Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 5, 1959

A Letter From Brother Otey

Winfield, Kansas October 2, 1959

Dear Brother Tant:

A number of the readers of the Guardian seem to be under the impression that I had an accident, went to the hospital, and then recovered sufficiently to go home. This is only partially true, and perhaps this note of explanation is in order:

On February 2 I fell and hurt myself. Other troubles developed, and on March 17 I underwent surgery at the Newton Hospital in Winfield. The muscles of my leg collapsed, and I have not been able to walk at all since, except for a few steps, and that with aid. I cannot walk without help, and it is certain that I never shall again. I am now sitting in a chair to write this letter, and this is the first time in days that I have even been able to be up this much. Please explain to the readers that it is simply impossible to answer their letters. During the first weeks of my illness my daughter, Verna, answered more than 200 letters for me, but the task proved to be too great. I pray that all may understand. Brethren were so very liberal in their response to my needs that enough was received to take care of me for some time to come — I pray that the Lord may give me the call to a better home before the sum is exhausted.

May God give you health, wisdom, and courage to continue in the great battle for truth. The work is greater than you may realize. This is one of the most crucial periods in the history of the church, and you are undoubtedly in a key position. The fight calls for men of humility, yet of unwavering firmness and loyalty to the truth. So far you have met the test; God grant that you may ever do so! I cannot hold a pencil in my hand to sign my name, much less attempt to correct this letter. In faith, hope, and love.

W. W. Otey