Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 3, 1963

News Items

To Whom It May Concern:

Last January during may debate with W. L. Totty in Clearwater, Florida, I was handed a statement purported to have been made by brother James It Cope, concerning his willingness to debate the subject of Institutionalism. I read this statement publicly and attributed it to brother Cope. Later I learned that the note was not written by brother Cope and that he did not authorize anyone to write it. To clarify the matter in the minds of all who are interested, I here submit the statement I made in the debate which statement was based on the statement erroneously attributed to brother Cope:

"All right, here I have a statement: 'brother James R. Cope will gladly debate the subject — institutionalism, such as orphans' homes, widows' homes, and so on — with brother Goodpasture or one of the presidents of one of the christian colleges: the debate to be held at Florida Christian College and repeated at the home city of the other debater.'

"Now, brother Totty has a lot of influence — so he tells, and I accept his statement along that line — with his brethren. Now, if he can get brother Good-pasture or one of the presidents of one of the colleges to debate on these subjects, brother Cope says the auditorium in Tampa, Florida, is open for such a debate. They say it is open for such a debate."

When brother Cope learned that the above statement was being used, he wrote me that he had never made this statement, did not write it or authorize anyone to make it.

I trust that this is a satisfactory explanation of this matter. I regret whatever damage may have been done to any person by it. I did act in good faith at the time. In the interest of fairness to brother Cope, I hope everyone will give the same prominence to this statement that has been given to the statement I made in the debate. — Glenn R. Sheumaker, Sr.

Snell-Stumbo Debate

A. C. Glider On the nights of Jan. 14-15 and 17-18, brother J. R. Snell and brother Stumbo will engage in debate at Butler, Mo. I will moderate for brother Snell. Propositions for the discussion will deal with Benevolent Institutions and Sponsoring Churches. Specifically, the propositions are the same as for the two Cogdill-Woods debates and the Grider-Woods debate.

Brother Snell moved to Butler several months ago and his teaching has had its effect on the liberals. I think the debate will do a lot of good as the people generally there are not aware of the almost complete apostasy in the church. It is hoped that brother Rue Porter and other liberals in the area will get behind Stumbo and that we can have a representative discussion. Remember the dates and attend if possible.

A Sound Work In South America

Those opposed to institutionalism and the many other evidences of liberalism among churches of Christ will be happy to know that there is at least one sound work being established in South America at Talca, Chile. Vernon Hawkins and his family arrived here in late August to begin the new work. He reports that the people are friendly, and he has already made good contacts. Seven persons visited the first 3 services held in his home.

My family and I plan to join the Hawkins family in June to unite our efforts in establishing churches in the central valley of Chile. This is the most heavily populated part of the country.

Vernon and I are young men who have been preaching in Spanish in the U.S. for about 10 years in hopes of going to South America to preach to the people long neglected by Christians. Our plans are solemnly considered over a period of years and are long range. We hope that sound congregations, both large and small, will take an interest in these plans and cooperate with us. Even now, Vernon is living on a sub-standard salary of between $200 and $300 a month. In my opinion, he needs $500. There are 8 in his family. CONTACT HIM AT CASILLA 507, TALCA, CHILE.

Also, I am presently raising support so we can go in late June. I am getting some support promised from this area, but as yet I do not know how much. I am a teacher and have limited time to travel; so I hope that you will respond to articles and letters and give me an opportunity to send more details and answer your questions. I am asking for $500 a month beginning July 1st and need to raise $2000 for travel expenses now ( of which has been provided).

It is our hope to teach the new congregations we plan to start in Chile to plan their work, pay their own bills, buy their own houses and materials, etc., rather than to foster a spirit of dependence, as is true of so many foreign works. Therefore, we are not asking for a working fund as some have done. But in order not to be limited in our use of radio, tracts, correspondence, etc., we will need good support.

We would be glad to have you write one or all of the following concerning our soundness and language qualifications:

Mack Kercheville, Box 3487, El Paso, Texas; Wayne Pertain. 813 Sodville, Sinton, Texas; Bill Reeves, 7714 N. W. 5th Avenue, Miami, Florida.

Please write and we will send reports to you.

Philip R. Morgan 4832 West Avalon Drive

Phoenix 31, Arizona Bill Echols, 169 Main Street, East Orange, New Jersey: I was In a meeting in Moorefield, W. Va., November 5-11, and in Fair Lawn, N. J., November 14-18. One was restored in Fair Lawn. During November, we had one restored in East Orange. If you know of Christians moving to this area, we would appreciate your sending us their names and addresses.

Frank Thompson, Tularosa, N. M. After preaching for the church here in Tularosa for seven years and four months, I am moving to Hobbs, New Mexico, to work with the Southside church of Christ which meets at 1720 South Turner. This congregation is a little over two years old. They have recently completed a new building that seats about 250. I will be the first preacher there on a regular basis. These brethren are "contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.' When in Hobbs, worship with us. The decision to leave Tularosa was all my own. The church here has expressed their regrets 'at my leaving and their desire for me to stay. However, I feel that the opportunity to save souls and build up the church is greater in Hobbs at the present, than in Tularosa. My address will be 305 W. Castle, Hobbs, New Mexico. Preachers, please send me your bulletins.