Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 18, 1960
NUMBER 40, PAGE 4-6a

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Irvin Himmel has moved from Richmond, Va. to work with the Ferguson, Missouri congregation. This is in the St. Louis area.... Paul Brock is to move to Jacksonville, Florida in June, where he will labor with the Lakeshore Drive church. For the past four years he has been with the Market St. church in Dyersburg, Tennessee where he has done an outstanding work . . . . The Southeastern News Letter, edited by James P. Miller and H. E. Phillips came to a close with the December issue. These two men are beginning a new publication this month (January). It will be a twelve page monthly, devoted to "Searching The Scriptures" (which is the name of the paper) in an effort to know the way of life and live more perfectly before God. The subscription price is $2.00 per year. Send subs to 124 S. E. 7th St., Gainesville, Florida. We certainly wish them well in this new venture and I urge everyone to subscribe for the paper. .. . The Defender is the attractive and effective weekly paper published by the Spring and Blaine church, 3900 Blaine Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo. It is ably edited by Grover Stevens and Ferrell Jenkins, both of whom work with this good church. It is free upon request — I suppose . . . . Bible Facts is a splendid monthly paper published by the Washington St. church in Camden, Arkansas and edited by Gene Frost, the evangelist. It is sent free upon request. ... Another publication: Once each month A. C. Grider is publishing a four-page mimeographed sheet called Drifting in which he deals with the present problems before the church. It will be well worthwhile if the January number is any indication. It is sent free also. Address Grider at 4620 Preston Highway, Louisville, Ky. ... Chart Sermons, No. III is the newest volume of chart sermon material by Steve Hudgins, Box 762, Gainesville, Georgia. It is a neat publication and the charts offer some excellent ideas. The price is $1 — the same as the two other volumes. ... May I remind you again of Sermon Outlines and Charts, a book by Paul Brock and myself. He provided the charts and I furnished the outlines. It is now in its third printing. It has been well received and widely used. It is a printed book and sells for $1.50. Order from Brock, Box 154, Dyersburg, Tennessee or from me. .. . C. R. Nichol, a gallant and faithful soldier of the Cross, has been more or less confined to his home. He hasn't preached in two years, but he is able to keep up his correspondence and do considerable writing and studying. He is working on a Commentary on James, which should be an excellent volume and I look forward to reading it. May God bless him with many more years that he may yet give us the benefit of much more from his vast and rich storehouse of knowledge and perhaps some needed instruction to help us through these troublesome times. He still lives at Clifton, Texas. . . . E. Lacy Porter has moved from Weiner, Arkansas to work with the church in Benton, Illinois. . . . Hayford J. Petty has moved to work with the South West church in Miami, Florida. He was with the church in Sevierville, Tennessee. . . . O. B. Proctor has moved from North Park church in Abilene to Del Rio, Texas to work with a congregation there.

Here It Is!

Quite often in this column and in other writings I have tried to warn against the practices that are of a dangerous hue and will, if continued, lead only to full-grown apostasy. I make no claims to being a prophet, but it takes no prophet or even a wise man to see that some practices are not in harmony with God's will, and even though they may appear to be insignificant in their inception, they set a precedent for even greater departures. One of the prevalent practices of the day against which I have often voiced warnings is that of "dragging" a piano or organ in and out of the church building for a wedding. While it is very hard to condemn such practice, it is the other consequences and the precedent set that make this practice so unwise. It can hardly keep from leading to other things — even things which positively violate N. T. teaching.

I have often suggested that the soft and digressive preachers who advocate such a practice should just arrange to have an instrument bought and put in the building permanently to be used in such affairs, This is just as right and far more sensible than "dragging" one in and out each time. I predicted long ago that sooner or later there would be churches doing just this. Well, the time has arrived and one modern (istic) church with a first-class promoter and digressive for a preacher has done up this thing in elegant style. Not only that but they have gone on far beyond this. They have "a piano for social occasions and a small stage." Moreover, they have an $18,000 set of chimes in an "imposing tower." "The superior quality of the sanctuary" must really be impressive to those who are moved by the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. They even have one window which cost $10,000! In addition there is the $60,000 organ in the chapel! This sectarian preacher hastens to add these words, "Of course, we do not need the organ for worship, but it can be used for weddings and funerals." When I first read this I could hardly believe my eyes. I can hardly yet think that it is true, but it must be for the information is taken from the Sunset Sentinel, bulletin of the Sunset church in San Antonio, Texas, and it was written by Ross W. Dye, the preacher.

But here is the article in full, except for two paragraphs naming the "recreation committee" and others to whom they were indebted for such a successful "Open House," so read it for yourself — and with me "weep" over the departures of God's people.

"Open House A Great Success

The Open House which was held in the chapel last Sunday was a great success in every way. We had a good number of people to come and everyone was lavish in praise of the beauty of and dignity of our excellent chapel.

The superior taste, the art, the symmetry and the exquisite beauty of this fine Gothic struture make it a rare gem indeed. Both inside and out is a work of art.

