Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 28, 1963
NUMBER 46, PAGE 4,12b

Planning For College Next Fall?


Many thousands of young Christians, graduating from high schools across the land this spring, are already beginning to make plans for college next fall. We would like to make a couple of recommendations:

Florida College at Tampa in the state of Florida offers junior college work of the very highest quality. On this lovely campus will be gathered some two hundred and fifty young people, mostly from Christian families, who will receive daily instruction in all the basic courses of Junior college level. And, best of all, these classes will be taught by dedicated men of Christian character and who have received their academic training in some of the greatest universities in the land, but who have retained their simple faith in God and in his word. Fortunate, indeed, are young people to have such men, and such associations, during these crucial formative years when boys and girls are maturing into men and women. The friendships forged during these years will form one of the happiest memories of life, and one of the richest treasures as the hurrying years bring their burdens and responsibilities. We would most earnestly urge every Christian parent, and every boy or girl entering college this fall, to give careful consideration to the advantages of such training and associations as this college affords.

But there will be many students who cannot afford the cost of going to a private school such as this, and particularly is this true for students who live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from the location. Also, there are many thousands who are interested in pursuing their studies in academic fields on past the Junior college level. For all such, and particularly for Texans, we suggest that serious consideration be given to the possibilities of getting the training you desire at Stephen F. Austin State College, in Nacogdoches, Texas. This writer has a particular interest in this school, Inasmuch as we are teaching Bible classes here in Nacogdoches, and certain of these classes are being accredited by the college for undergraduate work.... up to 12 hours. We are teaching other classes which are not offered for college credit. In addition to which a number of regular Bible classes will be taught each week next fall by the local preacher of the Mound and Starr congregation, and possibly even other classes may be arranged for those who are particularly interested in certain fields related to the Christian life.

Stephen F. Austin State College is fast becoming one of the finest schools of its kind in the South. It is small enough to have the personal warmth and friendliness of a small college (less than 3,000 students), but at the same time has attracted teachers of outstanding note and ability. Located deep in the "big pines" of East Texas, Nacogdoches is a small city of great historical interest and a high level of culture. One of the oldest cities in the state, it has all the charm of an earlier and more easy-going society, and at the same time has the aggressive enthusiasm of a growing modern city. The fine Mound and Starr congregation (whose building is located just off the college campus) is one of the best in the nation. Relations between the church and the college are friendly and cordial; and it was because of their confidence in this church and its leaders that the Board of Regents of the college agreed to give college accreditation to certain Bible courses taught in the Mound and Starr building, and by a teacher of the church's own choosing. Each year there are from 150 to 200 students enrolled in the college who list themselves as members of the Church of Christ, or give that as their preference.

Frankly, we think we have something to offer here! If you are a Texan, your tuition, of course. Is much less than you would have to pay in a non- tax-supported school. (Out of state students have additional tuition charges.) And by taking your junior and senior years here (graduate degrees in some fields, too) you can attend one of the finest colleges in the state, and at the same time can receive teaching in the Bible which will be of inestimable value to you all through life. This college does not emphasize the "social" aspect of college life, but provides an atmosphere of quiet learning and serious grappling with the major problems of current living.

We would like to suggest that our readers (particularly our Texas readers) keep this place in mind when you have opportunity to talk to young Christians about their plans for college. The teaching of the Bible under these conditions has great possibilities. We can let the State furnish the facilities and teachers for secular subjects, while we devote all our time to teaching those things that have to do with eternal values! Several young gospel preachers have told us they would like to transfer to Stephen F. Austin State College for their last two years, and have asked about the classes being offered. We shall be glad to answer whatever inquiries we can from those who are interested. If you want a catalogue from the college, just address your request to SFA State College, Nacogdoches, Texas. If you want information of a particular sort on the Bible courses, you may address your inquiry to this writer personally, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas.

— Fanning Yater Tant

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