Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 4, 1966
NUMBER 13, PAGE 8-9a


Clyde O. Moore

2706 Paul Avenue, Lufkin, Texas 75101 Debates

A debate will be conducted in Montgomery, Alabama, August 29-Sept 1. The time will be 7:30 each evening. The disputants are James P. Miller and Guy N. Woods. The Gay Meadows church is inviting and endorsing brother Miller; the Cleveland Ave. church is inviting and endorsing brother Woods. The debate will be conducted in the City Auditorium, seating capacity 3000, downtown Montgomery.

Following are the propositions:

"It is in harmony with the scriptures for churches of Christ to build and maintain benevolent organizations for the care of the needy, such as Boles Home, Tipton Home, Tennessee Orphan Home, Childhaven, and other orphan homes and homes for the aged that are among us."

Affirm: Guy N. Woods; Deny: James P. Miller

"Such an arrangement and cooperative effort on the part of churches of Christ for the preaching of the gospel as the "Herald of Truth" is without Scriptural authority."

Affirm: James P. Miller; Deny: Guy N. Woods Arrangements have been made with brother H. E. Phillips, editor of Searching The Scriptures, to duplicate and sell recording tapes of the debate. He has professional equipment for this work, and the entire debate can be obtained from him. This arrangement will eliminate the confusion resulting from numerous tape recorders during the debate, and the cost will be about the same as though an individual recorded it himself.

The Gay Meadows church, 26665 Fisk Road, invites you to come to Montgomery for this debate. The conservative brethren of the Montgomery area will gladly open their houses to those from out of town who desire a place to stay while here, as long as they last. There are plenty of hotel and motel facilities here. If you plan to come and would like to stay with us or would like for us to get you motel or hotel reservations, please direct your wishes to: Carroll W. Puckett, 2527 Montreal Drive, Montgomery, Ala. 36111-Phone 278-1461, Roy E. Gulley, 1340 East Ash Street, Tulare, California: "Warren Cheatham of Sunnyvale, California, concluded a fine meeting with the Pioneer Drive church in Bakersfield on June 20. This was a six day effort that resulted in three souls being baptized into Christ. Brother Cheatham presented the gospel in a masterful way. Billy Ferguson of the Fruitvale church in Bakersfield did a fine job of leading the singing. There was one baptism and one confession of wrongs just before the meeting."

R. L. (Bob) Craig, P, O. Box 1294, Crane, Texas:

"I have been working with the church at 1400 S. Mary, Crane, Texas for one year. This is a good, strong, church of about 225 members, with three staunch elders at its helm. Joe Fitch and I were working together here until June first when Joe moved to Kermit, Texas, to help a small group there, Crane church is fully supporting him in that work. Until June 26th, David Bonner was being supported in Portland, Oregon, by the Crane church, but on that date he moved to Duncan, Oklahoma, to help build up the cause of Christ in that area. In Duncan his full salary will be paid by Crane while 10th and Francis, Oklahoma,City supplies his housing. David did a good work in the Portland area and will be missed by all there. We are also supplying one-half of Ben Shropshire's salary in Hermiston, Oregon. Until January 1st we supported him in Beaverton, Oregon. During the past year here in Crane, through the efforts of many, thirteen have been baptized, fifteen have been restored, and about twenty have announced their desire to be part of us. Several have moved away, some have died, and quite a few have been dropped from our membership. I have been fully supported in three gospel efforts. We have immediate plans to work with three others as Crane supplies the support. We look forward to a good year's work on all fronts."

Lewis Willis, 948 South Geyer Road, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122: "During the past month (May) there have been 9 baptisms, 1 restoration and 1 to place membership. Of the baptisms, 7 were during a meeting with James P. Miller. Brother Miller did a fine job and we had the best meeting ever conducted at Kirkwood. This is the time of year when we begin to lose several folks who are transferred to other cities. However, in spite of our loses, we are still having attendance and contribution marks that are higher than those of any previous year in the history of this church. For all of this we are duly grateful."

Dear Yater:

From time to time we might employ a retired person who has had elementary school experience in our Academy. If there is a person who is in your acquaintance who might be interested in the opportunities here, I would be glad for them to contact me at Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida, 33617.

Sincerely yours, James R. Cope


Bob Tuten, Natlandsveien 84, Bergen, Norway: "Recently I read an article in the April 21, 1966 issue of G. G. by Tom Bunting entitled "Come Over and Help Us". Perhaps I am one of those "disgruntled" preachers mentioned in the closing paragraph of brother Bunting's article but I want to commend you for printing the article and brother Bunting for writing it. It was superb! I often wonder if we, in our fight for the Truth, are losing sight of and failing to carry out the very thing we stand for--Truth to every creature in a scriptural manner. I wish every periodical and bulletin would run that article."

New Church

L. L. Stout, 2400 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Oxnard, California 93030: "I am happy to announce that a faithful congregation had its beginning in the city of Oxnard, California, on July 3, 1966. This new congregation to be known as the Northside church will be meeting in a store building at 1031 South Ventura Road, just off 9th street. I am being fully supported in this endeavor by the Rose Ave., church in Bellflower, California. The Rose Ave. Congregation and the church that meets at 16324 Lassen Ave. in Sepulveda, California, along with individual Christians have supplied me with the necessary funds to get this new work started, for which I am very thankful. If you know of any one in this area that might be interested in the truth, and you would like for me to contact them, please send me their names and addresses."

Preachers Move

William Sexton, 2407 South 40th, St. Joseph, Mo.: "After 42 months with the church in Lowell, Indiana, which did meet at 1111 Harrison, but now in their new building 205 N. Prairie, I am moving, June 1st to St. Joseph, Mo. I shall be working with the congregation meeting at 10th and Lincoln. The congregation is small in number, but sound in faith. They can not supply all of my support, thus I must raise a part of it. (At this time, May 2, I still need $240 per month). I believe that the work there would be worthy of support. I understand that there are 80,000 people in the area, and to my knowledge, this is the only group standing for the truth. I promise to preach the "Truth" without addition, subtraction, or substitution. If any congregation is interested in the work there, I would be glad to give them information on the same. Any one traveling to St. Joseph, Mo., or know of friends who may be, tell them to worship with us at 10th and Lincoln St." (My apology to brother Sexton for waiting so long to run this. I mislaid the article and just recently found it. COM)