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December 5, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

James E. Gunn, preacher for the Gardendale church, Birmingham, Alabama, reports a baptism the last week in October.

Two were baptized the last Sunday in October at the Riverside Drive church, Nashville, Tennessee, where Robert Jackson preaches.

One was recently baptized at the North Miranda St. church, Las Cruces, New Mexico, according to H. Edward McCaskill, the preacher.

During a recent meeting at Sunrise Acres, El Paso, Texas, with Luther Blackmon doing the preaching, there was one baptism. Glen Barnhart is the preacher.

Herschel Patton, preacher for the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, reports a baptism the first Sunday in November.

Forrest Moyer of Sacramento, California, recently conducted a meeting at Coalinga, California, where Don Givens preaches. There were four baptisms.

Meetings This Week

Pasadena, Texas — W. R. Jones, preacher for the Pruitt and Lobit church, Baytown, Texas, will be with the Southside church, meeting 808 Fresa Road, Dec. 3rd-8th. Bob Goodman is the local preacher.

Grand Prairie, Texas — R. L. Burns, preacher for the church of Christ in Inglewood Park, announces a meeting for Dec. 2nd-8th, with Earl Dale of Harlingen, Texas, doing the preaching.

Alta Loma, Texas — H. L. Bruce, preacher for the Eastside church, Baytown, Texas, will conduct a meeting in Alta Loma, Dec. 2nd-8th.

Trumann, Arkansas — The church meeting on Melton Avenue in Trumann will have a meeting Dec. 2nd-8th with Robert Welch of Springfield, Missouri, doing the preaching. The local preacher is David Lawrence.

Dora, Alabama — The Sayre church of Christ, 23 miles from Birmingham, Alabama, West Highway 78, will have a meeting, Dec. Ist-7th. The preaching is to be done by Edward Bragwell, who preaches regularly for the Hanceville, Alabama, church and the singing will be directed by J. P. Gurganus, of Bellview Heights church in Birmingham. The meetings will be daily at 7 P.M. except on the Lord's day. They will be at 6 P.M. Pryde E. Hinton is the local preacher.

New Congregations

Flint, Michigan — A new congregation is now meeting at 1405 Belle Ave., Flint Michigan. If you know of anyone in or around Flint, interested in taking a firm stand for the truth, contact E. J. Gowin, 2032 E. Whittemore Ave. Phone 734-1726.

News Briefs

Eugene Britnell, Box 3012, Little Rock, Arkansas — "I have preached in meetings this year in the following places: Phoenix, Arizona; Russellville (Washington Ave.), Belgreen, and Tharptown, Alabama; Wichita, Kansas; Louisville, Ky., and Camden, Arkansas. I enjoyed working with the following faithful preachers: Irven Lee, Franklin Boshell, Gerald Sutton, Donald Willis, Norman E. Fultz, and Charles Beaty. My Tracts, "The Sponsoring Church," "Shocking Quotes," and "Smoking" are available. Write for samples. Have you read the Simpson-Britnell Debate? It sells for $2.00 and may be ordered from the Gospel Guardian Co. or from me. We have had two baptisms at Arch Street recently. I continue to enjoy and appreciate the contents and editorial policy of the Guardian."