Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 15, 1963

College Usurpation

J. R. Snell

Disturbing indeed is the increasing efforts of the "Christian" colleges to gain and maintain control of the churches. None but the most ill informed would challenge the reality of this movement. Those concerned for the purity and sanctity of the church need to awaken to this situation and recognize the usurpation of the schools over the churches.

To serve as a vivid case in point, I call attention to the advertised third annual Elder's Workshop to be conducted at Abilene Christian College this year. What better means could be devised to lead and guide the church in desired channels than to "educate" the elders of the church? If the schools can get the elders to periodically attend these conventions, the first hurdle is overcome. The only thing that remains is to inject the right kind of thought germ, cultivate it a little bit, and what have you got? Why a full-blown, dyed-in-the-wool, ecclesiastical system with the college as the head, in a position of instigating trends and developing movements conducive to continued control through the influence exerted upon the elders by the convention.

In the convention under consideration, it is interesting to note that the featured speakers will be avowed advocates of the sponsoring church arrangement, A. R. Holton, and two renowned supporters of the current digression relative to church support of human institutions, Gus Nichols and Rue Porter. One would have to be completely oblivious of existing circumstances to expect anything out of these men but an encouragement of the very movement which is dividing the church of our Lord. The topics the men are to deal with are indicative of their digressive positions and punctuate the doctrine they advocate. One is to speak on elders and missionary work. Another on problems of the local church. The other is to deal with elders and brotherhood problems. Thus any elder attending this Convention, who has not already succumbed to digression, will be brainwashed by these masters and will be led into a betrayal of the precious church of God.

There is no greater danger to the church today than the college which presumes to regulate the affairs of the churches either by supplying preachers or by guiding the elders of the churches through conventions, misnamed "Elders' Workshops." It would seem that it is high time that we hack away a little at the root of the problem.

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