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August 15, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Thackerville, Oklahoma — Roy Foutz of Greenville, Texas, will speak in a meeting at the church in Thackerville, August 5th-llth. John Broseh is the local preacher.

Huntsville, Alabama — Lee Gunter of Largo, Florida, will be with the Rockdale church, fifteen miles east of Huntsville, August 4th-11th.

Amarillo, Texas — The Olsen Park church will have a meeting, August 12th-18th, with Dean Bullock of West Columbia, Texas, doing the preaching. Bill Haynes is the local preacher.

San Antonio, Texas — The West Ave, church, 106 Sherwood Drive, will have a meeting, August 12th-18th, with Robert McDonald of Tyler, doing the preaching, according to an announcement from Roger Kendrick, the local preacher.

Brushy Creek, Alabama — Bill Hall of Birmingham, will be with the Brushy Creek church, August llth-16th.

Cullman, Alabama — Richard Weaver, preacher for the 4th Street church, 500 W. 4th St., announces a meeting for August 12th-18th. James P. Miller of Tampa, Florida, will be the preacher. Services each day at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM.

Glendale, Arizona — Robert J. La Costa, Temple Terrace, Florida, will be in Glendale, August 14th-25th.

Midland, Texas — The Southside church, 710 S. Baird Street, will have a meeting, August 12th-18th, with W. P. McIlwain doing the preaching, according to A. A. Mclnroe, the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Preston Hi-Way church, 4620 Preston Hi-Way, will have a meeting, August P4th23rd, with Eugene Britnell of the Arch Street church, Little Rock, Ark., doing the preaching. Norman Fultz is the local preacher.

New Congregations

Are there faithful Christians in the Snyder, Texas, area who are interested in helping start a church in this town which will accept the Scriptures as their only rule of faith and practice? We are so tired of the schemes of men being promoted under the guise of their being "the work of the church"! If there be those who are interested, please contact us.

Mr. & Mrs. Mertz Ratliff Box 935

Snyder, Texas Telephone Highland 3-7734

"We are trying very hard to get a faithful congregation established here in Biloxi, Mississippi. We presently are meeting in the home of brother LeRoy Henry in Gulfport, which is about 12 miles from Biloxi. His address is 2106 Forty-first Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi. We feel certain there are other Christians in the service here, but have been unable to contact them as yet. We would be most grateful for any help that can be given."

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Roberts Pine Grove Trailer Park Route 2, Box 100, Biloxi, Mississippi There is a church now meeting in Fredrick, Oklahoma. They meet at 19th and Calla streets. A meeting just closed there, with Joe Scarbrough and John Wilson doing the preaching. Frank Reeder is the local preacher.

A new congregation came into being in Portage, Indiana, on June 24th. A. C. Belue, Jr., did the preaching in a meeting at that time. He is now preaching for them full time, being supported by the church in Griffith, Indiana. Recently they had an attendance of 67.

Preachers To New Locations

Gaylon K Womble is now preaching for the church in Loomis, California. They are meeting in the Ladies Club Building. Their services are: Bible Study 10:00 AM.; Worship 11:00 AM.; Evening Worship 7:30 P.M.; and Mid-week services at 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday.

The George Pennocks have now arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, and are busy in the Lord's work. George writes to say that they are well, and he has done his first street preaching which he found tiring, but very interesting. It is noted that he still lacks around $100 per month on his personal support. Anyone who could help send it to: George Pennock, Box 498, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

New Creatures

Charles G. Caldwell, Jr., preacher for the Rose Hill church, Columbus, Georgia, reports one baptism on June 16th.

During the week of July 14th there were three baptisms at the Inglewood Park church in Grande Prairie, Texas, according to R. L. Burns, the local preacher.

Harvey J. Williams of the church in Gary, Indiana, reports one baptism on June 23rd.

On July 10th one was baptized at Pruett and Lobit in Baytown, according to W. R. Jones, the local preacher.

Robert Jackson of Riverside Drive in Nashville, Tenn., reports two baptisms during a recent meeting at Dunn's Chapel.

Gordon J. Pennock of Racine, Wis., reports a baptism on July 14th.