Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 7, 1960
NUMBER 47, PAGE 5,10b-11,14

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Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama

Odds And Ends

Quentin McCay has moved to Birmingham, where he will labor with the 4th Avenue congregation. For several years, McCay has worked in Huntsville, Alabama, and he has done an excellent job there on behalf of truth . . . . Lee Gunter is moving from Albertville, Alabama, to Huntsville to labor with the Stevens Avenue church where McCay was L. A. Stauffer has moved from Bardstown to Louisville, Kentucky, where he will work with the new Shively church. . . . The Sword of Peace is a monthly paper of eight pages which is published by Harold Lentz and edited by Irvin Lee, of Russellville, Alabama. Lee has been doing a fine job as editor and the paper has some excellent articles in it. The subscription price is $1.25 per year and subscriptions should be sent to Lentz at box 1815, Decatur, Ala It never ceases to amaze me how ambitious the promotions of some brethren are; and it amazes me yet more how many can be "lined up" to support almost any school, college, orphan home, youth camp, Gospel Press, and other such human plans and schemes — yes, nearly anything but the real Cause of Truth. In the Chronicle, the brotherhood propaganda sheet, of 3-8-60, there was an article about "Christian Business Men Back Drive To Insure Herald of Truth 'Free Time.'" This promotion calls for the enlisting of 600 business men who will give $550 per month each (yes, that's right!) to purchase film for the programs. This will be a yearly total of $360,000 — a sizeable sum in anyone's view. So far they have nine (9) who have promised to line up. Will they make it? Well, we shall see — but I doubt it. Wonder why it is that such men can be persuaded to give so generously to such projects, but it is next to impossible to get them to give in this manner into the treasury of the church. They will give more to some human arrangement, such as The Herald of Truth missionary society, or to some human institution like a college or a benevolent society, than they will to carry on the work of the Lord in the simple, scriptural way. The Abilene business man, who is spearheading this campaign, says, "Radio and television are the only media which have both the simultaneous and continuous impact necessary to carry the gospel to millions." They are interested in reaching "millions"! They want mass evangelism! Reaching people with the truth and teaching them one by one is out-of-date. However, it is still true that real conversion must take place on an individual level and not in groups, masses, or nations. Certainly we want to reach as many individuals as possible with the truth, but most of the talk of reaching "millions" is based upon the Billy Graham — type of mass evangelism, and not upon simple NT teaching. . . . Another thing I have noted in recent years is how the promoters of human projects vie for the money of any brother or sister who may have been blessed with such. Just let a brother or sister become successful (in wealth) and they will be beleaguered by dozens of promoters trying to promote them out of their money while the person is still living, and if they can't get it that way, then they want it left to their human project when the person dies! If a man is a successful businessman, with a fair degree of this world's goods, he will urged to be on a "Board of Directors" of a school, college qc benevolent society. In most cases money is one of the unstated qualifications for a board member. In other cases there are a few preachers serving on a board of something they helped start, but most likely they are there because they know and have influence with some who have money. Money is the key to it all! They are all after money — more money! If I should suddenly come into possession of a million or so dollars, there is no doubt but that even I would be catered to, flattered, honored with worldly praise or something else in efforts to get some of the money for the works of men's hands. Who knows — they might even name a building after me at some college or benevolent society headquarters! I could make headlines in the "blow-sheet," the Christian Chronicle, and maybe even the Gospel Advocate, if I only had the money to "buy" such plaudits of men! There is no doubt about it, we have some expert money-raisers among us today. They know all the angles. They know how to get the farm or ranch from the widow; they know how to appeal to the vanity of men and with praise and honor they can get more money out of such people for humanisms than such people give in a lifetime to the Cause of Christ. The papers are filled with evidence of this sad and awful fact I have never been really acquainted with many people of much wealth. Guess I am not able to run in the right circles or something. Most of them have been so worldly on the one hand or so lacking in respect for God's truth on the other (or both) that we never had much in common. I don't know how to ingratiate myself into the favor of such people without compromising truth and righteousness, so our "tents" have been pitched in different directions. I have learned that most people of any means usually go with the crowd; they love promotions, projects, things that bring them honor, fame and worldly praise and recognition. It is hard to get them to "turn loose" any money to back efforts to simply preach the gospel of Christ and establish churches. There must be some big promotion made out of it so as to appeal to the ego, or fanfare to appeal to the vanity, if they make any contribution! In the drive to line-up these 600 business men to give $550 each per month, there is the undercurrent that says, "We are successful business men, men of means, and we do things on a big scale and know how to really reach the millions, so let's show these little people a thing or two." It is real news, worthy of headlines in some papers, when someone gives a liberal contribution to a school, college, benevolent society, Gospel Press, Herald of Truth, etc., but it is hardly worthy of mention when one gives liberally to help support a preacher, establish a church in a place where none has been, or leaves his estate to the church to be spent in such ways. Thank God, the thousands who are giving so liberally for such efforts, even though they are not persons of great wealth, are interested only in the praise of God, laying up treasures in heaven, and they recognize the absolute necessity of using what they have in harmony with the teaching of Christ. May their tribe increase!

