Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 20, 1963
NUMBER 8, PAGE 4,13b

Office News


Because of several happenings in recent months which affect the Gospel Guardian and our family of readers, we want to devote this page this week to bring you up to date in the following matters:

Clippings, Comments, News

We are highly pleased at the many, many favorable comments we are receiving on the "news column" appearing each week by the diligent work and faithfulness of brother Clyde O. Moore. It is quite obvious our readers are pleased, and feel that this is a worthy new feature. We want to make this weekly column as useful as possible to as many as possible. For that reason we'd like to ask the cooperation of ALL in getting your announcements of forthcoming meetings to brother Moore as early as possible — at least three weeks before the time the meeting is scheduled to start. His address: 2708 Paul Avenue, Lufkin, Texas.

"Where To Worship When Traveling" Listings

We are also quite pleased with the response reported by brethren who are listing their name and location and times of worship in our weekly page of church ads. The advertisements are being studied by brethren who are away from home on the Lord's Day, and many have written us to express their appreciation of such help in finding faithful churches with which to worship. Incidentally, we plan to make changes in these pages only at the beginning of the month. Any congregation desiring to start listing its services, or any congregation desiring to make any change in its listing should have the information in to our office not later than the fifteenth day of the month prior to the change.

New Subscriptions

In spite of the fact that the relentless rise in cost forced us to raise our subscription price to $4.00 last fall, we have not been aware of the loss of a single subscriber because of the higher price. Thanks! We want always to increase our reading family. Are you willing to help do that? If you will distribute a few sample copies among your friends, urging them to subscribe for the paper, we will be happy to mail you a dozen or more copies as we have them available. Incidentally, that same "rise in costs" is forcing us to put the price of the Bound Volume of the Guardian at $6.00; or two years for $11.00; three years for $15.00.

Our club rates for subscriptions to the Gospel Guardian remain at $3.00 per subscription for clubs of five or more — either new or renewal.

Personal Evangelism

An increasing number of Christians are using our attractive new tracts in the "Tract-of-the-Month" series for personal evangelism among their friends and acquaintances. You get eight tracts for $1.00, and each month brings you a new tract. These booklets are either given or mailed to friends in whom you are sincerely interested. Tracts already available include those by Cogdill, Tant, Welch, Parish, Charles Holt, Adams, Weaver, and West on "first principles" — Christian evidences, the gospel plan of salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit, the errors of Mormonism, the Baptisms of the Bible, etc. Others scheduled for publication in the months ahead will have to do with the identity of the true church, the proper kind of music with which to praise God, the Lord's Supper, the final Judgment day, and many, many other topics of vital concern. Writers now preparing tracts include such men as Cecil B. Douthitt, James R. Cope, Luther Blackmon, Eugene Britnell, Gordon Wilson, and others.

One improved feature of the tract series for churches ordering 200 or more each month is that the church advertisement will in the future be printed on the outside cover (back page) where it will be quickly visible even at a casual glance.

New Books

We have rapidly expanded (and still are expanding) our stock of books of interest to our readers. Anything in print can be rushed to you within a few days (sometimes hours) after your order is received. Here are a few of the books on our shelves with which you may or may not be familiar — and all of which will bring you rich and rewarding hours of reading and study:

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire — by Gibbon. Three volumes at $8.85 ($2.95 per single volume).

Voices From Cane Ridge — Thompson. $3.00 History of the Church Through the Ages — Brumback. $5.00

History of the Churches of Christ in Texas — by Stephen D. Eckstein.

This Volume is just off the press, and should be intensely interesting to all Texans in particular, and to Christians in general. It is a book of 387 pages and is priced at $3.95.

Gospel Preachers Who Blazed The Trail.

This is a reprint of the book published in 1911 by the late C. R. Nichol. It contains pictures and brief biographical sketches of a great host of pioneer gospel preachers who "blazed the trail" for those who were to follow. Priced at $3.50, this will be of great interest to those who will have personal recollections of many of these noble men, nearly all of whom have already answered the last call. Another volume of the same sort is Biographical Sketches of Gospel Preachers published in 1932 by H. Leo Boles. It sells for $3.00.

All of these fine books (and many hundreds of others) can be shipped to you right from our own stock. Let us help supply your needs!

F. Y. T.