Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 18, 1963
NUMBER 11, PAGE 10-11

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Five were baptized the second week of June at the Laurel Heights church, McAllen, Texas, where Judson Woodbridge is the preacher.

Three have recently been baptized at the Ninth Ave. church, St. Petersburg, Florida, where William H. Lewis is the local preacher.

On June 13th one was baptized at the Grand Ave. church, Chicago, Ill., where Vestal Chaffin is the evangelist.

During the recent meeting at Greens Bayou, Texas, conducted by Robert Goodman, there was one baptism, according to Ardie Brown, the local preacher.

There were three baptisms at the church in Centralia, Texas, during the recent meeting conducted by Oliver Murray. Oliver's new address is: 1904 Atkinson Drive, Lufkin, Texas.

On June 23rd one was baptized at Shelbyville Mills church, Shelbyville, Tenn., according to Eugene Crawley.

Adam Pena reports four baptisms in Pecos, Texas, during the month of May.

One was baptized June 12th at the Mt. Olive, Ala., church where Dale Smelser is the preacher.

On June 16th one was baptized at the Belmont church in Indianapolis, Ind.

During the meeting at Melrose, Florida, conducted by Hoyt Houchen, there was one baptism. Earl Dowdy is the local preacher.

Gladewater, Texas — Truman Smith, preacher for the Main and Gay congregation, Gladewater, reports two baptisms, June 9th.

Meetings This Week

Greencastle, Ind. — The church which meets at 837 E. Washington Street will have a meeting, July 15-21. Kelly Ellis will do the preaching. Lewis Willis is the local preacher.

Cash, Texas — Robert L. McDonald of Tyler, Texas, will be with the church in Cash, July 14-21. Billy Penn is the local preacher.

Rosenburg, Texas — Ardie Brown of Greens Bayou, Texas will be with the church in Rosenburg, July 15-21. Gary Scott is the local preacher.

Crockett, Texas — Hollis Windham, the local preacher of the church in Crockett, announces a meeting, July 15-21, with Dean Bullock of West Columbia, Texas, doing the preaching. Services each evening at 7:30.

Paden, Oklahoma — The writer of this column, Clyde O. Moore, of the Hefty church in Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Paden, Oklahoma, July 15-19.

Bellvue, Washington — Yater Tant of Nacogdoches, Texas, will be in a meeting at the church in Bellvue, July 14-21.

Cannon County, Tenn. — Bill Cavender of Greggton, Texas, will speak in a meeting at the Red Hill church, July 15-24.

Kenard, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will preach in a meeting in Kenard, July 15-20.

Pleasant Valley, Kentucky — Ross Saunders of Lebanon, Kentucky, will be in a meeting at Pleasant Valley, July 10-21.

Leesville, Louisiana — Jim McDonald of Lufkin, Texas, will preach in a meeting for the church in Leesville, July 14-20. Elton Hughes is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

Robert E. Speer, formerly of Ashland, Wisconsin, has moved to Bradley, R.I., to work with the church in that city.

L. A. Stauffer, after three years with the church in Shively, Kentucky, has moved to Berwyn, Ill., to work with the church there.

Melvin Curry, who has been preaching for the church in Berwyn, Ill., has moved to Tampa, Florida, to teach Bible in Florida College.

Charles Goodall, preacher for the Manslick Road church, Louisville, Kentucky, will move the middle of August to Tampa, Florida, where he will be teaching in Florida College.

William See of Little Rock, Arkansas, will move to Shelbyville, Tennessee, the first of August to preach for the Shelbyville Mills church.

W. C. Sawyer of Indianapolis, Ind., will begin work with the Silver Street church, in New Albany, Indiana, about the first of August.

New Congregations

April 28, 1963, marked the beginning of a new congregation at Palm Springs, California, known as the Palm Springs church of Christ. It meets at 68190 Ramon Road, about three miles east of Palm Springs. Claude E. Worley helped start this work and is now doing the preaching. Glen Lovelady and Bob McCurdy are helping by doing the mid-week preaching on Thursdays at 7:30 P.M.. Sunday services are: Bible study — 10 A.M.; preaching — 11 A.M.; and evening services at 7 P.M.

When in this area you are cordially invited to visit and worship with this group.

There is a faithful church now meeting in Vernon, Florida. J. D. Tant of Decatur, Georgia, recently conducted a meeting for this church. They are meeting in a building near city hall. L. L. Applegate is the preacher for this church. When in the vicinity of Vernon worship with this group.

