Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 21, 1963
NUMBER 41, PAGE 7,13b

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Clyde O. Moore

Continue to send in all announcements concerning meetings, lectureships, debates new buildings, new congregations, number of baptisms, preachers moving, etc. in order that this page will be successful.

Meetings This Week

Weslaco, Texas — Maurice Barnett, the regular preacher for the church in Sinton, Texas, will be in a series of Gospel meetings at the Westside church of Christ, Weslaco, Texas, February 18th through the 24th. All in the area are urged to attend and encourage these brethren.

Preachers To New Locations

Vernon Ripley, who has been preaching for the church of Christ in Kilgore, Texas, the past year, is moving to Lewisville, Texas, to work with the brethren there.

Charles Boshart, has moved from the De Queen Blvd. church of Christ in Port Arthur, Texas, to Grand Saline, Texas.

Walter Talley has moved from San Antonio, Texas, to Port Arthur, Texas, where he is preaching for the De Queen Blvd. church.

Hollis Windham is moving from Ranger, Texas, to Crockett, Texas. His address is, Box 793, Crockett, Texas.

New Creatures

From the bulletin of the Preston Hi-Way church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky, where James Needham is the preacher, we learn of one baptism January 4th and one on January 20th.

Derrel Starling, of the Northside church of Christ, Del Rio, Texas, reports there were three baptisms on January 13th.

There was one baptism at the Maryville church of Christ, Phoenix, Ark. on January 13th.

One was baptized at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday night, January 16th.

According to the Meridian Messenger, the bulletin edited by A. C. Grider, who is the preacher for the church in Meridian, Mississippi, one was baptized Sunday, January 20th.

The Park Boulevard church, Louisville, Kentucky, had one baptism on January 20th. Brother Grover Stevens recently moved to work with this congregation, moving from the Wendell Ave. church of the same city.

One was baptized the last of January at the North Park church in Abilene, Texas.

New Congregations

According to information from brother Billy Dollar, who is the preacher for the East Houston church of Christ, there is now a faithful congregation meeting in Hillsboro, Texas. This congregation came into being when it was impossible to save the West Side church from digression. When the brethren recognized that the West Side church would not allow the simple preaching of the Word of God, they had no recourse but to establish a new congregation. Even though they are small in number they have a weekly radio broadcast and will be using the newspaper to teach the Gospel to the people of that area. Brother Cathey of Dallas, Texas, is preaching part time for this church. If you wish to contact these brethren, write to: Covington Street church of Christ, %M. M. Dollar, Rt. 4, Hillsboro, Texas.

The following is taken from the bulletin of the Vivion Road church of Christ, Kansas City, Missouri.

Good News From Wichita

A good letter and welcomed news was received this week from brother Gorin Rutherford who preaches in Wichita, Kansas. That you might get the information directly from brother Rutherford, from a personal letter addressed to me, I print the following excerpts:

"We were very happy to have you attend the discussion here in Wichita, and to be with you during that time.

The developments have been rather rapid since that time....About fifty have left us....The families remaining have indicated a willingness to stand firm.. ..I feel that a congregation that is willing to stand upon the word of God, and opposed to the institutions and to congregational arrangements that are contrary to the scriptures, is assured.

We need about $250 to $275 per week and we are falling behind about $125 per week now. The brethren here hope I can obtain my weekly support and thus be able to stay here. My support is already about two weeks behind; so the situation is becoming a serious matter and fast. This will give you some idea of our situation as of this date.

Any help or suggestions that you can give will be appreciated....I will keep you informed as to any help received and concerning developments."

For further information concerning this work you are urged to write either to: Garin Rutherford, 2224 Manhattan, Wichita 4, Kansas, or to O. C. Birdwell, 2026 Vivion Road, Kansas City 18, Missouri.

We Do This Too Bill Cavender

A farmer sat rocking on his rickety porch, gazing out at his neglected acres. Just then a book salesman bounded up the steps. "Howdy," said the salesman as he opened his sample case. "I have here a wonderful book on agriculture that'll tell you all the newfangled ideas on farming." He waved the book at the run-down fields. "I'll teach you to be a better farmer." "Ain't interested," snapped the rustic, rocking away. "Ain't half as good a farmer as I know how to be."

The same is true of most professed Christians. Hardly any are as faithful Christians as we know how to be. Without an exception, perhaps, we all admit that we should read the Bible daily, pray often, give very liberally of our means, attend every service, teach the truth, visit the fatherless and widows, encourage the unfaithful, strengthen the weak, rebuke the ungodly, and cultivate the spirit of Christ in ourselves. But how many really do it? All will readily admit that we must "put the kingdom first," but how many really do?

Our only hope for eternity is that we do as well as we know how to do. Not to do so is to leave our souls untended and soon the tares will grow up to choke out the good in our lives. Only by consistent, persistent effort can we bring in with our faith those qualities so necessary to our salvation. (2 Pet. 1:5-11) Not to do as well as we could and as we should is sinful (James 4:18) and will cause us to be condemned.

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