Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 4, 1963
NUMBER 47, PAGE 6,10b

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Clyde O. Moore

New Creatures

Two were baptized at Sunrise Acres, El Paso, Texas, February 10th. E. G. Barnhart is the local preacher.

One was baptized at Northside in Del Rio, Texas, the latter part of February.

One was baptized February 17th at the West Broad church in Columbus, Ohio.

During a recent meeting at Portsmouth, Ohio, one was baptized.

During the recent meeting in Blytheville, Arkansas, by James P. Needham of Louisville, Kentucky, there were three baptisms.

Earl Robertson reports two baptized during his recent meeting in the Bahamas Islands.

Fifty five have been baptized the past two years at the Washington Street church, Indianapolis, Ind.

One was baptized March 3rd at Pine Hills church, Orlando, Florida.

W. E. Coffman of Southside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reports one baptism for March 10th.

One baptized March 3rd at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn., according to Robert Jackson, the regular preacher.

On March 10th, one was baptized at Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas. Bob Franks is local preacher.

During the meeting recently concluded by Oliver Murray at the West Orange, Texas, church, there was one baptism.

Meetings This Week

Orlando, Florida — The Holden Heights congregation, meeting at 22nd St. and South Westmoreland Drive, will have James R. Cope, regular preacher of the Disston Axe. church, St Petersburg, Fla., as the speaker during the meeting this week.

Dumas, Texas — Paul Lusby, regular preacher for the Pleasant Valley church in Amarillo, Texas, will preach in a series of meetings at the 6th and Meredith congregation in Dumas. Derrel Shaw is the local preacher.

Grenada, Miss. — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, is engaged in a meeting with these brethren, April 1st through the 10th.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — Stanley Lovett who preaches regularly for the Central church in Beaumont, Texas, will preach in a meeting at Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City. James Adams is the local preacher for this good church,

Huntsville, Ala. — Aubrey Blue will preach March 31st through April 7ht at the church which meets at 2212 Jordan Lane S. W.

Shively, Kentucky — Ferrel Jenkins of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will preach this week at the church building in Shively, Ky. The building is located 1916 Rockford Ln.

Butler, Mo. — Robert C. Welch, of Springfield, Mo, will preach in a gospel meeting at the church which meets at 205 North Fulton Street, Butler, Mo., according to an announcement from J. R. Snell, the local preacher.

Rantoul, Ill. — Carroll Sutton of Peoria, Ill., will speak in a meeting at the church building In Rantoul, Ill., April lst-9th. The building is located at the corner of Campbell and Penfield Streets. The services will be each evening at 7:30.

Midland, Texas — A. A: Mclnroe, local preacher for the Southside church in Midland, announces a gospel meeting April lst-7th. J. R. Lewis, who preaches for the Scyene Road church in Dallas, Texas, will preach in this meeting. The Southside building it located at 710 South Baird St. Services each night at 7:30.

Ranger, Texas — Harold Spurlock, who preaches regularly for the church in Jacksonville, Texas, will preach in the meeting at the Eastside church in Ranger, April lst-7th.

Kansas City, Mo. — The Southside church, meeting at 7816 Paseo, will be engaged in a series of meetings this week. Herbert Fraser, who recently began work with this church, will preach in the meeting.

Akron, Ohio — Charles Holt of the Westside church in Wichita Falls, Texas, will preach in a meeting in Akron, March 31-April 7th. All in the area are urged to attend.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Wilson Coon is to be with the Westgate Heights church April 1-7.

Preachers To New Locations

Frank Jamerson is now preaching for the Wendell Ave. church in Louisville, Kentucky. His address is 3028 Eleanor, Louisville, Kentucky.

John W. Pitman, formerly of Rose Hill, Va., is now preaching for the church in Rock Springs, Wyoming. This church meets at 720 2nd St. His new address is: Box 925, Rock Springs, Wyoming. This is a small congregation, only 27 members; yet, on March 10th there were 63 present. When travelling through Wyoming make plans to stop and worship with these brethren.

New Congregation

The following is taken from the bulletin of the Preston Hi-way church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky,

"Another sound church in this area: On Sunday, February 24, another sound church was begun In the Louisville area. It is located in the Thomas Jefferson school on Hamberg Pike in Jeffersonville, Ind. It will conduct services each Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Donald Townsley of the South End church spoke at the first service and our own brother Forest Hurst spoke last Sunday afternoon. Other preachers in March are to be: 10th, J. F. Dances, West End; 17th, Amos Davenport, Shepherdsville; 24th, Ronald Mosby, Valley Station.

Seventy were present for the first service, and the contribution was in excess of $50. We urge you to support this new church with your presence at their services.

The beginning of this church was necessitated by the liberalism of the Ninth and Meigs church in Jeffersonville. It is a continuing story all over the nation. When brethren cannot conscientiously go along with liberalism and there seems nothing they can do about it, they are forced to move out and start over that the community may have a church that is of Christ."

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