Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 20, 1963
NUMBER 8, PAGE 6,14a

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Indianapolis, Ind. — Jack Holt, preacher for the Forest Lane church, Dallas, Texas, will speak at the Belmont church, Indianapolis, June 17th-23rd. Earl Robertson is the local preacher. The address of the building is 860 South Belmont.

Louisville, Kentucky — Robert C. Welch of Springfield, Mo., will speak at the Eastland church, June 19th-28th.

Wichita, Kansas — The Pleasant Valley church, meeting at 3317 N. Amidon, Wichita, will have a meeting June 19-26. Eugene Britnell of Little Rock, Ark., will speak.

Flagstaff, Ariz. — Robert Farish of Lufkin, Texas, will speak in a meeting at the church in Flagstaff, June 19-27.

Shepherdsville, Kentucky — The church in Shepherdsville will have a meeting June 17-23 with a different speaker each night. The brethren have recently moved into their new building.

Center, Texas — Jim McDonald of Lufkin, Texas, will speak at the James church, June 17-22. Bill Collett is the local preacher.

Cullman County, Ala — Richard Weaver of the 4th St. church, Cullman, Ala., will speak at the Valley Grove church, June 16-22.

Houston, Texas — The Green's Bayou church, 12919 Sarah Lane, will have a meeting, June 16-23. Robert Goodman of the Southside church in Pasadena, Texas, will speak. Ardie Brown is the local preacher.

Lufkin, Texas — The Dunn's Chapel church, located four miles from Lufkin, Texas, on Farm Road 708, will have a meeting June 16-24. Frank Martin, the local preacher will speak in the meeting. Services each night at 8.

Hulbert, Oklahoma — George T. Jones of Houston, Texas, will be in Hulbert June 17-26.

Greenville, Texas — Otis Moyer will preach in a meeting at the Walnut Street church, June 19-29. Ward Hogland is the local preacher.

Beaver Dam, Kentucky — Leslie Diestlekamp of Aurora, Ill., will speak in a meeting at Beaver Dam, June 20-28.


There will be a public discussion in Montgomery, Alabama, June 17-20. This debate will be between Carrol W. Puckett and George H. Watts. The following propositions will be discussed:

Proposition No. 1 It is scriptural for a local church when it comes to its place of meeting, to conduct simultaneous classes wherein the Bible is taught and some of these classes being taught by women.

Affirm: Carrol W. Puckett; Deny: George H. Watts Proposition No. 2

When the church comes together for the purpose of teaching, the only way revealed in the New Testament is for all to remain in one group and the teaching be done by men only, one speaking at a time to the assembly.

Affirms: George H. Watts; Deny: Carrol W. Puckett Each proposition will be discussed two nights each. There will be two 30 minute speeches by each debater each night. The discussion will begin at 7:30 P.M. The first two nights will be conducted in the church building of the Westview Gardens church and the last two nights will be conducted in the building of the Gay Meadows church.

Preachers To New Locations

William E. Wallace of Salem, Ohio, has moved to Indianapolis, Ind. He will be preaching for the Belmont church of that city, Earl Robertson has recently moved to Birmingham, to work with one of the churches in that city. His new address is 2544 29th Place West, Birmingham, Ala. He moved from Indianapolis, Ind., where he preached for the Belmont church for over three years.

Harold Spurlock has moved from Jacksonville, Texas, to Kilgore, Texas. His new address is 604 Sceyne, Kilgore, Texas.

New Congregations

The Westview church began meeting in Hartselle, Ala., April 24th. It is 20 miles north of Cullman. They started with 20 and the morning attendance is around 50. On Sunday night the attendance has run as high as 100. Richard Weaver of the 4th St. church, Cullman, Ala., preaches for them on Sunday night. Recently one was baptized.

A new congregation began meeting in Chicago, Ill., on the 19th of May. The address is 31st and Emerald Ave. Garreth Lee Clair is preaching for this group. This congregation stands against all forms of digression that has developed in the church of the Lord. When in Chicago worship with this group.

News Briefs

The Gay Meadows church in Montgomery, Alabama, is presently engaged in erecting a new church building. The building will be completed around the middle of June. The church building is located in a new and growing section of Montgomery. The church has never had a permanent place to meet and thus this will contribute to identifying this church as being permanent in Montgomery. This congregation is carrying on a good program of work in preaching the gospel to this community as well as other places, although small in membership. When you are through Montgomery you have an invitation to meet and worship with this church. Carrol W. Puckett is the local evangelist. The address is 3024 Vaughn Road.

New Creatures

According to Kenneth E. Thomas, preacher for the Oak Grove church, Jennings, Florida, there was one baptism during May.

Two were baptized during May at Lebanon, Kentucky, according to Ross Saunders, the local preacher.

One was baptized during a recent meeting at Campbellsville, Kentucky. The preaching in the meeting was done by Ross Saunders. Dorris Radar is the local preacher.

Three were baptized the week of May 19th at Greens Bayou, Houston, Texas. Ardie Brown is the local preacher.

George W. Patterson, preacher for the South Oak Cliff church, Dallas, Texas, reports one baptism on May 19th.

According to Joe Scarborough, preacher for Floral Heights, Wichita Falls, Texas, one was baptized during the recent meeting with Carl Vernon.

Six baptisms in May at Holden Heights, Orlando, Florida. Earl Fly is the local evangelist.

According to Derrel Shaw, preacher for the 6th and Meredith church, Dumas, Texas, two were baptized May 26th.

James W. Adams, preacher for the Tenth and Francis church, Oklahoma City, Okla., reports two baptisms on May 19th.

One was baptized May 19th at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, where Jimmy Tuten is the local preacher.

Debate Notice

A public discussion will be held in Blytheville, Ark., and Portageville, Miss., from June 13 through June 21, 1963. The questions discussed are those involving the number of persons in the Godhead and baptismal formula. The disputants will be Dudley Ross Spears of Blytheville and Mr. J. T. Payne of Porterdale, Ga. The first two nights will be in Blytheville and the last two nights will be in Portageville. Brethren interested in attending the discussion and who desire to have a place to stay should write Dudley Spears at Box 213, Blytheville, Ark. There seems to be less in print on the issues between the church of Christ and the Pentecostal groups than on nearly any other subject of debate. The propositions are worded below:

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that there are three separate and distinct persons in the Godhead: namely, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Affirms. Dudley Ross Spears Denies: J. T. Payne

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that when administering water baptism to the penitent believer, one must use the words: "In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus or Lord Jesus Christ."

Affirms: J. T. Payne Denies: Dudley Ross Spears

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that there is only one person in the Godhead: namely, Jesus Christ.

Affirms: J. T Payne Denies: Dudley Ross Spears

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that when administering water baptism to a penitent believes, the words of Matt. 28:19, may be used.

Affirms: Dudley Ross Spears Denies: J. T. Payne