The exterior design immediately sets it apart as an extraordinary work. In a letter from Mr. C. C. Simmons of Phelps & DeWees — Simmons, the architects, Mr. Simmons said, "In my opinion, the masonry work is the best example of Random Ashler Stone Masonry in this entire area. We selected the basic limestone from an outcropping between Leon Springs and Boerne. The stone was hand quarried into huge blocks, shipped by flat car to San Antonio, and the actual stone facing was formed with stone mallets and hammers much as work of this character was performed a century ago."

As the building is viewed from the outside, one of the most impressive sights is the imposing tower which houses the carillon chimes. These chimes cost $18,000.00 when installed and would be much more today. The neighborhood people have expressed their appreciation of our playing the chimes, and one man was so grateful that he came in and left a $5.00 contribution. The tower is related to the sanctuary and library wing in a composite grouping creating a courtyard and colonnade. A beautiful pool and fountain in the center of the courtyard adds much to the general effect.

Upon entering the chapel, one is immediately impressed with the superior quality of the sanctuary. The stained glass windows contribute much to the elegance and fitness of the atmosphere. The large Tiffany window located to the rear of the chancel cost, according to Mr. Simmons' letter, $10.000.00 when installed. The present value is estimated at $20,000.00. It is one of the finest works of art in San Antonio. The chapel is completely furnished with pews, song books, Bibles and a $60,000.00 organ. Of course, we do not need the organ for worship, but it can be used for weddings and funerals.

The spacious library contains ample furniture suited to the purpose, hundreds of books, a piano for social occasions and a small stage. It is ideally suited to several needs.

We consider the chapel as the first unit of our expansion program. The picture on the front of the bulletin represents plans which have been discarded. The future plans call for a large auditorium and educational building of complimenting construction to be integrated with the chapel. When this building is completed, we will have as fine a church as can be found anywhere.

The acquisition of the chapel and 3 acres of land is the fruition of a year's study and negotiation by the officers and buildings committee. The generosity of the work of the committee and the blessings of God occasion the deepest gratitude of us all.

We appreciate the publicity received in the press and television.

We appreciate the fine job Bro. Grigsby did in selecting and playing numbers on the chimes for this event.

Let us rejoice in this milestone reached, and press on with renewed vigor.

- Ross W. Dye"

Those who have charged that we are only "alarmists" and "extremists" should especially take notice of this matter. The "social gospel" which is the rage of the day; the compromising, watered-down, modernistic preaching of the day can produce nothing more than this — such is the inevitable fruit of such an attitude and preaching. This all goes hand-in-hand with the "no pattern," wedon't-need-authority-for-our-practices, spirit of this generation. It is past time that brethren were being aroused and wake up to what is really going on.

This Is It!

Editor's Note: The article below is part of an article in the bulletin of the University Heights church in Lexington, Ky. Barney Keith is the preacher there.))

A deliberate, well-planned scheme to thwart the work of the University Heights congregation is now in operation. This effort to divide the church of the Lord in Lexington is being mastered by agents outside the congregation — and even outside the city! Let none be deceived. THREE TIMES in recent months outside forces have tried to stir up trouble among members of the church here. Somebody seems determined to force a fight upon this congregation. Every sincere member of the church must be on guard. We must resist with all the spiritual strength we can muster this evil maneuver to destroy our work. If there is any more wicked work than that of undertaking to split a faithful, working, growing congregation — the body of Christ — in this community, I confess that I do not know what it is.

W. L. Totty's "Informer" Mis-informs On November 15 the Garfield Heights church in Indianapolis published in its weekly bulletin "The Informer" a bit of news which is an open insult to the University Heights church and to the spiritual integrity of the people who compose this congregation. Here is the revealing article — exactly as it appeared!

"Loyal Church To Be Started In Lexington

Brother Basil Overton has agreed to go to Lexington, Kentucky to build up a loyal church there. Lexington has a population of about 120,000 and is right in the heart of Kentucky's most prosperous area, but there is no loyal church there.

It was agreed in the business meeting that the Garfield Heights church would support Brother Overton in the amount of $100.00 per week during 1960.

It is a monumental task for a preacher to establish a loyal church in a city where there is none, and Brother Overton is certainly to be commended for having the courage to move his family to Lexington and undertake the work of building up the Cause of Christ there.

We are sure that every member of the Garfield Heights church is glad to have a part in supporting Brother Overton and Brother Burroughs in their good work."

And Just What Does This Mean?

Brother Totty and the Garfield Heights church imply that the University Heights church of Christ is NOT A LOYAL CHURCH OF THE LORD! This was stated TWICE within six short lines of the "Informer". Brother Totty even had his secretary, or whoever types his stencils, to UNDERLINE the words "there is no loyal church there." ...

The whole affair just possibly might be explained on one simple basis: The University Heights church of Christ does not send any donations to human INSTITUTIONS of any sort. It does NOT use the collective resources of the congregation to support the various projects and institutions MEN set up. This congregation WORKS in the field of evangelism, edification, and benevolence. It engages in these works apart from "brotherhood" enterprises and human institutions. It is a lying misrepresentation of this congregation to say it does not believe the above three types of work are to be done ...

The Lord has blessed this congregation wonderfully ... Is our work now to be hindered because outside meddlers are not happy with the situation?