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April 19, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2708 Paul Ave., Nacogdoches, Texas

Meetings This Week

Pasadena, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will speak each night in a series of meetings at the Southside church in Pasadena where Robert Goodman is the local preacher.

Alameda, California — The church which at 2187 Santa Clara Ave. will have a gospel meeting April 14-21. Pat Breaddus of Novato, California, will preach in his meeting. Edward Broulilette is the local preacher.

Gary, Indiana — Glen Shaver of Denton, Texas, will preach in a meeting at the Glen Park church in Gary. The building is located at 3949 Massachusetts.

Gladewater, Texas — The North Main church in Gladewater will have a meeting with a different speaker each evening, April 14th-19th. Services each evening at 7:30. On Sunday evening at 6:30, Truman Smith of Gladewater will speak on 'What Must I Do to Be Saved"; Monday evening, John Hedge of Longview will speak on, "Is Baptism Necessary to Being Saved?"; Tuesday evening, Bill Cavender of Greggton will speak on, "Must One be a Member of the Church of Christ in Order to Be Saved?"; Wednesday evening Barney Thompson of Henderson will speak on "What About Instrumental Music in Worship?"; Thursday evening Harold Spurlock of Jacksonville, Texas, will speak on "Are The Ten Commandments Binding Today?"; and on Friday evening Charles Emhart of Grand Saline will close the meeting and be speaking on the subject, "Has Christ Already Set Up His Kingdom?"

Louisville, Kentucky — Bob Neely will preach each night at Central, April 14-21.

Louisville, Kentucky — Ronald Mosby, who preaches regularly for the church at Valley Station, Kentucky, will preach each night at the Oak Grove church, April 17th-24th.

Highlands, Texas — Elmer Moore, the local preacher, will preach nightly, April 14-21 at the Wallisville Road church in Highlands. Services each night will be at 7:30. Elmer Moore's address is now Box 113, Highlands, Texas. All correspondents please take note.

Hanna, Oklahoma — Donald M. Jones, preacher for the church in San Bruno, Calif., will speak in a meeting at the church in Hanna, April 14-21. Hanna is located Just off highway No. 9, west of Seminole and east of Eufaula.

Milbridge, Maine — BPI Echols, preacher for the church in East Orange, New Jersey, will speak in a meeting at Milbridge. All in the area are urged to attend.

New Creatures Two have been baptized at the Mooresville Pike church, Columbia, Tenn., where Jimmy Thomas is the local preacher.

One was baptized during the recent meeting at Wesley Chapel church, Decatur, Ga. This meeting was conducted by Leslie Sloan. David Tant is the local preacher.

Four were baptized during the recent meeting at the Washington Ave. church in Russellville, Alabama. Eugene Britnell of the Arch Street church In Little Rock, Arkansas, did the preaching in this meeting.

On March 24th one was baptized at Shelbyville Mills church, Shelbyville, Tenn. Eugene Crawley is the local preacher.

James E. Cooper, preacher for the Leitchfield, Ken., church, reports one baptism, March 24th.

On Wednesday night, March 20th, one was baptized at Hammond, Indiana.

The last week In March four were baptized at the University Drive church in Portales, New Mexico, where Jim Gabbard preaches.

Two were recently baptized at the church in Dillard, Oregon.

Two were baptized during the recent meeting at Greggton, Texas, conducted by Luther Blackmon. Another was baptized March 27th.

During the ten months that Donald Jones has been preaching for the church in San Bruno, Calif., which meets at 813 Masson Ave., there have been ten baptisms.

Preachers To New Locations

Lee Gunter, after three years in Huntsville, Ala., has moved to Largo, Florida. His new address is: Lee Gunter, 153 3rd St. N. W., Largo, Florida.

New Churches

From the bulletin of the West End church, Franklin, Tenn., the following is taken: "Due to liberal tendencies, a new work was begun in Sumpter, S. C. ....They have rented a building, several pews have been given to them and they are off to a good start. They met for the first time on Wednesday night, March 20th, with 37 present. They are known as the Shaw church of Christ.

Donald P. Ames, 450 West Park Ave., Aurora, Ill.: "Since November, I have been working regularly with the Lord's church in Bradley, Illinois. The elders of the church there are happy to announce that brother Bob Speer has agreed to move there and take up the work on a full-time basis effective June 1st. When in that area, they would welcome your worshipping with them (E. Broadway at Hywy. No. 54). Brothers L. J. Brantley and W. T. McDonald serve as the faithful elders there."