Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 9, 1983
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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Nacogdoches, Texas

Meetings This Week

Indianapolis, Indiana — John Iverson, the local preacher for the Orange Highway church, Port Arthur, Texas, will speak in a meeting at the Southport congregation in Indianapolis, May 8th-15th.

El Paso, Texas — Glen Barnhart, the local preacher for the Sunrise Acres church in El Paso, Texas, announces a meeting for May 9th-17th with Robert Turner of Burnet, Texas, doing the preaching.

Tulsa, Oklahoma — The Southside church in Tulsa, located 2706 E. 51st St., will have a meeting May 6th through the 12th with Luther Blackmon of Pasadena, Texas, doing the preaching. W. E. Coffman is the local preacher.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The congregation meeting at 920 N. Rockwell will have James Lusby of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a meeting May 6th-12th. This congregation was formerly known as the West Ave. church. Bill McMurry is the local preacher.

Little Rock, Ark. — The Arch Street church will have a meeting May 8th-19th with Homer Hailey of Tampa, Fla., doing the preaching. Eugene Britnell is the local evangelist.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Preston Hi-way church, located 4620 Preston Highway will have a meeting, May 6th-12th. Grover Stevens, of the Park Blvd. church of the same city will preach. Norman Fultz is the local preacher.

Coalinga, Calif. — Ken Sterling, who is the local preacher in Napa, Calif., will speak in a meeting for the church in Coalinga, Calif. The meeting place is located East Elm Hi-Way 33. Services each night at 7:30. The dates of the meeting are May 6th-12th. Le Roy Posey is the local preacher.

Beaumont, Texas — Gilbert Copeland, the local preacher for the Rosedale church in Beaumont, announces a meeting, May 6th-12th, with Bill Cavender of Greggton, Texas, as the speaker.

St. Louis, Mo. — The Spring and Blaine church, located 3800 Blaine Ave., will have a meeting May 5th through the 12th with C. D. Plum, according to an announcement from Jimmy Tuten, the local evangelist.

Chicago, ILL — The Grand Ave church, located 3679 Grand Ave. will have a meeting, May 5th-15th. William H. Lewis of St. Petersburg, Fla., will speak. Vestal Chaffin is the local preacher.

Forest, Miss. — A. C. Grider of Meridian, Miss., will speak in a meeting at Forest, Miss., May 6th-11th. Conway Skinner is the local preacher.

Birmingham, Ala. — The North Birmingham church announces a series of meetings, May 6th-12th, with David Claypool of Nashville, Tenn., doing the preaching.

Las Cruces, New Mexico — The church in Las Cruces, meeting 800 N. Miranda St., will have a meeting April 29-May 8th. Robert Turner, of Burnet, Texas will speak. Edward McCaskill is the local preacher.

Baytown, Texas — H. L. Bruce, local preacher for the Eastside church in Baytown, announces a meeting, May 6th-12th, with W. K (Bud) Irvine, of Odessa, Texas, doing the preaching. Services each day at 10:00 in the morning and 7:30 each evening. The building is located 2100 James Bowie Drive.

New Creatures

One was baptized March 25th at the Wesley Chapel church, Decatur, Ga. David Tent is the preacher.

Five were baptized during the recent meeting at the Southside church in Midland, Texas. J. It. Lewis of Dallas, Texas, did the preaching. A. A. Mclnroe is the local preacher.

One was baptized at the Spring and Blaine church, St. Louis, Mo., the first of April, where Jimmy Tuten is the local preacher.

On March 24th one was baptized at the church in Greencastle, Indiana, according to Lewis Willis, the local preacher.

During the recent meeting just concluded at Holden Heights, Orlando, Fla., there were six baptisms. Jim Cope of Tampa, Fla., did the preaching. Earl Fly is the local preacher.

On April 9th one was baptized at the Mt. View church, San Bernardino, Calif.

In a recent meeting at the West Ave. church in San Antonio, Texas, there were two baptisms. Roger Hendricks is the local preacher.

One was baptized in a recent meeting at the Huffman church, Birmingham, Ala., where Frank Smith is the local preacher.

One was baptized at the Southside church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 14th.

On April 7th two were baptized at the Riverside church in Nashville, Tenn.

News Briefs

Bob Tuten of Warner Robins, Georgia, is making plans to go to Bergen, Norway, this summer. He still needs support for his travel fund and monthly support. He lacks $355.00 per month in regular support and $1420.00 in his travel fund. Any help individuals or churches could extend would be appreciated. For further information on this work we suggest you write to him: Bob Tuten, 109 Marilyn Drive, Warner Robins, Georgia.

Cecil B. Douthitt, P. O. Box 1005, High Springs, Fla., April 4, 1953. The eight day meeting with the Garden City Church, Savannah, Georgia, closed last night. Brother C. L. McLean is the very able and efficient preacher for this congregation. My next meeting will be with brother Alton Elliott and the Trilacoochee Church, Trilby, Florida.

Very good progress is being made in the construction of our meeting house here at Santa Fe Hills near High Springs. Brother Harold Dowdy of Jacksonville has been of great help to us in our building program.

James C. Jones, 1010 Taylor Avenue, Richmond 25, Va.

The Forest Hill church conducted a series of Gospel Meetings, April 7-14, with Connie W. Adams of Orlando, Fla., doing the preaching. We had non-members present for every service and the lessons were filled with the power of the Gospel. Two precious souls obeyed the gospel. The work here is progressing nicely. In addition to "Lest We Forget," which we presently mail to 1100 members of the church mainly in this area, dealing with problems in the church, we also have started publishing another paper entitled "The Faith," which is sent to 100 families here in Richmond, who are not Christians. Response from this has been good. Our attendance on Lord' day mornings runs from 85 to 80, and the contribution averages $188.00 per week. After three and a half years with the church here, I shall be traveling, with my family, to Stavanger. Norway, to preach the Gospel. We sail on June 7th. A trip of 9,000 miles earlier this year raised all but $55 per month in monthly support — we have $445 promised and need to have $500 per month; $2145 has been promised toward our travel fund, and $355 more is needed. If there are churches willing to assist either in travel fund or monthly support, please contact me at the above address. We already have our passports, and one way tickets on the boat. No sponsoring church involved in this. References and detailed information concerning the work in Stavanger will be sent to any who desire to help.