Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
NUMBER 47, PAGE 9b-10a

News & Notes

Clyde O. Moore; 2106 Paul Avenue Lufkin, Texas 75901


Ferrell Jenkins of Akron, Ohio, will assist the North Park church, Abilene, Texas, in a series of meetings, March 27-April 2. Arvid McGuire is the local evangelist.

A. A. Mclnroe of Lubbock, Texas, will assist the church in Grand Saline, Texas, in a gospel effort March 12-19, according to word from the preacher, John Bullock.

Tom Baker, Jr., preacher for the Pleasant Road church, Lancaster, Texas, announces a meeting for March 27-April 2 with W. L. Wharton doing the preaching.

Robert Jackson will assist the Washington Ave. church, Russellville, Alabama, in a series of meetings March 20-26. Eugene Crawley is the local preacher.

The following meetings will be conducted in the Birmingham, Alabama, area during March and April:

March 19-26---77th Street church---Earl Kimbrough March 26-April 2--Fairfields Highlands--Irvin Lee April 3-9 Hueytown Granville Tyler

April 9-16 N. Birmingham Paul Earnheart April 9-14---9th St. ,Bessemer---Robert Harkrider

April 16-23 Midfield Bob Bunting April 17-23 - - -Cahaba Heights - - -Lowell Blassingame April 23-28 Ensley Sewell Hall

New Church

A new congregation which is standing for the New Testament order of work and worship of the church, is now meeting in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. This is the only congregation in the Elgin Air Force base area believing in the all-sufficiency of the church and Bible. If anyone knows of others in this area who are of like mind, please contact John F. Glass at 393 Oakland Circle, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, or Charles J. Elyard at Rt. 1, Box 272, Niceville, Florida.

* * * *

A new congregation was recently started in Fort Worth, Texas. It is known as the Browning Heights church. It is located 4009 Haltom Road. For more information contact Lee Hamby, 4912 Jerri Lane, Fort Worth, Texas 76116.

Information Wanted On Daniel Sommer

"In completing work toward a M. A. degree in Speech at Indiana State University, I am writing the thesis: 'The Preaching of Daniel Sommer.' A man of unquestioned pulpit ability, Sommer had a considerable negative influence on the brotherhood from 1880-1940, especially in the Midwest and parts of the Southwest, and for this reason merits study. Any reader who has vivid impressions of the preaching of Daniel Sommer (subject, types of proof, physical appearance, delivery, voice, projection influence, etc.) is requested to include same in a letter addressed to me. The historical setting or background, and date of delivery should also be included. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Matthew Morrison, 4025 College Ave., Terre, Haute, Indiana 47803. "

Preacher Needed

A faithful gospel preacher is needed at Charlotte, North Carolina. This area contains over a million people and only one small struggling sound group of brethren meet. There are several liberal groups. This would be a great work for someone willing to move to this area. We have a good building; also a preacher's house located next to the building. Our average attendance in 1966 was 40 and the average weekly contribution in 1966 was $230.45. If anyone is interested in the work here please call or write: George Campbell, 2408 Barringer Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28208. Phone 375-7686.

* * * * *

The Mooresville Pike church, Columbia, Tenn. , wishes to secure the services of a sound, capable, gospel preacher. Anyone interested may write: Elders-Mooresville Pike church of Christ, Columbia, Tenn. 38401. Call Hubert Morrow, 388-5980 in the mornings or Wilbert Hughes 682-2371 in the evenings.

Preacher Moving

J. R. Pope, 3742 E. 30th St. , Tulsa, Oklahoma 74414. Phone 918 RI 7-6966: "After three years with the Central church of Christ in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, we have moved to begin work with the East Central church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a result of a very fine working arrangement with the Spring Branch church in Houston, Texas, which supplied the necessary balance of my salary, the Tahlequah church is on the verge of independence and is hoping to secure a full-time preacher in the near future. We are looking forward to a very pleasant and profitable work in Tulsa and urge visitors in the Tulsa area to worship with us at 1702 South Memorial Drive. If you know of persons in Tulsa who might be encouraged to worship with us, we will be happy to call on them."


Billy W. Moore, 205 North Fulton, Butler, Mo.: "There is a new church meeting in Paducah, Kentucky: It is known as the Northside church of Christ and meets at 2001 Cairo Road, in the Chauffeurs and Teamsters Hall. Tom D. Sloan is preaching for the church. Brother Sloan lives at Lilbourn, Mo., some 80 miles away, so he has a long drive each Sunday. They would like to have a man move to Paducah. There are several liberal churches in Paducah and the surrounding counties. They would be able to supply partial support, but there are several interested brethren who would help raise support for a sound man who would be interested in moving to Paducah. There are twenty-five souls in the Northside church. There is great possibilities in this work. If interested contact Carl Moore, Melber, Kentucky, or John G. Crawford, Rt. 5, Krebs Sta. Road, Paducah, Kentucky.

Harry Pickup, Jr. will be with the church in Butler, Mo. , for a meeting March 5-12. I will assist the Hazelwood church, St. Louis, Mo. , in a meeting April 16-23."

* * * * *

Wilmer Libber, Box 660, Houlton, Maine-04730: "I have been preaching for the church for about ten years, six of those at Danforth, Maine. I drove here to Houlton, from Brewer, Maine, a distance of 125 miles, for about six months before coming here, May 1, 1966 to live and work for the Lord. For the remainder of the year 1966 I received partial support and the remainder of living I earned by working part time as janitor at the Arrostook General Hospital. This arrangement does not leave time enough to do all the work of the church that needs to be done for we are spread out twenty miles around. The need is great and I should be working full time, but in order to do this I would need $250-$300 more per month. I pay my own rent and utilities and have less than $200 promised already this year. There are nearly 10,000 people within this area and out of these we have averaged 12 for worship since May 1. This shows that the need for full time work is great and if there is any way that you can help me obtain this support it will be greatly appreciated."

* * * * * *

Luther G. Roberts, 3745 Market St., N. E. , Salem, Oregon: During 1966 I was in several meetings. Among them were two churches in Texas, Red Bluff in Pasadena and the Highway 35 church in Bay City. Brother John Iverson is doing a good work as preacher for the church in Pasadena and Dean Bullock is doing the same in Bay City. It was a joy to be with these fine churches. The church in Bay City has not been meeting very many months but it is composed of some devoted people, devoted to the Lord and His church. Dean and Lucille Bullock are a fine team of workers and their labors are appreciated by the members of the congregation. Though a comparatively new congregation the brethren in Bay City are making plans for a more adequate building which will enable them to do even a greater work. There was some illness in the membership of the church but otherwise there was almost one hundred percent attendance on the part of the members of the church for the meeting. Of course, the church in Pasadena, Red Bluff is rightly known as one of the best with excellent overseers and a number of men who are able to proclaim the word. This is true of some of men at Bay City, also. Red Bluff is supporting a number of gospel preachers in different places. Brother Dean Bullock will be with the church here in Salem in a gospel meeting over the first two Lord's days in April, the Lord willing. We are looking forward to an excellent Bible study during the eight days the meeting is to continue.

* * * * * *

"The Westside church of Christ in Charleston, S. C., is growing steadily. However, there is a real need for a preacher to devote his full time to the work. Financial support is available and anyone interested in preaching there should contact Eugene W. Sikes, 1048 Keats Rd., Charleston, S. C. 29407."