"Sound Speech Or Sound Silence?"

The book of Titus is a divine treatise on the subject of "sound doctrine". Sound doctrine is to be employed in exhorting and convincing the gainsayers. Tit. 1:9. The word "sound" means literally, "in good health" or "wholesome." In reference to teaching it means free from any admixture of error. The design of "sound doctrine" is that the taught be "sound in faith." Tit. 1:13 and 2:1,2. The fruit of "sound doctrine" is living "soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world." Tit. 2:12. The vocabulary of "sound doctrine" is "sound speech that cannot be condemned.". Tit. 2:8. To employ "sound speech" is to speak "as the oracles of God." 1 Pet. 4:11. Doctrines that are sound can be expressed in language which is scripturally correct. It is when men have doctrines to uphold which are unsound that they must invent unsound terms with which to discuss these doctrines. Every religious movement has been characterized by its own replier vocabulary. A return to the faith and practice of the early church was, and is, impossible without a return to the language of the Scriptures in discussing religious topics.

But the writer would like to point out that the word of God requires sound speech, not silence. Whatever is included in the term "sound doctrine" is to be spoken, not silently contained within. Within the church of our Lord there are a number of practices in some quarters which are contrary to "sound doctrine"; practices which relate to the organization and divine mission assigned the church. There are some preachers who, in private conversation, talk pretty sound, but do not have the courage to speak publicly what they profess in private to believe. Such are greatly in error, for they suppose they shall be approved because of their sound silence. Brethren, if you have any convictions concerning "sound doctrine" then speak up, exercising the vocabulary of sound doctrine-sound speech. A "sound man" ought to feel no hesitation in declaring himself openly on anything which concerns the "whole counsel of God."

— Connie W. Adams, Newbern Admonisher.

Obscene Greeting Cards

Mrs. Walter Ferguson has pointed out a terribly malignant trend, in March 1, Post-Herald. The obnoxious, obscenity to be found in all forms of commercial entertainment, reading materials and in advertising is also grossly spreading into the greeting card business. We think that it is in order to quote some of her column:

"Vendors of obscenity have wormed themselves into the greeting card business.

"This year hundreds of thousands of objectionable messages were sent through the mails by people who project their own bad taste into other people's homes.

"Now it's up to the public to help the Greeting Card Assn. and Post Office Department flush out the sources of supply...

"Decent people also should offer their services. The shocking fact is that many Americans buy these cards. Such a warped sense of humor is evidence of sick minds...

'We make great boasts about cleanliness. Our bathtubs are advertised around the world — and so is our obscenity."

This is indeed a decent, dignified indignant response to this spreading evil. We need more such response. We need to have such a repugnancy of the vile filth that a great wave of protest will kill its popularity and sale.

A most saddening and alarming feature is that its effect has become so complete that those who protest, and even preachers condemning it, sometimes use the same terms and vulgar suggestive description in their condemnation. The effect of our efforts will be much greater if we maintain a decency and dignity in our protest.

