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March 28, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore

New Creatures

Two were baptized during January and one during February at the South Oak Cliff church of Christ, Dallas, Texas The last week in February two were baptized at Gary, Indiana.

Bill McMurray of Bethany, Oklahoma, reports three baptized during the month of February.

Meetings This Week

Baytown, Texas — The Pruit and Lobit congregation in Baytown, Texas, will have a series of meetings March 25 through April 3. Franklin Puckett of Dyersburg, Tenn., will preach each night at 7:30.

Poteau, Oklahoma — Harold Sharp, who regularly preaches for the church in Conway, Arkansas, will preach in a gospel meeting, March 24th to 31st, in Poteau, Oklahoma. The building is located at 508 Front Street. C. A. Cornelius, the local preacher, extends an invitation to all Christians in that area to attend.

Birmingham, Alabama — The Endsley congregation in Birmingham will have a gospel meeting March 24 to 31st. Roy E. Cogdill of Canoga Park, Calif., will preach in this meeting.

Nacogdoches, Texas — The Mound and Starr Streets congregation of this city will begin a meeting on Monday night, April 1. Brother Cogdill will do the preaching here also.

Del Rio, Texas — The Northside congregation will be engaged in a lectureship program March 25th-29th. Services each evening at 7:30 p. m. The theme will be: Is It Scriptural? The speakers and subject matters are:

Monday 24th, Harold Trimble, San Antonio, Texas — "Is it scriptural for the church to engage in business enterprises? How may the church scripturally secure its funds?

Tuesday, 26th, Frank Thompson, Hobbs, New Mexico — "Is it scriptural for the church to provide recreation and entertainment facilities? Is the social gospel concept scriptural?"

Wednesday, 27th, O. B. Proctor, Seminole Texas — "Are orphan homes scriptural? Can churches scripturally contribute to them? Can the church do its benevolent work through such organizations?"

Thursday, 28th, Hoyt H. Houchen, Abilene, Texas — "Is the Herald of Truth scriptural? How may churches cooperate scripturally?

Friday, 29th, Robert Turner, Burnet, Texas — "Is it scriptural for churches to contribute to Bible Colleges operated by brethren? Is the successful spread of the truth dependent on the college? What is the proper sphere of the college?

The address of the building is E. 12 & Ave. L

News Briefs

The Main and Gay church in Gladewater, Texas, will support their preacher in one meeting a year at a place that cannot afford to pay for one. For additional information write to: Truman Smith, 102 E. Gay Ave., Gladewater, Texas.

Note — In sending in your announcements of meetings, it will be helpful if you will give correct dates, time of services, location of building, visiting preacher, and local preacher.

Brooks C. Webb, who has preached for the church in Lewisburg, Tennessee, for the past two years will begin his work as local preacher for the Nacogdoches congregation on April 14.

The Westside church in Sherman, Texas, will be engaged in a gospel meeting the week of April 7-14. Yater Tant of Nacogdoches will preach in this series.

Scheduled events for next summer: Brother Peter J. Wilson will return to the States after two years in England, and will be preaching for the Sunnyvale, California, congregation after his return. Brother James L. Hawkins, after being discharged from the Air Force, will plan to return to Hawaii (where he has served for three or four years) to devote full time to the work of the gospel in that region.

After four years with the Belmont Avenue church in Indianapolis, Indiana, Earl Robertson has resigned from his ministry in that city, and will be laboring with the Fairview congregation in Birmingham, Alabama.

Berrel Starling, 1109 Ave. I, Del Rio, Texas: many people have recently moved into the Del Rio area and many more are expected. This area is growing due to personnel moving here that are connected with the Air Training Command at nearby Laughlin Air Force Base as well as the gigantic Amistad Dam Project. Members of the church moving into this area will find a cordial welcome with the Northside church which meets at E. 12th & Ave. I. If you know of members moving into this area, please write me and I shall be happy to contact them.