Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 24, 1963

Lest We Forget!

Warren R. Cheatham

That Manhattan project is projecting again. For several years now she has been begging from every church and individual that she could contact. At first it was a "Million for Manhattan," and from that all sorts of appeals have been made in the super-salesmanship type of begging. They were nearly in the real estate business and would have been; in fact, they begged money in order to raise a sixteen story sky-scraper, the top twelve stories to be apartments and to be sold after the building completion for the sum of $1,800,000. That's one million eight hundred thousand dollars! This project was super-sold to sleepy brethren with the gimmick that it would save them a half million dollars. Brethren, it's high time to raise an eye-brow when the church can save you a half million. Lest we forget: they were going to sell twelve stories in order to get out of the real estate business. Wouldn't it have been simpler not to have gone into it in the first place?

But, as well informed brethren know, that real estate project became no longer "economically feasible" back in June of this year, and the Manhattan elders have retreated to a "Single Purpose" building advertized on their brochure as a "Bright New Look On Madison Avenue."

Brethren, it's an endless procession of projection on the part of our Manhattan brethren and we call it to your mind LEST WE FORGET.

— 10807 Willfleet Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio