Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 8, 1983
NUMBER 14, PAGE 7,10c

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Clyde O. Moore, 2708 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Lufkin, Texas — Bob Franks, preacher for the Timberland Drive church, located 912 Timberland Drive, announces a meeting for August 5-11. Leon Odom of Clute, Texas, will preach in the meeting.

Dallas, Oregon — Yater Tant of Nacogdoches, Texas, will be in a meeting in Dallas, August 5th-11th.

Haynesville, Louisiana — John Iverson of Port Arthur, Texas, will preach in a meeting here, August 4-11 according to B. J. Thomas, the local preacher.

Columbus, Mississippi — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Tex., will be at Woodlawn church, August 5th-11th.

San Saba, Texas — Vernon Ripley of Lewisville, Texas, will be with the Westside church August 5th-11th. Paul Price is the local preacher.

Spur, Texas — Wright Randolph of Montebello, California, will preach in a meeting at the West Harris church, August 4th-11th. Services each night at 8:00. Brent Lewis is the local preacher.

Joliet, Illinois — A gospel meeting will be held at the church building at 23 Margaret Street, Joliet, Illinois, August 5th-14th, at 7:30 each evening. Foy Vinson of Elgin, Illinois, will be the speaker. Everyone in the area is cordially invited to attend. Jim Sasser is the regular preacher.

Port Arthur, Texas — J. W. Evans, preacher for the Thomas Boulevard church, located at 2948 Thomas Boulevard, announces a gospel meeting each evening in conjunction with a Vacation Bible School, August 5th-9th, each evening at 7:15-8:30. The theme of the meeting will be Things That Make For Peace. Schedule of speakers and subjects are:

Monday evening — "Keeping the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace," Luther Blackmon.

Tuesday evening — "What Price Peace?" George T. Jones.

Wednesday evening — "Personal Peace With God," Guy McDonald.

Thursday evening — "The Rule of Elders Which Make for Peace," Stanley Lovett.

Friday evening — "Peace, Peace, When There is no Peace," Robert Farish.

Trumann, Arkansas — The church meeting on Melton Ave., in Trumann will hold a meeting August 2nd-10th, with Guthrie Dean of Bald Knob, Arkansas, doing the preaching. David Lawrence is the local preacher.

Butler County, Kentucky — J. R. Snell, preacher for the church in Butler, Mo., will be in a meeting at the Fairview church, July 31st-August 7th.

New Creatures

Two were baptized in May at the church in Ashville, Alabama. William R. Lambert, preacher for the church in Fultondale, Alabama, preached in the meeting.

On June 30th five were baptized at the Grand Ave. church, Chicago, Illinois. Vestal Chaffin is the preacher at Grand Ave.

K F. Manchester, preacher for the church in Cardwell, Mo., reports four baptisms the first week in July.

During a June meeting at Newark, California, one was baptized. J. W. Evans, preacher for the Thomas Boulevard church, Port Arthur, Texas did the preaching. Lloyd Moyer is the local preacher at Newark.

Oliver Murray, in a July meeting at La Porte, Texas, reports one baptism. Kenneth Hoyle is the regular preacher.

Joe F. Moore, preacher for the Commerce St. church West Point, Mississippi, reports five baptisms during a July meeting. Harold Trimble of San Antonio, Texas, did the preaching.

Two have been baptized in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, the first two Sundays in July. Donald R. Givens is the local preacher.

Ray Corns, preacher for the church in Norwalk, Ohio, reports one baptism during a June meeting with Henry S. Ficklin of Owingsville, Kentucky.

One has been baptized at the Southside Church In Jacksonville, Texas, since Clyde Strickland has moved there in early June.

Judson Woodbridge, preacher for Laurel Heights, McAllen, Texas, reports one baptism July 10th.

Three have been baptized recently at the "U" Street church in Sacramento, California, where Forrest Moyer is the preacher.

At a meeting at the Shiloh church, near Bowling Green, Kentucky, there were three baptisms. Charles Goodall did the preaching. Wayne Massey is the regular preacher.

Ardie Brown, preacher for the Green's Bayou church, Houston, Texas, reports a baptism on July 7th.

Six were baptized at the First Street church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, during a recent meeting with Quentin McKay doing the preaching. Weldon Warnock is the regular preacher.

J. R. Snell, preacher for the North Fulton Street church, Bolter, Mo., reports two baptisms during a July meeting there.

At the Washington Street church, Camden, Arkansas, four were baptized during a meeting with Cecil Boothia. Charles Beatty is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

L. A. Stauffer, formerly of Shively, Kentucky, has moved to Berwyn, Illinois, to preach for the church there.

Fred Liggin will move to Louisville, Kentucky, to preach for the Manslick Road church about August 15th.

Bob Tuten's new address is: Bob Tuten, Postboks 479, Bergen, Norway. He was to leave July 29th. At the time he sent in this report he still needed $20.00 per month in support. Is there not some church or individual that will supply this? He suggests that all checks be sent via Air Mail, as regular mail will not arrive until the end of the month. He has secured all his travel fund.

News Briefs

The Pleasant Valley church in Wichita, Kansas, has determined to stand upon the truth of God in opposition to the many liberal tendencies that are being propagated by the "liberal" brethren. Gorin Rutherford formerly worked with this congregation and assisted them in determining to stand for the truth. Don Willis recently moved to Wichita from San Antonio, Texas. If any readers should know of other people in the Wichita area that are willing to stand for the truth, kindly send their name and address to: Donald Willis, 3317 N. Amidon, Wichita, Kansas, 87204.

The church in West Point, Mississippi, is about a year old. Because of liberalism in the old congregation, it was necessary to start a new congregation to be able to stand for the truth. The new congregation has about 25 members, with an average attendance on Sunday morning of 38. They are now meeting at 323 Commerce Street but plan to build in the near future. Joe F. Moore is the local preacher.