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September 19, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Gainesville, Georgia — E. L Flannery of Gainesville, Florida, will be with the Enota Drive church in Gainesville, Georgia, September 8-15. L. A. Mott is the regular preacher.

Charleston, West Virginia — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Charleston, September 20-29. Harmon Caldwell is the local preacher.

Cave Creek, Arkansas — Harold Sharp of Conway, Arkansas, will preach in a meeting at Cave Creek, September 16-22.

Wichita Falls, Texas — The Westside church, 4326 Barnett Drive, will have a meeting, September 9-15. Bryan Vinson, Sr., of Longview, Texas, will be the speaker. Charles Holt is the local preacher. All in the Wichita Falls area are urged to attend.

New Creatures

Donald Willis reports one baptism, Sunday, August 4, at the Pleasant Valley church, Wichita, Kansas.

Three were baptized the last Sunday in July at the Hamilton Road church, Columbus, Georgia, according to Charles G. Caldwell, Jr., the local preacher.

Charles Maples reports two baptisms during a recent meeting at the Five Points church, Franklin County, Alabama.

Two were baptized during a recent meeting at the White Park church, near Leesville, La. Earl Hartsell is the local preacher. Dana Halstead preached in the meeting.

One was baptized at the Mt. View church in San Bernardino, California, on Sunday, August 11, according to A. W. Atkinson, the local preacher.

Two have recently been baptized at the Washington Street church, Russellville, Alabama. Eugene Crawley is the preacher.

One was baptized August 18 at the Expressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, according to James Needham, the regular preacher.

Two have recently been baptized at the Brown Street church, Arkon, Ohio. Cecil Willis is the local preacher.

New Congregations

A church is now meeting at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They are temporarily meeting in the Recreational Center. On a recent Sunday they had 36 present. Landon Hope of the Pine Hills church, Orlando, Florida, has been preaching for them same.

A new church has recently started in Loogootee, Ind. O. it Davis is preaching for this group. His address is: 204 S. E. 2nd Street, Loogootee, Indiana.

Preachers To New Locations

After over three years with the Jordan Lane church in Huntsville, Alabama, Charles G. Maples has moved to Peoria, Illinois, to work with the Paris Avenue church. His new address is: Charles G. Maples, 5916 Graceland Drive, Peoria, Illinois, 61601.

After five years with the Indian Road church, Phoenix, Arizona, Wilson Coon has moved to work with the church in Grand Saline, Texas. His new address is: 411 North Waldrip, Grand Saline, Texas.

Don Ross Patton is now preaching for the church in Panama City, Florida. His address is: 1708 Louise Avenue, Panama City, Florida.

News Briefs

Dana Halstead is in a position to hold several mission meetings next year. Any congregation which can pay only travel expenses, and would like to have him for a meeting, contact him; 1229 Quaker Street, El Dorado, Arkansas.