Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 12, 1960

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol. Clifton. Texas

Those Books May Be Ordered From The Gospel Guardian Company

P. O. Box 980. Lufkin. Texas

THE BIBLE ON THE LIFE HEREAFTER, By William Hendriksen, Published by Baker Book House, $3.95.

Mr. Hendriksen is a delightful writer, and likes to discuss subjects people are much interested in knowing all about. His effort is to bring you what he believes the Bible teaches. In this book he is discussing: "Does the Soul Survive Death" of the body. "What Will The Final Judgment Be Like" — "Will We Know Each Other There?" — "What Is Heaven Like?" — Who Is The Antichrist?"

The discussion of Revelation 20th Chapters differs from that of many writers. You will not enjoy the reading, but you will be made to do some thinking that you likely have not done before.

In my library I have a number of books written by Mr. Hendriksen, and have profited by reading each of them.

LECTURES ON THE APOCALYPSE. A. VISION OF THE AGES, By B. W. Johnson, Published by Gospel Light Publishing Co., $3.00.

Numbers have read the New Testament With Notes, by Mr. Johnson. A popular commentary on the New Testament, with comments on each verse. Those who have the Commentary will wish for this reprinted book. The author divides his discussion into 14 chapters. In addition is an Analysis of the book of Revelation. "The Church in the Wilderness. — 12:8-17, A. D. 533 to A. D. about 1800. The Third Vial — The Rivers turned into Blood; 16:4-7 A. D. 1796 to 1808.

THE MILLENNIUM is the last discussion in the book VOICES FROM HEAVEN AND HELL, By J. Mar-of 360 pages. Cellus Kik. Published by The Presbyterian And Reformed Pub., Co., $2.50.

Mr. Kik is the author of a number of interesting and informative books. This book reveals the fact that he is "wide awake" in an effort to reach those who are not interested in the title of most books on religious discussion. The title of this book should attract the attention of such, as well as that of others. A splendid presentation to all readers, and assist in gaining the attention of many who are looking for something "NEW" .. You will enjoy the 10 Sermons, and be profited by reading it. Secure a copy, and after reading it hand it to your neighbor who is not religious. Help him.