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March 19, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week Cullman, Alabama — Bill Cavender, the preacher for Greggton, Texas, church, will be with the 4th Street church, March 15th-22nd, where Richard Weaver is the local evangelist.

Port Arthur, Texas — The Pear Ridge church, 3401 30th Street, will have a meeting March 16th-22nd. Dean Bullock of West Columbia. Texas, will do the preaching. James Trigg, local evangelist, extends an invitation to all in the Port Arthur area to attend.

Tampa, Florida — There will be a series of lectures at the North Street church, March 16th 20th.

Ventura, California — Lloyd Moyer of Fremont, California, will preach in a meeting at the Main Street church, March 15th-22nd.

Announcements Of Meetings Received Late

Bakersfield, California — The Pioneer Drive church will be engaged in a meeting March 8th -13th, with Lloyd Moyer of Fremont, California, doing the preaching.

Sacramento, California — The church which meets 3830 U Street, in the Grange Hall, 1/2 block off Stockton Blvd. will have Jerry Bassett as visiting evangelist March 9th-15th, according to an announcement from Forrest Moyer, the local preacher.

New Creatures

During a recent meeting at the Rosedale Highway church, Bakerfield, California, with Lloyd Moyer of Fremont, California, doing the preaching there were ten baptisms. Dan Mahon is the local preacher.

One has recently been baptized at the Highland Blvd. church in San Antonio, Texas, where Roger Hendricks and W. L. Wharton are the preachers.

Donald Townsley, preacher for the South End church, Louisville, Kentucky, reports one baptism the third Sunday in February.

Two have recently been baptized at the West Ave. church, San Antonio, Texas, where Leon Odom is the local evangelist.

Preachers To New Locations ..

Edgar Furr, 1254 Logan Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas: "I began work with the Westgate Heights congregation in Corpus Christi which meets at 210 Old Robston Road, as of January 1st. After completing six years in Ingleside, Texas, I terminated my work with the Ingleside congregation as of the 4th Sunday in October, 1963. The congregation for which I preached was at peace and harmony prevailed when I left and we enjoyed assisting 22 being baptized into Christ during the year of 1963; we had 85 baptisms during the six years I preached for these brethren. I baptized one in Dallas with the Josey Lane congregation in December and one here at home during January. I also preached for the Rosedale congregation in Beaumont during December. When you come to Corpus Christi on business, vacationing or visiting, we would be happy to have you worship with us. For more information when in Corpus Christi, telephone TU 4-5045."

Gilbert Copeland, 536 North Popular Ave., Montebello, California: "After four years and four months with the Rosedale church in Beaumont, Texas, I moved to Montebello, California, the first of 1964 to work with the church which worships at 536 N. Popular Ave. Wright Randolph preached here before I came. We all appreciate the teaching that he did, and the faith of the saints in this congregation. We invite you to worship with us when you come our way."

News Briefs

Lloyd Moyer, 41325 Kathlean St., Fremont, California, writes to state that after a long illness he has been back in full time preaching for a year and ten months. During this time there have been 78 baptisms and 109 restorations.