Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 15, 1959
NUMBER 36, PAGE 4-5b

A Five Year Plan

We are happy to announce a new "five-year" subscription campaign. Our goal is simply stated: We want 30,000 NEW subscribers in 1959; and a total of 100,000 new subscribers by the end of 1963

If our 1959 campaign fulfills the promise of its first week, and we exceed the 30,000 new subscribers this year, we may revise our goal upward to 150,000 new subscribers for the five-year period. That will remain to be determined later.

It has finally become obvious that the "social gospel" brethren are determined to go further and further into their promotional schemes; and those sincere and humble Christians who intend to stay faithful to God's word are becoming aroused and alarmed as to what is happening. They see hundreds of congregations being menaced by the stream of liberalism. Orphan homes and Herald of Truth are but a small symptom of the over-all problem. The real problem is an attitude toward God's truth — toward authority. And when the final cleavage comes between the conservative and liberal elements within the Church of Christ (as come it must!) we believe there are scores of thousands who now go along with church support of benevolent institutions who will rebel at accepting the further steps of the "social gospel" promoters — church recreation centers, church hospitals, swimming pools, youth camps, and the usual array of projects and promotions which have characterized the liberal fight within the denominational churches.

Do you think 30,000 NEW subscribers for the first year is too high a goal? Then you have under estimated the tremendous strength of those faithful brethren who are determined to stand for the truth. For in the first two weeks of the campaign, without any announcement in the paper at all, but merely by personal contact with a few brethren and by writing some fifteen or twenty letters, we have received 3,000 new subscriptions!

These are not "promises" or pledges to get that many — we already have them in the office, and are processing them and making address plates as rapidly as possible. And more are coming in by every mail! We would not be surprised at all to have over 5,000 NEW subscriptions by the end of January!

The Plan Here is the plan by which we are achieving such phenomenal results: We are offering "Gift Subscriptions" in lots of 30 or more on a monthly payment basis. Here is the schedule:

$ 5.00 per month will pay for 30 subscriptions. $10.00 per month will pay for 60 subscriptions. $15.00 per month will pay for 90 subscriptions. $25.00 per month will pay for 150 subscriptions. $75.00 per month will pay for 600 subscriptions.

Of course, our regular subscriptions continue at the usual rate of $3.00 per year; club rates of $2.50 per year in clubs of five or more But these "gift subscriptions" are something different. These are subscriptions paid for by sincere and faithful Christians who have friends, relatives, acquaintances to whom they want to send the Gospel Guardian for a period of time. Some congregations are taking advantage of this plan to subscribe for the entire membership, paying for it on a monthly basis.

Here is the way to put this plan into effect: Carefully consider your own financial situation, and determine just how much each month you feel you can spend in this great plan to get the Gospel Guardian into the hands of open minded brethren who are willing to be governed in all they do by a "thus saith the Lord." Do not waste money by sending the paper to those whose minds are closed and who are openly and avowedly determined to have their big plans and projects, regaraiess of what the Bible says. But go through the list of all you know who are honestly wanting to do what is right. There are thousands of people who are now members in the institutional, promoting churches. They are good people, who are simply ignorant of what is being done, and who can be saved to the Lord once they realize the direction their leaders are taking them. These people have never seen "the other side" of present issues, but have been constantly told that "only a few antis" are opposing the promotional schemes. Make a list of such people, with their right addresses.

Then send your list with the first monthly payment (or quarterly if you prefer to pay by the quarter) to Gospel Guardian, Box 980, Lufkin, Texas. We will continue to receive the Guardian just as long as you feel able to send it to them — three months, a year, or indefinitely. We would hope you could send it to this initial list for at least one year; then, at the end of one year, perhaps you can drop that list of thirty, sixty, ninety, or however many it may be, and make out an entirely new list for the next year. Thus, by continuing to send in the names and the monthly (or quarterly) payments, we can eventually get the Gospel Guardian into the hands of every member of the church in the world!

Those who send in lists are free to discontinue their monthly payments any time they may desire It is purely voluntary, and with no pledge or promise of any kind either stated or implied as to the length of time the donor continues. If you want to help in this great crusade, do not have the names and address of people to whom you want to send the paper, others who have more names to whom they would like to send the paper than they can afford to pay for can furnish you a list for which you will be responsible. We will be glad to put you in touch with them.

To Our Writers

A word of caution is necessary to our writers. Keep in mind now that your articles will be read by thousands upon multiplied thousands of NEW subscribers — most of whom know almost nothing of what the real issue in the church is. They have been told that "a few antis" are opposed to caring for orphan children or to preaching the gospel over the radio, and that such should be "quarantined" and avoided! That is all they know. So write with that in mind. Be extremely simple in style; avoid objectionable personalities; do not pre-suppose too much understanding of the arguments that have been made — and teach, teach, TEACH! That is the hope, the only real hope, we have of saving the souls of many thousands.

Brother Cogdill's Review

In view of the avalanche of new subscriptions now coming in, and to give these new readers the advantage of this item, we are delaying for a few weeks Brother Roy E. Cogdill's review of Dr. J. D. Thomas' recent book, 'We Be BRETHREN". This book sets forth the real issue now before the churches; and Cogdill's review of it will be significant. The Thomas book, with Cogdill's review, will give our new readers a fairly clear grasp of what is actually involved in present controversies — the issue of liberalism versus conservativism. — F.Y.T.