Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 27, 1960

No Issues

Guy McDonald, Beaumont, Texas

"No we aren't troubled with any 'issues'," the brother replied in answer to my question concerning current problems. "It takes about all our time and money to keep up with the other churches in town. You see, we don't have elders where I preach, so we leave all the planning to Dr. Knowledge and the elders over at the big church. They are all graduates from one of our Colleges and are well qualified to make plans for all the churches in this area.

"Now that you mention it, we do have a little trouble with two or three groups of factionists. They are always complaining about our church socials, sponsoring programs and orphan homes. They don't believe in caring for orphans and preaching the gospel over the Radio and T. V. We never preach on any of these subjects except to encourage support for them. We lost so many members to them until we had to apply the old denominational method of ignoring them.

'By the way, what happened? I don't see any more of your articles in our papers on the work of the church. I wish you would write some more on the 'sinfulness of the Missionary Society.' They don't recognize a church that doesn't support the Society. Many cannot see the local autonomy violated through this universal action. They seem to forget that the local church is to attend to its own business, and not look to other congregations for instructions. I wish we could get the Christian Church to see this, and maybe they would give up their Societies. If they would only do as we do, send it to a sponsoring church, instead of the Missionary Society. Anyone should be able to see the Society is sinful.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mail this check to the church. Now there is a church on the march! Have you ever seen so much good work being done as they are doing through their sponsoring program? I certainly don't want to be late with our contribution anymore. A few months past I was two or three weeks late and Brother Knowledge called and wanted to know if we had joined the 'Antis'. I assured him we had not, and wouldn't be late anymore. If there's one thing I don't want it's to be classed with that group of fanatics. We aren't very well off financially but a small check each month to the church and one or two of our homes keeps us in good standing with the better churches. As I was saying, we don't have much money but we use what we have wisely: We support our homes, sponsoring programs and other good works which have been designed by some of the brightest minds in the brotherhood. Others are working on getting our Colleges in the church budgets, and still others are about to start some Hospitals. Isn't it wonderful to think of all the good being done through the churches! Yes, the church is all sufficient and should support any and all good works.

"Our Fellowship Halls are working wonders, especially with our young people, and to think some are opposing them. Our Church Camps are the most. Of course, a few are opposed to our swimming pools, ball clubs, and skating rinks, but if we can just keep them away from the 'Antis' awhile longer they'll pull through all right. I can't say I am pleased with every little thing that is being done by some brethren, but who am I to try and save the church? I haven't been able to figure out why some think they have the responsibility of keeping the whole church in line. If Christians were interested more in what the church is doing, instead of how it is done we could have peace among brethren.

"Well, its been nice seeing you, drop by again some time. I have to hurry now to a meeting called by Dr. Knowledge. He wants all the elders and preachers in this area to meet and plan some more good work for the churches. I am sorry I can't invite you, but a committee has charge of invitations, and we must let them know in advance if we plan to bring someone with us. The church ladies prepare only enough for those invited. The latest report shows sufficient funds from these $4.00 a plate luncheons to fully equip our boy scouts with uniforms. This is where our fellowship halls come in handy. It would take most of the profit to rent a building each week for these meetings. Now, don't jump at conclusions and think I believe in the church sponsoring recreation as the denominations do. They use all kinds of ways to raise money, bingo, raffles, pie suppers, etc. Maybe they will learn some day not to mix recreation with the work of the church.

"Be sure and keep an eye on our papers for some sensational announcements in the near future. If our latest scheme goes over as we believe it will, it will make the denominations eyes 'bug out'!

"Oh, one more thing, the T. V. program you see every Sunday is ours. We never mention the name, 'Church of Christ' for fear people would quit watching. We are trying to break down some of the prejudice against the church. We are proving the gospel can be preached through songs. No, those are not choir robes, it just happens that our chorus wear suits that look alike, purely incidental.

"I simply must go, see you around, goodby."