Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 25, 1966

Along The U.S.-Mexico Border

In Christian Love, Gabriel Ortiz

Dear Brethren:

We are thankful to our heavenly Father, whom has blessed us in our every effort in the proclaiming of the gospel of His dear Son.

I way very happy for the privilege and opportunity to preach in a gospel meeting to the brethren in El Paso, Texas. Our efforts were blessed with the response of three persons, whom were baptized for the remission of sins according to the teaching of the scriptures. There were four restorations. Brother Mack Kercheville is the regular preacher there and is doing a most effective work. May the good Lord continue to bless him and the good brethren, whom open up their hearts to us.

As of June 26th, I shall be terminating my work with the Anglo Congregation at Fallbrook, with the purpose of dedicating all of my time to the preaching of the gospel of Christ to the Spanish of this area. We are confident that our heavenly Father will continue to bless us in our every effort.

NOTE: We have moved to Vista, California ten miles from Fallbrook.

416 W. Los Angelos Vista, Calif. 90283 Our work will continue in Fallbrook among the Spanish as well as here in Vista. Vista has twice as many Spanish people than Fallbrook. Escondido is 10 miles south, San Diego is about 49 miles to the south, Oceanside seven miles west. Geographically Vista is idealy centered around all of these towns. All possess great numbers of Spanish people.

Since there is a great need for Spanish preachers, we are doing our part to train one young man by the name of Hector Ganzalez, he is married and has one little boy. They are now additions to our number here in Vista.

With the help of God and the willing efforts of all our brethren here we can assure ourselves of continued growth among the Spanish. We ask the continued support of our brethren everywhere. Again, I make an URGENT CALL to all the brethren that love the Lord's work, that we need your support now. I sincerely believe this work to be worthy of the support of the brotherhood.

The following is support committed to this work:

Church of Christ, Ontario, Calif. $110.00 Church of Christ, Santa Ana, Calif. $140.00

Church of Christ, Colinga, Calif. $ 25.00 Church of Christ, Home Gardens, Calif. $ 25.00

West End Church of Christ, Bowling Green, Ky. $ 25.00

Mrs. Mabel Coffman, Louisville, Ky. $ 10.00

$335.00 Also I wish to acknowledge $50.00 for hospital from Miss Yula Gentry 23 S. Pauline St. Memphis, Tenn. 38104. THANK YOU.

From above support I am paying rent, car expenses, telephone, postage, paper, Etc. I want to continue preaching full time to the Spanish of this area, but it may be that I will have to work secularly for a while till I can acquire enough support. It is urgent that you give your fullest consideration to our need. This work demands a fulltime preacher. I AM AVAILABLE, WILL YOU SUPPORT US IN THE ENDEAVOR?

The Lord willing I shall come to see the brethren at Ontario, Santa Ana, Home Gardens, in the next month or so. GOD BLESS YOU.