Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 1, 1960

I Cannot Vote For A Catholic

Allen R. Galloway, Ashland, Kentucky

It is incredible that we protestants sat idly by and permitted a Catholic to be nominated for the highest office in our land, the presidency of the United States. Is it possible his nomination was bought? We all know money talks. Our Saviour certainly knew human nature when He said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

The Catholic nominee for the presidency has repeatedly stated that he will not let the Pope dictate to him. If anyone understands Catholicism at all, he knows that the above statement cannot be true. A Catholic's first allegience is to the Catholic Church headed by the Pope. If this allegience is broken he is excommunicated, removed from the church, thus destined to hell with no hope. If anyone has a question in his mind as to whether the Catholics will eventually take control, let him make a study of ancient history and come on down to present times. Look at the situation in Rome and Spain today. Even in South America, some municipalities forbid the construction of protestant churches within the city limits.

It is believed that Communism came from Catholicism. Do we want our country to become Communistic? It it believed that every reader of the above comments should think seriously and if he isn't registered to vote, do so immediately and vote against Catholicism. It is the conviction of the writer that nobody votes for anything, but votes against a thing that he doesn't like. It is urged that all who read this take whatever action is necessary to vote in the November election and to cast his vote against Catholicism so that he may have the privilege of worshipping God.