A faithful congregation came into being in Green Bay, Wisconsin, after the faithful found it impossible to continue worshipping with the brethren who are going into digression. The 21st and Eisenhower church in Odessa, Texas, was the one responsible for the start of the trouble in Green Bay, when they cancelled support of Ronald Glass because he is what they call an "anti," and offered to support another preacher. This new congregation is now meeting in the Brown County Memorial Arena, the Silver Star Room, on Highway 41 in Green Bay. At present, Ronald Glass, the preacher, has only $285 monthly support. If anyone can help, write: Ronald Glass, 109 Woodlawn Ave., Green Bay, Wisconsin. When in that area, worship with them.

The South Mesa church, Mesa, Arizona, has been meeting for a few weeks in the homes of members, has now rented a store in the downtown district and is now worshipping there. Only four families at the present meeting. There has been a need for a sound congregation in this part of the valley for some time. The building is located at 58 South McDonald, Mesa, Arizona. James C. Sparks is presently preaching for the church.


There will be a public discussion the nights of July 25-26, between Leo B. Plyler, preacher for the Pisgah congregation, and Gaston D. Cogdell, preacher for the Clifton congregation.

The propositions to be discussed are:

1. It is contrary to the Scriptures for the church, the body of Christ, to contribute to the support of benevolent organizations such as Childhaven, Potter, Tennessee and Shults-Lewis orphan homes.

Affirming: Leo. B. Plyler Denying: Gaston D. Cogdell

2. It is in harmony with the Scriptures that the church, the body of Christ, contribute to the support of benevolent organizations such as Childhaven, Potter, Tennessee and Shults-Lewis orphan homes.

Affirming: Gaston D. Cogdell Denying: Leo B. Plyler

The discussion will be conducted in the meeting house of the Pisgah congregation. This is located on State Route 42, three miles north of Sharonville, a few miles out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The service will begin at 7:30 each evening.

News Briefs

Charles F. House, P.O. Box 641, San Luis, Arizona: "Brother Santo Gomez's life was threatened here recently because he dared to convict two false brethren of sin from the word of God. He was attacked, brutally beaten, choked, hit on the head with a rifle butt, falsely accused, and jailed. He was denied food or water, and for an entire day his family or friends did not know where he was being held. To add further trouble, he was informed that one of the Arizona churches that had been helping in his support was having to cut off not only his support but support for four preachers whom they had been helping. This was made necessary because the financial ability of the church had been seriously weakened by a group of institutionally-minded brethren pulling out starting their own congregation. If you can help brother Gomez raise $150.00 per month, write him (in Spanish). His address is: Santos Gomez, Apartado Postad No. 33, Tecate, B. CFA, Mexico. (If you cannot write Spanish, and still want to help, you may send your letter to me, I will translate it and send it on to him.)"

Ellis Bradford, Route 1, Box 48, Magnolia, Arkansas: "If there is any faithful Christians in the general area of Magnolia, who would be interested in helping start a sound congregation in the town of Magnolia, please contact Ellis Bradford. He has despaired of ever having any success in influencing the present congregation in Magnolia to cease from its inexorable movement in the direction of institutionalism and denominationalism."

Adan Pena, Pecos, Texas: "During the month of May, the faithful Mexican brethren in Pecos, (who were ejected from their house a couple of years ago by the American church there — the church in which Billie Sol Estes was an elder), had the privilege of hearing lessons from Dick Soto, Mercedes, Texas, Wayne Partain and Glenn Rogers of McAllen, Texas, and Hilario Longoria of Pt. Lavaca, Tex., Camillo Tagle of Harlingen, Texas, and brother Cantu of San Angelo, Texas. The church was greatly strengthened by this meeting."

John W. Pittman, 720 Second Street, Box 925, Rock Springs, Wyo.: "Because of one family in the church who had come from the Christian church, and who wouldn't renounce the mechanical music, and because of some institutionally-minded brethren, the church in Rocks Spring has divided. The institutional group and the mechanical music group are going to band together and start a new church." Because of this, John W. Pittman, the preacher, is going to need more outside support. Will not some congregation or individual come to his aid, in order that the church there may carry on its work? If you can help, write to brother Pittman. Let us keep him in that part of the United States. I believe that is the only faithful church in the entire state of Wyoming.