— Robert C. Welch, Faith and Facts Editor's Note: The following article is lifted from the West Broad Contender, edited by Arthur Atkinson, Jr. He took it from the California Christian — a paper which I did not know was still being published. I have read the writings of Jimmie Lovell for many years. He always impressed me as a man of conviction even when I considered his writings wild and wide of the man. He strikes a vital note in this short article and this same observation I have made also. Read it. I will have to subscribe for the CC in order to follow his writings.


I wouldn't give you a dime for a person who dares not have a real conviction on everything in which he believes. Frankly, after becoming, in my late years, somewhat acquainted with persons of higher learning, I've lost a great deal of respect for a few of the apparent characteristics which are often found in academic doctors. One of these is the lack of real conviction. It may be that such persons have it but professional pride does not allow them to admit it. There is no question about the truthfulness of relativity but even through our faith, our love for God and man — so much of what we believe is a matter of degrees — percentage — some things are 100 percent right and some things are 100 percent wrong. For example, if it is possible at all for man to understand the Bible, the person out of Christ is 100 percent lost, whereas, the man who dies in full human loyalty to Him is 100 percent saved.

There was a day when there were "giants" in our group — Campbell, Smith, McGarvey, Lipscomb, Harding, Freed, Srygley, Boles, Armstrong, Brewer, Hall, Hardeman, Wallace and others. Brother Foy Wallace, Jr. was pretty much the last man among us, in my opinion, who, as a brotherhood figure, had deep conviction (whether we approved or not) and defended it anywhere, any time.

It is difficult today to find one of our highly educated leaders who is a fighter for truth — it could be contrary to academic ethics to believe something deeply enough to positively defend it. On the other hand, there could be another reason — one which appears more reasonable — that of personal interests, "worldly" entanglements. Almost to a man today, our top preachers, in respect to academics, are promoting some sort of a personal venture that requires brotherhood favor and pleasant relations with the public. It is simply a case where a soldier who has put away his sword ceases to be a good warrior.

You have the right to disagree with me as much as you like — I admire the person who does — but I have become quite sick of "refined" religion, watered-down and leveled-out to the place where good is so confused with bad, and bad with good that pretty much anything goes. The apostle Paul puts it this way: "How can there be harmony between Christ and the devil. How can light and darkness share life together."

It appears to be an age of "indirect approach" — anything to avoid positiveness. The person today who earnestly stands for right in every case as he knows it is considered in many respects a trouble maker. I'm sure I will never become one congregationally speaking, but the Lord knows we need such persons since it is a downright shame the stuff that is being tolerated today in our churches in the name of peace. Keeping my mouth shut when I have felt like screaming will haunt me until my dying day.

May God hasten the time when there will again be leaders in the church who are so filled with the love of truth and the destiny of man that they will compromise at no stage or on any point? — Jimmie Lovell.

A Statement Concerning Loraine Cogdill's Condition March 21, 1960

Sister Loraine Cogdill, the gracious wife of Roy Cogdill, is critically ill. At the present time she is in the Medical Center at Tyler. hut as soon as possible she will be moved to Houston where doctors will be better equipped to care for her serious sickness. Several of us have just spent a few hours with Roy in hopes of being an encouragement to both of them. The quiet dignity and courage which characterized Loraine's healthier day as a genuine Christian have not deserted her. Her morale is high. Even now, Roy reports her courage is a tower of strength to him. And what man can be strong without a strong wife. At this writing there appears to be nothing beyond prayers, expressions of sympathy and hope which can be done by wishfully helpful friends. As soon as time permits further information concerning her condition and needs will be known. Loraine's life reminds us of God's truth, "The just live by faith".

Harry Pickup, Jr.

Sister Cogdill's Condition March 25, 1960

The host of friends of Brother and Sister Roy E. Cogdill will be interested in knowing that the condition of Sister Cogdill remains critical. She has been taken to Houston, Texas for a pathological diagnosis to determine the course of further treatment. Brother Cogdill is at the side of his beloved companion. They may be contacted at the Methodist Hospital, Medical Center, Houston, Texas. They appreciate the many acts of kindness, comforting words, and prayers of all.

Hoyt H. Houchen, Lufkin, Texas