Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 11, 1982

Churches In Sonora, Mexico

Philip R. Morgan

During the summer I had the opportunity to preach to the 6 churches of Christ in the state of Sonora, just south of Arizona. These congregations have a great deal in common. They are all new, all started within the last three years, some within the year. They are few in number of members, varying from 2 to 20. They all meet in the house where the preacher lives. The preachers all have support from the United States, most of them receiving from $100 to $150 per month including everything. The supported workers are all active in personal work. They are seeking to attract people by the power of the gospel rather than by gifts of food and clothing. They are growing in knowledge and in numbers; 4 were baptized in Hermosillo on one day that I was there, and I continue to hear of others in several places. They are all hospitable, both to the humble and to the rich, to citizens of the U.S. and to Mexicans. They all feel that the work would be greatly aided if they could own some type of transportation, which none of the preachers have. They all, except the church in Sonoyta, are in need of a public place to worship since the works in most cases are outgrowing the living rooms. Though, no doubt, these brethren have many things to learn, as we all do, they are convinced of the autonomy of the local church and that the authority of oversight of elders is limited to the flock of God which is among them. I commend these valiant brethren to you. Write them. Go down to get acquainted with them. Pray for them. Hold up their hands. Support them. Their addresses are:

Gabino Rico C. 31 y Av. 17 #30

Guaymas Sonora Ezequiel Medina

Coahuila #459 Sur Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

Salamon Albarran Apartado #333 B

Calle Durango y Rayon Hermosillo, Sonora

Camilo Villegas Apartado #120

San Luis RC., Sonora Fidel Cisneros

Lista de Correos Sonoyta, Sonora

Jose Olivos Av. L. #16

Caborca, Sonora

— 4832 W. Avalon Dr., Phoenix 31, Arizona Charles F. House, Box 641, San Luis, Arizona. I am happy to report this month that my wife and I have returned from a 5000 mile trip into nine states safe and sound and with no more trouble than just one blown out tire. On the trip, I talked with many preachers, elders and members of the church privately and publicly, in the interest of the work I am doing among the people in Mexico.

Thanks to a good God, our Father in heaven, one congregation, in answer to our last month's new letter, has promised about 15% toward my personal support for 1963. I had asked for commitments for 1963 as early as possible to help me form my plans in my work for the new year. We were well received everywhere we went. Everyone was so nice. I personally feel that much good was accomplished by this trip in helping to build up more interest on the part of the North American brethren for our brethren in Mexico.

For quite sometime, I have been conducting six classes per week in Mexico, which also includes the Sunday A.M. sermon, all in Spanish. I have been using the book The New Testament Church in Spanish by Roy Cogdill, in connection with the Bible. I am making plans to conduct even more classes in the future and as I can work them into my heavy schedule; which includes two weeks every month with the church in San Luis Mexico and two weeks with the church in Sonoyta Mexico (where my membership is) and every three months when the 5th Sunday comes around, to be preaching at Tecate Mexico. The church there, thanks unto God, is growing stronger day by day spiritually. Lord willing, I may soon be able to take them off my regular schedule, especially if we start a new congregation to the east of Sonoyta next year. (More about this later.)

Sometime ago, bro. Roy Cogdill had given me permission to translate his book Walking By Faith into Spanish, for use among the Mexicans. With the help of one of the native bilingual Mexican brethren, I hope to get started on this by October 1st, Lord willing.

Write us for monthly mimeographed reports.

C. D. Plum, 217 S. 1st Ave., Paden City, W. Va.: Three baptized and three restored in a good meeting with the S. E. church in Akron. Ohio. The loyal churches co-operated. Brother Lemasters is the good local preacher.