Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 22, 1962
NUMBER 29, PAGE 6,10a

"Our" Work In Mexico

Charles F. House

"Our" Work In Mexico? Perhaps you think this is a strange heading for an article that is intended to explain more in detail certain phases of gospel preaching in Mexico. Perhaps you are wondering what denominational man, or what "cooperational" brother wrote it; or even if a gospel preach wrote it at all! Evidently, this is a subject that some of us need to study. Denominational people, and denominationally minded brethren, have much to say about "our schools," "our orphan homes," "our old folks' homes," "our colleges," "our work in foreign lands," etc. When we hear such phrases we immediately recognize that those using them are untaught. It is the same whether they are denominationalists or brethren. We have read many fine articles in the Gospel Guardian regarding such, and it is not the intention of this article to discuss this matter in particular; rather, we wish to clear up some misunderstandings, and remove certain misinformation, which we believe exists in the minds of some brethren regarding gospel work in Mexico and along the border.

We know from the divine record that one reason Jesus was crucified was because of ignorance. The people actually did not know what they were doing. They crucified the Lord "ignorantly and in unbelief." In contrast to that, Jesus taught that "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." We are interested in knowing truth — nothing else. The devil is working constantly against the truth. He always has been and always will be. He seeks to confuse, to conceal, to pervert and distort the truth, and thus to "make null and void" whatever progress the truth might be making — whether in Mexico or anywhere else.

History bears out the fact that the church in the first century fell away because she forgot the truth. She forgot that Jesus alone had all authority in heaven and in earth; that he loved his church, and had purchased it with his own blood. They forgot that they were to love one another and to love the Lord. They grew to believe that man's wisdom was better than, God's; they substituted man's ways for God's. Through the devil's influence that simple organization of the original New Testament church (Phil. 1:1) was perverted. A "clergy" developed to rule over the affairs of the congregations.

This tragic lesson was not understood by our own brethren of a century ago; for blindly and foolishly they repeated the same mistake. Without scriptural authority, they established a man-made organization, separate and apart from the local congregation, and devised ways and means of trying to bring all congregations into partnership and participation with this organization in preaching the gospel. They also perverted the worship, adding instrumental music to the simple singing which God had authorized. By these departures, and others more subtle and cunning, they established a new denomination, leading thousands of God's people into the apostasy.

Within recent years, there are incontrovertible signs that another great tide of digression is sweeping our land from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Canada to the borders of Mexico, the great battle for truth and righteousness is being waged. Faithful preachers of the gospel have suffered, and are suffering, in the fight, along with many others. Brethren have been ostracized, maligned, slandered, lied about, and financially hurt because of their stand for truth. A case in point: Even as I write I have a report from brother Mack Kercheville of El Paso, Texas, that a part of his support is being cut off. He has done a truly outstanding work among the Mexican people for the last twenty years. But because he insists on doing "Bible things in Bible ways," and sticking to the pattern as set forth in God's word, lines are being drawn and denominationalism rears its ugly head within the body of Christ.

In Mexico, in the towns of Tecate, San Luis, and Sonoyta, where I spend my time laboring for the cause of Christ, the autonomy of these small congregations is fully recognized and respected. Because we know the scriptures teach, and because we firmly believe that all congregations are equal in God's sight, there are no "supervising" congregations or "sponsoring" congregations giving orders to these little Mexican churches. No elder or preacher has the right to dictate to these brethren how they are to run their affairs. Every time I preach a gospel sermon in a Mexican church, or conduct Bible classes there, it is done by the invitation of that local church. I am not a "roving elder" caring for the Mexican churches (as some of the liberal brethren try to picture me), but am simply a gospel preacher, preaching the gospel of Christ as I have opportunity to do so. Under the divine authority of Christ I have established congregations within Mexico, and along the U.S. — Mexico border. Mexican brethren have assisted much in all of this work. My wife and I are members of a Mexican congregation, in subjection to our brethren there as regards our actions as Christians, and with the New Testament as our rule and guide. Not only do I work with and help the congregation where I am a member, but as I have opportunity, I preach the gospel in other places. To the limit of my ability, I seek to advance the cause of truth, both in Mexico and along the border.

I frequently translate reports between Mexican preachers and supporting brethren in the U.S.A. who want them. I help the American churches and the Mexican brethren in their communications with one another; but I do NOT either solicit or receive funds from the American churches to be distributed among the Mexican churches. I urge churches to send directly to the brethren they want to support. This is in harmony with Philippians 4. I have had occasion to return more than one gift of money sent by some well-intentioned, but uninformed brother, who asked that I forward their gift on to such and such a preacher. Avoiding any possibility of being accused of misusing or mishandling such funds, I have simply declined to act in this capacity; but have instead given full information to the donors, telling them exactly how they might send their gift to the brother or church they wished to help.

Despite the utmost care in this respect, however, I have become aware that the devil is planting lies and doubts in the hearts of some brethren; and the false accusations of the liberal brethren are not without some effect. We invite full inspection from any and all who are interested. The congregations of Tecate, San Luis, and Sonoyta, Mexico, along the U.S. — Mexico border of California and Arizona are churches I have helped in gospel teaching. Also the church at Caboroa Sonora to the south. All of these congregations are doing their own work, attending to their own affairs, working to the limits of their ability, and taking orders from no one save the Lord Jesus Christ through his word. There are five gospel preachers who are preaching regularly in this section of Mexico. Each one of them receives his support directly from supporting congregations or individuals. Each one is opposing all innovations of men to the limit of his individual ability We solicit your prayers for, and your interest in, these godly men and their work.

— Box 641, San Luis, Arizona