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October 20, 1960

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Robert J. LaCoste is to move to Clearwater, Florida, to labor with the church. He has been with the Glendale (Arizona) church for the past three years.....James E. Cooper, who works regularly with the Clarkson, Kentucky, church, has been afflicted with acute arthritis for years. In recent weeks it has gotten so bad that brother Cooper is practically bed fast. He has gone to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for special treatments. Some of the brethren, especially in the Louisville area, are assisting him in a financial way. His treatments are expensive and helps needed and will be appreciated. If interested, send to David W. Claypool, 4600 Park Blvd., Louisville 9, Kentucky....Edwin Hayes is leaving Walterboro, S. C., to move to Birmingham, Alabama, where he will work with the Acipco church.... Paul Price has moved from Grady, Arkansas, to labor with a new congregation in Levelland, Texas....Johnie Edwards has moved from Bloomington to Fort Wayne, Indiana.... Karl Diestelkamp has moved from Milwaukee to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He will almost "start from scratch" in Sheboygan....Doyle F. Earwood has moved from Melvindale to Royal Oak, Michigan....Thanks to all of you for your bulletins and papers. Please continue to send me bulletins, clippings, newspaper accounts, etc., showing the rapid drift into liberalism and digression on the part of churches. Not all can be used, of course, but I am glad to get them all. Also, reports of new congregations are of great interest.

A Correction

In this column, September 29, I carried an article from the pen of Wilson M. Coon, of Phoenix, Arizona. It was called "Church Supported Colleges." As brother Coon says, "a serious mistake was made." I will let him tell it in his own words for us so the correction can be properly made. I certainly regret the mistake. Here is his correction of our mistake:

"The article in the Guardian, Sept. 29, 1960 has me saying, in the last paragraph: 'There is not a preacher alive who can oppose church-financed institutions as Boles Home in Texas and Sunny Dale Home in Phoenix. LET THEM TRY' My article reads: 'There is not a preacher alive who can oppose church-supported colleges and successfully contend for such church-financed institutions as Boles Home in Texas and Sunny Dale Home in Phoenix. LET THEM TRY' It is apparent that one line of my article was completely left out.

"Whew! That would sure make Coon to be laboring in vain for I have opposed that bunch for years and am still swinging at them. I would he classified with Satan who said, 'Thou shalt NOT surely die'."

Our apologies to brother Coon for this error in his excellent article.

Another Correction

I have advertised the Wallace-Holt Debate for sale for the last two months. I did this on the strength of the promise from the Gospel Advocate that the book would be ready by that time — and I allowed an extra week past the promised time. Well, it has finally been finished and is now ready for distribution. So this is to advise all who have ordered concerning the reason for the delay. You should be getting your book by the time you read this column. There is still another matter. I advertised the book to sell for $4 per copy. I did this on the strength of Goodpasture's statement that it would not sell for more than $4. Knowing the GA, little did I think it was possible that it would sell for less than that; but it does. The price is $3.50. So all who have sent $4 with your order will have a 50 refund coming. No fooling now — the book is ready for distribution and I should be happy to fill your order at once.

* * *

Effective Stewardship

I note from the papers that great stress is being put upon contributions to school and colleges. The Firm Foundation recently carried an article by a Dallas banker which pointed out "Some methods For Effectively Extending Your Stewardship Through Wise Estate Planning." The whole article has to do with how to leave all your money and property to Abilene Christian College and at the same time "completely eliminate the Federal tax ...." This plan is called "Pre-giving," and it is "the giving, during your life, of property that does not come into possession of the college or charity until after you die." We are informed that "In some cases you can keep the enjoyment of the property as long as you live." Another attractive feature to this is that "Pre-giving is something like eating your cake and having it too."

Now this is the kind of "deal" that many will be interested in. This is set forth across two pages of the Firm Foundation as sound advice for those who desire to be wise stewards! The point of the whole thing is to get more money for ACC on the pretext that a contribution to this human institution, and others of like kind, is "effective stewardship" and will be recognized and rewarded by God. Like A. C. Pullias, President of David Lipscomb College, has said, "It is laying up treasures in heaven" when one gives to one of these schools. Others have claimed that there is no greater investment that can be made and that $1 given to one of the schools will do more good than if given to anything else I These brethren are so enthused over the creations of their own hands, that they labor under the vain delusion that contributing to these schools is equal to (perhaps even more important) giving into the treasury of the church or otherwise helping the Cause of Christ. This idea is spreading and all the schools, benevolent societies, and other human arrangements are working desperately to sell this idea and get all they can from all church donations. I here quote the letter in full in the event they can.

