Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 24, 1963

Will You Open It?

Brooks C. Webb

We are constantly faced with doors of opportunity. We must therefore be constantly vigilant, ready at any instant to enter them. When we fail, that door is closed to us, and closed forevermore. There might be another similar opportunity, but that one is gone, never to be recalled. Entirely too frequently we are totally blind to the opportunities to do good. Especially it this true with regard to the work of Christ. Paul instructed us to "be instant, in season and out of season," thus making it necessary for us to remain awake and alert, not lapsing into indifference and lethargy, slumbering our lives away and neglecting the many splendid occasions to reap the great harvest of souls for the Master.

You have personal doors of opportunity through which you and only you can pass to teach some precious soul the truth. But there are other doors opened through which you cannot pass to teach that one. But that does not mean that it is impossible for any one to be admitted. You might make it passable for another', where you are not permitted. Of course, we urge the taking advantage of the opportunity personally, if possible at all, for this is the Lord's way. But if it is not possible, then by all means search out other means by which the one in whom you are interested can be converted.

We believe one of the finest opportunities presented to you is in the form of the Gospel Guardian, and the privilege of making it available for your friends and loved ones. You would be surprised to realize the vast good that you can accomplish by opening this door of opportunity, thus allowing several able men to enter each week to teach God's revelation to the one in whom you are interested. Sixteen pages, filled, not with the promotion of human schemes and plaudits and praises of men; not with the back-slapping hypocritical practice of corrupt politicians who in effect say, "You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours," but sixteen pages filled with advancing the kingdom of Christ and teaching the gospel of the Saviour. Indeed, a fine opportunity for you, and a door which you can open. We are asking that you be "instant" to do so.

When is the last time that you obtained a subscription for the Gospel Guardian? I am aware of the pressures of your everyday activities, and that many things challenge your attention daily. But you can take just a moment when talking with your friends, and instead of talking baseball, the world series, or your favorite football team, mention the Gospel Guardian to him, and point out that "no man can over-estimate the good that a sound religious periodical coming into one's home can establish." With just a little effort you can raise a club of five subscriptions, and thereby receive for your friends a reduced rate — 25% off! There are some in whom you are intensely interested, but who might not be able to subscribe for themselves. Why not make a little investment in their souls yourself? The investment is nominal, while the return in souls will be great.

We believe that you have appreciated the work done by the brethren connected with the Gospel Guardian through the years. They have, at great personal sacrifice, done what they could to aid brethren in their sincere search for truth, and provide for brethren a medium through which they could candidly and openly discuss the matters with which they were troubled. We believe this has been of tremendous help to thousands over the country, and possibly to you personally. Do you not want others to be likewise aided? We are certain that you do. You can make is possible by opening the door for them. Will you open it? — 1102 North Mound, Nacogdoches, Texas