Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 12, 1961

New Congregation Formed At Port

Arthur, Texas, Meeting In The I. B. E. W. Hall 6245 Orange Highway

We formerly worshipped with, and were a part of the church at 2948 Thomas Blvd. of this city. We began meeting at the above address on September 4.

Brother John Iverson of Bessemer, Alabama has been engaged to work with us and will arrive here as soon as he can be released from his present work.

Anyone interested in knowing why we left the Thomas Blvd. congregation, may contact any of the undersigned, and we will furnish the information in detail.

Elders: (Signed)

J. A. Bruton J. E. McCuistion 1922 Sixth Street 2140 Twelth Street

Port Arthur, Texas Port Arthur, Texas T. B. Smitherman

3210 Lay Avenue Groves, Texas