Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 9, 1967
NUMBER 39, PAGE 10b-11a

A Call For Help In Alaska

Glenn R. Burt

In our 49th state there are only two conservative preachers at the present time. One supports himself and the other receives only partial support. Both of these men live in the Anchorage area (the heaviest populated area in Alaska) and have been preaching there for several years. The next most densely populated area is Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska. In addition to the city itself there is the University of Alaska and two large military bases here. (Wainwright Army Base and Eielson Air Force Base.) There is a small conservative church in this area BUT no preacher. There are two liberal churches.

Some months back I became interested in finding out what, if anything was being done in Alaska--so far as preaching the gospel was concerned. Noting that brother Bill Fain had held a meeting up there I contacted him for information and received addresses of brethren in both Anchorage and Fairbanks. Upon contacting them I discovered that the brethren in Fairbanks were trying to find a preacher to come and work with them in the cause of Christ. After some correspondence we agreed that it would work to the advantage of all concerned for me to come to Fairbanks for a meeting. Then I would have first hand knowledge of the situation there and the brethren would know me before any definite decisions for such a move were made. So, this past August I held an eight day meeting in Fairbanks. The results being that the brethren there asked me to try and find support and move up there and work with them. As anyone who has been up there can tell you, there is much work to be done and a need for someone to help these brethren do it. (In addition to brother Fain mentioned above, Lowell Williams and Cecil Willis have held meetings up there this past year. They can give first hand information on the work.) A concentrated effort needs to be made to reach and teach the liberal brethren on the present day issues, thousands of lost souls need the gospel preached to them and much work can be done among the military personnel.

My family and I have therefore determined to do all within our power to move to Fairbanks this summer to live and work with these brethren. I fully realize the problems involved in living in that far north country and also the fact that such a place does not hold the glamour and appeal that perhaps some other places might. Neither can I extend the hope of hundreds of baptisms and phenomenal growth. BUT I can testify to the fact that diligent labor for the Lord in the preaching of the gospel in that place where it is most definitely needed will produce fruits to the glory of God.

The purpose of this article is to inform brethren of the needs in Alaska and perhaps stir interest in helping preach the gospel there. The two men in Anchorage (Tom Roberts and Jim Puterbaugh) need full support. And I am seeking the same to go to Fairbanks. If there are churches or brethren which are able to help and are possibly interested in doing so please contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions and furnish any other information anyone may desire, as well as put you in contact with the brethren there. Information and references on myself will also be supplied to those who do not know me.

The church in Fairbanks will be able to supply $200 per month of my support. I ask not only for support but also for your prayers. May those who are able HEED THE CALL FOR HELP IN ALASKA.