Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 5, 1959
NUMBER 26, PAGE 7c,14b


Robert Bell Passes

Robert Bell, faithful preacher of Midland, Texas, died Sunday night October 11, after closing a meeting in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Brother Bell has suffered many years from an Asthmatic condition that necessitated his living in the west. However, his passing came only indirectly as a result of this, in that the heart was weakened. Funeral services were conducted in Midland, then his body was shipped to Bradford, Tennessee for service and burial. Paul Brock of Dyersburg, made the funeral talk. He was assisted by Harold Fesmire of Bradford who read Scriptures and led the prayer. Brother Bell is survived by his wife and three sons and a daughter, his parents and one brother and five sisters. The funeral service was attended by ten preachers, three of which were nephews. All who knew Robert Bell knew him as a sound and capable preacher who not only believed the truth but preached it and lived it as well.

C. R. Gurley, 844 E. Center, Pocatello, Idaho: "On Sept. 13th. the Church in Pocatello moved into it's new building, constructed by Paden Construction Co. of Cleburne, Texas. On Aug. 16 we began a TV program on KTLE Channel 6 in Pocatello. This program was made possible by the support given me from the good church in Crane, Texas. All correspondence should be addressed to P. O. Box 733, Pocatello, Idaho."

Ward Hogland, 8602 Lupton Lane, Houston 24, Texas: "In late Spring I assisted in a meeting with the church at Sunnyvale, California and have just completed one at Southside in Mt. Pleasant. On September 23rd I go to the Bellflower congregation is the Los Angeles area. My last meeting of the year will begin in October at Walnut street in Hope, Arkansas. This congregation will begin supporting another man full time within the next month. My first meeting in 1960 will be with Oliver Murray and the good church at Clute, Texas".

California Debate

"A discussion of some current problems will take place in Shatter and Bakersfield, California, the week of November 9. Participants will be Lyle McCollum, preacher for the Shatter congregation, and Donald R. Wilson, preacher for the Sterling Road church of Bakersfield. Propositions to be discussed are:

1. The scriptures teach that in supporting the preaching of the gospel the church must send the money directly to the preacher, not through a sponsoring church.

Affirm: D. R. Wilson Deny: L. McCollum

2. Such an arrangement and co-operative effort on the part of churches of Christ for the preaching of the gospel as the Herald of Truth is scriptural.

Affirm: L. McCollum Deny: D. R. Wilson

Two nights will be given to the discussion of each proposition. The first proposition will be debated in the church of Christ building, Shatter, California, November 9 and 10, 7:30 each evening. The second proposition will be debated in the church of Christ building, 424 Sterling Road, Bakersfield, California, November 11 and 12, 7:30 each evening."

A Report From Jacksonville, Texas

"On December 7, 1958, a small group of faithful Christians began meeting in a small, rented stucco building at 411 East Commerce Street, Jacksonville, Texas. Almost a year has passed, and these same Christians (along with approximately 6 other families) are still meeting in the same rented building, but with re-newed faith and zeal. Support for a man to work with us full time, was obtained from the church in Nacogdoches, Texas and the Akin Fund. September 1, 1959, Bro. Fay H. Starr moved his wife (Dartha) and his 5 fine children to Jacksonville to begin work with us. The Starrs previously labored with the Westside congregation in Ft. Worth, Texas. The church has bought a two acre section of ground on the Tyler Highway and at this writing, are waiting for approval on a loan application for a building.

We wish to use this medium to thank the many, many faithful preachers who spoke to us on Sundays and Thursdays for so many months. Many of them making long trips to do this. Especially are we grateful to Brother R. L. Burns, presently with the Westside church in Fort Worth, formerly with Central church in Grand Prairie, Texas, who was instrumental in beginning the church here. Months, sometimes at his own expense, he drove from Grand Prairie to Jacksonville to teach on Thursday nights. He's been an encouragement to us that we could never forget. Also we especially want to thank Bro. Leon Ford, Bro. Jean Wooley & Bro. James Trigg of Henderson, Texas & Bro. Lee Roseman of Overton, Texas who have been of no little help to us. May the Lord bless each of you that encouraged and helped us, in our efforts.

The many others that spoke to us include: Elmer Moore, Refugio; Bryan Vinson, Longview; Hoyt Houchen, Robert McDonald, Clyde Moore, Clyde Strickland, Lufkin; Roy Cogdill, Nacogdoches; Roy Foutz, Center; W. R. Jones, Baytown; Geo. Jones, Kilgore; Robert Harkrider, Cushing; Robert Phillips and Bill Jolley, Grand Prairie, Charles Gibson, Cleveland; Douglas John, Coppel; Jerry Ray, Irving; Dean Bullock, Sinton; R. C. King, Houston; and Brother McFadden, Henderson. Our thanks to all of you. If any of you have friends or relatives in this area, we would very much like to contact them. You may correspond with Bro. Starr at 714 Ft. Worth, Jacksonville. Texas. Our services are at 10, 11 A.M. and 6 P.M. on Sundays and 7:30 P.M. on Thursdays. If in our area, please worship God with us."

Paul Price, Grady, Arkansas: "We began work October 11th with the church in Grady after a very pleasant work with the Evans Ave. congregation in Apache, Oklahoma. The brethren in Apache are to be commended in contending for the truth. I appreciate the fight for truth the Guardian is making. Bro. Cogdill's review of "We Be Brethren" should be read by all."

M. A. Mansur, 731 W. Oklahoma, Vinita, Oklahoma. "Five precious souls were restored to God and the Church last week; making a total of eight responses to the gospel in the past eight weeks. Attendance and interest is increasing. When traveling stop and worship with the Church meeting at 350 South Scraper here in Vinita. We solicit an interest in the prayers of the faithful to the end that the Church may grow and prosper according to His Will."