September 7, 1967

The Day Everything Went Wrong

Robert F. Turner

It was Monday morning. I arose from bed feeling as sick as I had said I felt yesterday - to excuse my absence from worship. At the breakfast table my wife growled at me - the way I usually growl at her-and I was stunned into silence. She read the paper while I gulped a cup of coffee; then she stormed off to do shopping without even saying good-bye.

On the way into town another car ran a red-light - the same one I ran as I came home Saturday - and crumpled my left front fender. The driver's liability insurance had expired - by some strange coincidence, on the same day I had dropped mine.

When I finally got to work, the office force had already taken the easy jobs, and I was saddled with the tough-decision tasks. During the day an internal revenue man called on my boss, and then informed me that I must actually pay all the "expenses" I had dreamed up for my income tax report. To top it all, my boss cut my salary to conform to the gross income I had claimed.

Through the day, people did unto me as I had done to them - talked about me, short-changed me, and tried to beat me to every parking place.

That evening the preacher called, and assured me that the Lord would bless me in keeping with my liberality - which meant a cold year ahead. When I prayed for forgiveness, God said He would treat me like I treated those who trespassed against me.

How much worse can things get? ? ? ?

I'm Catching Up With Me!!!