Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 22, 1966
NUMBER 20, PAGE 8-9a

News & Notes

Clyde O. Moore; 2106 Paul Avenue/Lufkin, Texas 75901


Robert M. Atkinson, Monticello, Kentucky 42633: "I preached in a tent meeting at Oil Valley, Wayne County, Kentucky, July 20-29. Ten were baptized into Christ during this meeting, including a young married couple, a father and his two teen-age sons, and another head of a household. The great interest manifested in the Word of God during this meeting was inspiring and led many to recall "days of old". This is the home county of 'Racoon' John Smith. The people of God here have a rich heritage and bright prospects. All five of the congregations in the county are faithful to the Lord."

New Churches

Vestal Chaffin, 102 Park Ave., Dickson, Tenn., 37005: "A new congregation began meeting in McMinnville, Tenn., on Sunday, June 5th, 1966. I conducted a gospel meeting with them June 6-14. I preached for the East End church in McMinnville, 1948-1951, and have conducted many meetings in that area, and was highly respected for my work's sake. I founds number of people in the area that are very dissatisfied with the liberal trend in churches; and even though they may not fully agree with my opposition to some things being practiced in the churches, they still have a great deal of respect for me and the truth for which I stand. I am fully persuaded that with the proper teaching and leadership, many of these people will take a stand for the truth. This new congregation will be known as the West End church of Christ. There are between 25-30 that will meet regularly at the present time. The attendance in the meeting ran from 25-67, with an average of about 48 each service. The radio program during the meeting created a great deal of interest, and caused some of the liberal preachers to try to make some explanation to their congregation. This new congregation needs a good level-headed gospel preacher to work with them full time, immediately. Outside suppose will have to be supplied, but I am sure this will not be a major problem, for many people and several congregations have been interested in seeing a faithful church in McMinnville for several years. If anyone knows of a good preacher that is available, please contact brother Fred Moore, Route 4, McMinnville, Tenn., or call him at 478-8327. I am very very anxious to get a good man to work with these brethren."

W.E.Coffman, Box 7153, Tulsa, Oklahoma: "The South-side church in Tulsa is planning to begin a work in Stillwater, Oklahoma, after the New Testament order. We hope to start with the beginning of the fall semester at Oklahoma State University (Mid-Sept.). If you know anyone living there that we might contact, please let us know. We already know of several who will be in school there and they are anxious for a place to worship. Contact me at 2706 East 51st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105."

Jerry D. Eubanks, 4056 Cedar Knoll Drive, Tucker, Georgia, 30084: "During the last week in May, the Emory Hills congregation in Atlanta met in its new building after having met in a school building for two years. Although a steady growth has been experienced, it is needless to say that we expect to make an even larger growth now that we have our own facilities. On July 24th, eight of our families peacefully left us to begin what everyone feels will be a fine work in the Smyrna-Marietta area. These families have been a great source of help to us in our growth and we pray God will also give unto them an increase. Brother Hugh Davis will be working with this new congregation. With the establishment of this new congregation, the Atlanta area now has six faithful churches that stand opposed to liberalism as it exists today. The six faithful preachers in the area now include Ed Nowlin, Don Patton, David Tant, Moody Swann, Hugh Davis, and this writer. Atlanta is an example of what zeal and determination can do. Five years ago only one faithful congregation could be found in the city of a million people."

J.G.Jenkins, Rt.2, Box 233, Odessa, Texas, 79760: "For several months a few brethren, who could no longer tolerate the liberalism in the old congregation in Monahans, have been meeting in the building of the Mexican brethren. Bud Irvine, Bob Craig, Joe Hunter, Hoyt Houchen, myself, and various brethren from the West Ridge and Crescent Park congregations have gone to Monahans to preach and help these brethren in the new work. There are about 20 members and the contributions average about $100.00 per week. I preached there last night, and there were 27 in attendance. A few months back they bought a spacious lot and have now built a nice building on it that will seat about 125. They met in the new building the first time July 31. Those who may be in the vicinity of Monahans on Sunday or Tuesday night are encouraged to visit these brethren ."


Thomas C. Hickey assisted the Burbank Road church, Wooster, Ohio, in a series of meetings, August 14-21.

Robert Jackson will assist the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., in a series of meetings, August 29-September 3. Herschel Patton is the local preacher.

John Bullock of Grand Saline, Texas, assisted the church in Myrtle Springs, Texas in a gospel effort, August 8-14.

H. F. Sharp of Gordon, Georgia, will be with the Glen Park church, Gary, Indiana, in a series of meetings, September 11-18. E. Lacy Porter is the local preacher.

Preachers Move

Huston Gately, Route 2, Pekin, Ill., 61554: "After spending three enjoyable years working with the church at Boon's Chapel I am moving to Pekin, Ill., the last of August to work with the church there. I appreciate receiving your bulletins very much and ask you to continue to send them to me at the address above. All of those I exchange bulletins will please note change of address."

More News

Marlos Jimison, 1104 N. 11th St. Payette, Idaho 83661.

It was recently made known by a letter published in the Gospel Guardian that a faithful church was meeting in our home in Harper, Oregon. Soon after that, the liberal brother I was employed by, and whose property I was living on, gave me the choice of withdrawing our listing from the church directory in the Ontario newspaper and removing the small "Church of Christ" sign from my mail box (which was not on his property) or terminating the job immediately.

A number of efforts have been made to prevent our remaining in the area. We are as determined as ever, if not more so, to see a sound congregation in or near Ontario, Oregon. We purchased a home five miles from there, in Payette, Idaho, and are meeting in it until a more suitable location can be arranged. Brother Ward Amick and family of Westfall, Oregon 97920 are now sixty miles from us but drive to meet with us every Lord's Day.

We would certainly like names and addresses of anyone we might contact in Idaho or Eastern Oregon. Wherever we meet, Lord willing, we will continue to reside at 1104 No. 11th St. Payette, Idaho. Phone 642-3539 for information.