Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 11, 1958

Adventures In Good Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. H. Nichol, Clifton, Texas.

52 Sermon Outlines On Titles Of Old And New Testament, By Rowley Hill. Cloth Bound. $75, Baker Book House: Here Are Fifty-Two Sermon Outlines On Christ And His Church, With Passages Of Scriptures In Proof Of The Thoughts Advanced. It Will Be A Pleasing Series Of Lessons For The Evening Sermons Through The Years. It Will Be A Nice Book In Your Library, Bound In Black Cloth, Gold Stamped. The Suggested Outlines Cover The Life Of Christ On Earth, From Birth To Our Judgment.

SELF INTERPRETING NEW TESTAMENT, By Ashley S. Johnson, Baker Book House, Cloth Bound, $3.50: For a number of years Mr. Johnson was a teacher in a Bible School, near Knoxville, Tennessee, where numbers of young men were taught the Bible. In this, one of a number of books he wrote, he made the effort to give the aggregated Scriptures in connection with every verse, the other passages of Scripture on the same subject. This brings to the reader the different passages, enabling him to have all on a passage to fully understand the subject, at least it is a pleasing arrangement. The Author does not make a commentary of his own words. You will be pleased with the book, as you are with having passages on a given subject before you.

ONE VOLUME COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, Baker Book House, Cloth Bound. $5.95: Every verse in the New Testament has a comment, comments as made by John Wesley, Adam Clark, Matthew Henry, and others. This commentary has been compiled from Scholars, with a view that regardless of your religious views, you will have confidence in the author of the compilation, that his effort was to make a book representing scholarship. It is a book which will serve a good purpose for the busy teacher in teaching the Bible. No one will expect an exhaustive study in the book, but it does contain much valuable material, and will be consulted if you have a copy. I know of no commentary giving so much information in one Bible information.