It should be observed that this "Pre-giving" type of stewardship has some very attractive appeals. First, it eliminates the Federal tax! While it certainly is not wrong for one to avail himself of provisions allowed in tax laws, it smacks of something undercover to appeal to people on the ground that here is a way to "eliminate Federal tax." The idea seems to prevail that if there is any way to do this, then by all means you should try to do it. At least, this is offered as an encouragement for this "Pre-giving" idea.

Second, it is a devious way of practicing stewardship (so they call it) without turning loose of anything till you die, and after all you are going to "turn loose" of it then anyway. Brethren, give this thing a little thought. The more one considers it, the worse it appears. Here is the way around the Lord's plan of stewardship — "giving as prospered." This way is "like eating your cake and having it too." Just save all your money and property. Use it to accumulate and make more. Enjoy what you have to the full — "eat your cake and have it tool" All you need to do is to tell the Lord that you are going to leave it all to ACC when you die and this will be all the same as "laying up treasuries in heaven!" No need to worry about giving liberally or sacrificially while you live! No, enjoy what you have! Keep it and live it up! Just make out your will so as to leave your estate to ACC and you outsmart the Federal government and the Lord also!

Wonder why this same idea wouldn't work with some of us poorer (financially) folk? Why couldn't we build an estate with our Lord's day contributions? Small though they may be, they would soon add up in a few years. Besides under such an arrangement of "eating your cake and having it too," we could strain a point and double-up on the contribution now and then; especially since we could invest ("enjoy") it and use the interest for ourselves. We should be entitled to "eat our cake (even if it isn't as large and has no icing!) and have it too?" All we need to do is to tell the Lord and the Federal government that when we die we will leave it all to ACC! Come to think of it, this may be the philosophy of most brethren anyway, judging by the short contributions to the Lord's work.

* * *

Gospel Press Missionary Society

Many have warned against the Gospel Press, Inc., as the beginning of a missionary society, such as was started in 1849. These warnings have, for the most part, fallen upon ears "dull of hearing." (cf. Hab. 5:11) This organization started out assuring all that it was not a church organization and that contributions would neither be solicited nor accepted from churches. This all stemmed from mere policy only, as the best course to pursue at the time. They did not even live up to this policy and by deceptive moves have received and accepted contributions from churches all along, while denying that they were doing so.

Now comes a letter from the Nashville office of the Gospel Press, over the signature of Paul Hunton, vice president of this organization, appealing to churches for all have not seen a copy.

Elders and Minister Church of Christ

Dear Brethren:

You will agree that preaching the gospel to every creature in our generation is the most urgent challenge we face. We must also count the cost and make the Lord's dollars go as far as possible. We can reach 1000 individuals through the enormous circulation of the national magazines for only $1.73. To reach the same number with a postal card, the postage, the printing and typing would cost at least $60.00

In our fall campaign we are asking every congregation to give the fifth Sunday contribution in October, or give all over regular expenses one Sunday in October or take a special contribution one Sunday in October. If an announcement is made with enthusiasm for this work every Sunday for three weeks before the contribution is taken, the results will be overwhelming.

Yours for spreading the kingdom,

signed: Paul Hunton


Now there you are! The full-fledged missionary society has been spawned again in our ranks. Who will and can deny it? They have come out in the open and will be in there pitching for all the church support they can get. They even have the audacity to ask for the fifth Sunday contributions which has for years been accredited by many to the benevolent societies. It is standard procedure in many churches to send the fifth Sunday contribution to one of the so-called orphan homes. The Gospel Press is seeking to cut themselves in for a slice of this revenue. Why should they stand back any longer? Other human organizations — colleges, benevolent societies, Herald of Truth, etc. — are doing it, so why should they hold back? If one is scripturally entitled to church support, then they all are. They realize this. Besides the time is ripe and the general run of members are prepared for such a move. It will come as no shock and cause them no real concern. Not one of the defenders of the benevolent societies will dare raise an objection to this twentieth century missionary society. It is but another organization, among many, which is trying to do the work of the church and wanting church support.

