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January 2, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Edward A. Brouillette, preacher for the church in Alameda, California, reports a baptism on Nov. 3rd.

One was baptized during a recent meeting in Racine, Wis. The meeting was conducted by Luther Blackmon. Gordon J. Pennock is the local preacher.

The last Sunday in November one was baptized at Wendell Ave., Louisville. Kentucky. Frank Jamerson is the local preacher.

One was baptized during a November meeting at Annapolis, Maryland. Jimmy Tuten did the preaching. John Humphries, who is in the navy, preaches for the church. He plans to devote full-time to the work when he is released from the service in May of 1964.

William C. Sexton, preacher for the church in Lowell, Ind., reports four baptisms for the last three months.

Three were baptized at the Myrtle Ave. church, Glendale, Arizona, during the month of November. Robert J. LaCoste is the local preacher.

Morris D. Norman, preacher for the church in Plant City, Florida, reports three baptisms recently.

Those Who Have Fallen Asleep

"In the early hours of last Saturday morning (November 23rd) death came to sister May Kincaid Ficklin at her home in Owingsville, Ky. She was the wife of brother Henry S. Ficklin, beloved gospel preacher. Sister Ficklin has been in declining health for some time. Services conducted at home on Monday afternoon were followed by burial in the Owingsville Cemetery. Sister Ficklin is survived by her husband, by a brother in Owingsville, and by his children. She is lamented by countless numbers of the Lord's people who knew her faithful life of service in the Lord's family.

New Buildings

The church in Morehead City, North Carolina, has recently moved into their new building. This brick construction will seat around 150 and has four classrooms, restrooms, nursery, and study. This church is two and a half years old. Reavis Petty is the local preacher.

The church meeting in Gulfport, Mississippi, has recently moved to a new location because it had outgrown its previous building. It is now meeting at 395 Cowan Road. Mississippi City. A meeting with Al Payne is scheduled for this spring.

Preacher To New Location

Leo Rogol moved to Hopewell, Virginia December 1st, to preach for the church there. He moved from the Uniontown church, Cherry Tree, Pa. His address is Box 491, Hopewell, Va.

An Appeal

Clyde Strickland is preaching for the Southside church in Jacksonville, Texas. His total support has been $595 per month. Out of this he must pay his rent, utilities, and support his family of wife and five school-age children. He also is paying for a radio broadcast each week. In January he is losing $200 per month support. He needs this $200 now added to his support plus at least $50 more per month. Is there not one, two, or three congregations who will help him now? He is worthy of support. I have known him for several years and have the greatest confidence in him. You may contact him: 710 Forth Worth Street, Jacksonville, Texas.