Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 24, 1966

"Your Accent Betrays You"

Clint Springer

(Matt. 26:73)

In view of such passages as II Tim. 1:13 and Titus 2:1, the conscientious Christian tries objectively to choose words that speak of Bible things with Bible names! (Cf. I Peter 4:11) Words are tools whereby thoughts are projected from one mind to another; and each one carries a significant meaning. (To substantiate this, note that none of us would name our children Judas, Adolf, or Benedict!)

As our liberal brethren become more and more like the sectarians, their speech begins to betray them (see Judges 12:6). One of these terms is the "revival", a usage not at all new or uncommon to the denominational world. There is no doubt but that many of us need to be revived, who are in or near a state of spiritual death. The term is used, however, when the intention is to teach first principles to the alien sinner, who cannot be "revived" in the true sense of its meaning, but must be "born again" and the old man of sin cast off! Besides all this, it has a sectarian "ring" that is within itself objectionable. Notwithstanding, it's being used more commonly every day. I received a bulletin from a church in Louisiana that devoted a full page to advertising their "REVIVAL" and now the liberal group here in Orange has done the same thing. THE EXHORTER, "a publication of churches of Christ" among the pre-millennial group, has been advertising "revival meetings" as a common occurrence.

Yes, they need to have a revival, but not in the way or sense in which their advertising indicates.