This organization is set up to preach the gospel. At the bottom of the letter referred to above, there is this statement of purpose: "Teaching God's Word to millions through pages of National Magazines." In the letter Hunton tells about how to "make the Lord's dollars go as far as possible" in this work by contributing to the Gospel Press. Here is offered to the churches the way to really get the gospel preached by letting this modern MS do the job for them. Now if there is any real difference between the GP and the MS of 1849, I am unable to see it. Let some of the brethren who defend the thing inform us along this line. Maybe they have all decided now that the MS never was unscriptural anyway, and we are in error when we opposed it. Have they "changed" on this also? Were they wrong when they were among the "anti-missionary society hobby-riders?" Surely it is now time for the Gospel Advocate to open its "confessional box" to all who have changed on this point. Verily they need to confess their anti-ism along this line. Paul Hunton should be first. Look at the list — Gus Nichols, Guy Woods, G. K. Wallace, John Cox, Jack Meyer, Charles Crouch, Earl West, B. C. Goodpasture, and others — and see what a parade this will be. Even "Changeless Woods" will have to acknowledge a change here surely! They need to "confess" their error and admit that they were in sin when they were associated with the "Anti missionary society" forces. Frankly I think that they should make their "confessions" in the Christian Standard or Christian Century, official papers of the Christian Church. After all, they have now fully moved into camp with them along these lines. And the end is not yet. Digression will move with even more sweeping strides now. Once the floodgate is open there is no way to close it to other things. The ultimate end is total digression and liberalism such as is seen in Christian Churches today. Given enough time this is the inevitable result. "Straight ahead — Lies Yesterday!" To put it another way, "History Repeats Itself." But, alas, most are too blind to see this obvious truth. May God pity such blindness.

Instrumental Music In The Church Building

With money which has been contributed to the Lord's work brethren erect meeting houses where they assemble to worship and in which they do work for the church.

We have long been noted for our scruples against the use of instrumental music in the worship. Denominational folks neither understand nor respect our misgivings against the use of musical instruments in worship. It is because they neither understand nor respect New Testament authority in matters pertaining to worship.

Those acquainted with the history of the digression, in which hundreds of congregations accepted the innovation of instrumental music in worship, know how it all began. The instrument got into worship after first being brought into the building for Sunday school, wedding and entertainment purposes.

There is no place in the work and worship of the church for musical instruments, hence there is no reason why they can legitimately be used in the buildings erected for the worship and work of congregations.

When an instrument of music is moved into the church building for such activities as weddings, obstacles and stumbling blocks are created. The outsider stumbles in that he cannot distinguish the difference between worship and wedding, and his stumbling block becomes our obstacle when we try to show him the difference.

Due to these doctrinal, historical and expedient considerations, it would appear that brethren would be alert to prohibit such things as the use of a piano in a wedding service in the church building. But occasionally brethren who are a little liberal anyway, or a little sluggish in their thinking about influence, will put a piano in the church building for a wedding. It is good that there are usually a number of thinking members who rise to protest.

"Look carefully how ye walk, not as unwise, but as wise." (Ephesians 5:15)

— William E. Wallace, Poteau, Okla.

The Perfect Church

I think that I shall never see A church that's all it ought to be;

A church whose members never stray Beyond the strait and narrow way.

A church that has no empty pews, Whose preacher never has the blues;

Where elders "eld" and deacons "deak"

And none is proud, and all are meek.

Where gossips never peddle lies, Or make complaints, or criticize;

Whose members all are sweet and kind, And to each other's faults are blind.

Such congregations there may be, But none of them are known to me;

So let us work and pray and plan To make this church the best we can.

— author unknown


No, such a church could hardly be, And such an one I'd love to see,

But I have found one nearly so, At least as far as I can know.

It's Canoga Park, California State, And its street address too I relate;

A hearty welcome awaits you,

At Winnetka Avenue!

— Bulletin, Canoga Park, California Le Roy E. Posey, 1047 Carolina Street, Vallejo, California, October 1, 1960: "Since starting my second year with the Vallejo congregation in March of this year, there have been twenty three additions. Five baptisms, eleven transfers of memberships, seven restorations. Several of those who have been identified with us are Navy personnel who have come from all parts of the nation. This has given us a wonderful opportunity to teach these on current issues, since none of them were formerly with sound congregations, as far as we know. Every six months a new group is transferred here to engage in a six months course at the Nuclear School for the Navy. Then those who have completed it move out. Those who locate with us are taught as much as possible to do so in six months, then they are transferred to Idaho, where there are no sound congregations to our knowledge. We are hopeful to see some fruits of our labors in that area before long. We feel fortunate that to this date, none have become angry or left us when we engaged in a discussion of these matters with them. I will be with the brethren in Grass Valley, California for a gospel meeting, from November 13-20. We ask the brethren in that immediate area to support us in this effort. Brother John W. Wilson will be with us here December 4-11. When coming our way we extend to you a cordial welcome to visit with us at the 631 Monterey St. congregation.