Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 25, 1958

"Some Shall Fall Away From The Faith"

J. Lee Hines, Garland, Texas

It is my honest opinion that Leroy Garrett has "fallen away from the faith." I have known Leroy for many years. He was a member of the Sunset church (Dallas) when I was local preacher there. I encouraged him to go to college and supplied some of the money he used in year at Freed-Hardeman. I also encouraged him in his educational pursuit at ACC. Leroy had some very trying experiences, which were, no doubt some of the causes of his side-stepping the TRUTH in places. In his early adventures against the "pastor system" Leroy was greatly encouraged by Brother G. A. Dunn — Brother Dunn was looked upon by Leroy as a safe teacher and because of this he sought his advice often.

It is my honest conviction that Leroy has, as Gene Smith, along with others, been driven to extremes because of the bombastic attitude of many preachers in the "Church of Christ." I could mention several others whose faith has been shaken almost to the breaking point by the un-godly and unmerciful treatment by men in the church who ought to have been kind and fatherly.

I do not know whether Leroy can be rescued or not; but by the grace of God, I shall extend a hand, although Leroy, in time past conspired against me and lifted his hand to overthrow my work; but may the Lord forgive him and hold not this sin against him. Leroy, come on over, sit with me and let us talk this matter over.

In BIBLE TALK of 1958, page 35 I find these words: "Would I divide a Baptist church? Would I render assunder a Methodist congregation? These people are my brethren either actually or potentially, for they are believers in the one Lord just as I am."

I wrote Leroy a letter July 16, 1958 and asked for a further explanation of the above statement. He replied in letter dated July 21st thus: "I concur with you that only immersed believers are in the body of Christ. Such ones are my brethren in fact or actually. Those who believe in our Lord but have not been immersed are in the same relationship as an unborn child in the womb awaiting to be born. So the un-immersed believer is begotten and is therefore my brethren in prospect or potentially. I realize of course that there are many miscarriages and many believers never become actual brothers. But as long as they believe I can work or pray for their deliverance into my Father's family. Thus every believer in the Christ is related to every other believer in that they have been begotten of the same Father. Potentially they all belong to the same family."

I was a bit disturbed by this letter, and wrote in reply trying to show that in the NEW BIRTH there is no such things as abortion nor miscarriage and used John 1:12 as proof. I asked Leroy to discuss this matter further with me; but he, to date, has not answered.

It is my conviction that in Leroy's study, he is being influenced by the position of the beginners of the Restoration Movement, instead of doing his own studying — searching the scriptures for Truth. Most any position can be proven by the Reformers and Restorers. Instead of Leroy using the men of the Restoration Movement as preachers, pleading for the Ancient Order of Things, he is using them as the final Authority. This is a fatal mistake. Leroy, come to the Bible and let us look for the Jerusalem Road!