Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 19, 1959

"Pope John Calls World Council"

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Alabama

The foregoing caption heads a front-page story in the Birmingham (Alabama) Post-Herald" of January 26, 1959. When a great news paper, purporting to give a factual story, will publish such falsehoods as this story contains, it is shocking proof of the great success the Roman Pope is enjoying in his "gradual conquest of" America. On the same front page is a political story headed this way: "Kennedy Rated No. 1, Adlai No. 8 In '60 Race". Any Protestant, or member of the church of the living God who does not see the significance of such as this, is blind indeed. Rome intends to take over America. She has already won her most strategic battles against freedom, especially freedom of speech and of religion. She has control of the press, the radio and TV industry, and has largely succeeded in "brain-washing" most Americans into the blind and stupid conviction that it is sinful to adversely criticize anybody's religion, or religious teachings and practices. Another sign of Rome's successful conquest is the oft-repeated, thread-bare slogan, "Race, color or creed". Priests and nuns are used whenever possible on TV and in movies. Priests have invaded the armed forces and supply far too many chaplains. Rome has succeeded in gaining entrance into many public schools, as in Kentucky.

This "World Council," according to the story, is "aimed at uniting the Christian forces of the world". And "the wording of the Vatican statement indicated that Christian churches outside the Roman Catholic church may be invited to participate in the council, at least as observers". I wonder how many "suckers" that "line" will catch? But the most audacious and unfounded part of the story is this paragraph:

"With modern means of transportation, the new council, 21st in the 2000-year history of the Roman Catholic Church, could easily be the most immense gathering in Christian history."

I am not acquainted with any informed person who thinks the leaders of Rome are stupid. The Pope knows that these things will break down any wide-spread opposition to his proposed council, and will deceive millions as to the real aims of the Roman Catholic Church. Anybody who opposes the council will be accused of being anti-American, anti-religion, even anti-God. Is not Rome against the godless Communism? Yes, but don't forget that this same atheistic Communism was against Hitler-ism, and fought with and for us — supposedly. Same old lie. This is almost always the method and means of those who would discredit the opposers of evil and false doctrines and practices. Brand the opposition as simply negative and "anti". I have been up against this sort of propaganda for the past 39 years and more.

Then the front-page story had this to say about the "world council," called in 1869: "The last one . . . . proclaimed the infallibility of the Pope. This is the Roman Catholic tenet that the Pope, when speaking ex-cathedra, or in his full authority as supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, cannot err in matters of faith or morals." And how did the Roman Catholic Church ever evolve into the thoughtless, blind mass of humanity that accepts the Pope's word rather than the word of the inspired writers of the New Testament? It all started by elevating men; by other small men surrendering their souls, their manhood, their thinking to one man of power and influence. It took more than 600 years, but look at the thing now! There's only one safe course: "Let God be true, and every man a liar." I make this pledge to my brethren, and to God: I will not "line up" with any paper, group of men, or man, no matter how much power and influence is brought to bear. I will oppose every man and every thing that teaches and practices otherwise. My aim shall be to "abide in the teachings of Christ". I will listen to any man, but will be the slave and Charley McCarthy of no man.

I have written to the editor of the Post-Herald, and have told him that I marvel that he has permitted such distorting and torturing of truth and facts in his great paper. I reminded the editor that as late as 604, at the death of Gregory I, the bishop of Rome had not completely succeeded in his "gradual conquest of other western bishops". Therefore, at that date Rome did not have a pope as we know them today. So that lops off more than a fourth of "the 2000-year history of the Roman Catholic Church".

Why do freedom-loving and God-fearing Americans sit idly by while the "supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church" makes religious and political hay? But I venture this affirmation: More than 76 percent of the readers of the Birmingham Post-Herald today, February 3, 1959, don't even know or remember that this so-called news story was published on the front page — or any page! And a majority of those who read it did not see any significance in it.

The old "Mother of Harlots" is very adept at such sly propaganda as this story carries. The term "world council" will appeal to millions; anything big of which they may become a part greatly delights them. But it's the same old propaganda that Sanballat and Geshem used, when they attempted to call a council in the Plain of Ono; to which Nehemiah wisely said "0, NO!" It will impress many stupid religious leaders also, when they see that the Pope has thus underscored "the urgency that he feels for the state of Christian unity today". "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly." Then the following pretended aim will catch many flies: "a reaffirmation of the church's stand against communism".