Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 17, 1958
NUMBER 11, PAGE 6a-7

News And Views

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 80 - Florence, Alabama

R. C. Williams is now working with the Joseph Avenue church in Nashville, Tennessee, following Warren Rainwater, who is now in Pensacola, Florida .... Robert Jackson will leave the Franklin Road church in Nashville by the first of the year and return to labor with the Riverside Drive church in the same city. This will be Jackson's second time to labor with Riverside Drive. He has done a very fine work with the Franklin Road church . . . Donald P. Ames is working with the Janesville, Wisconsin church during the summer months... J. T. Marlin is moving back to Shawnee, Oklahoma to labor with the church there, after five years and seven months with the Fourth and Elm Streets church in Sweetwater, Texas ... Stanley Shipp, of Riverton, Wyoming will move to Sweetwater to labor with that church . . . Dean Brookshire has moved from Richardson, Texas to Tyler, Texas, where he will labor with the West Erwin church . . . Hubert Showalter is now working with the West Main church in Richmond, Indiana ... Joe Corley and his family are now in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where they recently moved to establish the Cause. The work there is off to a good start. They have rented a hall in which the church meets for two services on Lord's day. Attendance runs from 16 to 18. He is being supported in the work there by several churches here in the states . . . Mason Harris, now of Saratoga, Arkansas, plans to leave in September for Bergen, Norway, where he will labor with Connie Adams in planting the Lord's Cause in that area. He is still in need of some additional support and some help with his travel fund . . . Ford Carpenter is leaving the West Long Beach congregation after five years of labor and will soon begin with the church at Napa, California . . . PAPERS NEEDED: I lack two copies having a complete set of the BIBLE BANNER. I need the March, 1941 paper and the June, 1946 paper. Is there anyone who could and would supply these that I may complete my set? I have a large number of extra BIBLE BANNERS and would gladly trade some of what I have for these two papers. Would be grateful for any help given. I am also trying to complete my sets of the GOSPEL ADVOCATE during the years (1930-latter part — thru 1934) that FOY E. WALLACE, Jr. was the editor. Can anyone help me with this? I need Numbers 39 thru 47 of the year 1932; and numbers 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30 thru 34, 36 thru 38, and 47 of 1933. Need nearly all of 1934 and a few of the 1930 volume. Will deeply appreciate hearing from anyone who might be willing to supply these. I have some extra copies of old ADVOCATES and other papers that I would trade for any of these. While I am at it let me ask for some help along this line. I need Numbers 7 and 32 of the 1956 GOSPEL ADVOCATE; and numbers 7, 11 15 and 23 of the same paper for 1957. I need numbers 15, 22 and 23 of the FIRM FOUNDATION for 1957. Also, want the January and June issues of the 1956 THE PRECEPTOR. Please advise at once if you can help. Will be glad to pay for any of these papers. I hope that this appeal will bring these papers in so I may complete these sets . . . "THE GREATEST THINKING MACHINE" — this is the way that Roy Deaver speaks of Thomas B. Warren in the INTRODUCTION to Warren's book — LECTURES ON CHURCH COOPERATION AND ORPHAN HOMES. Those fellows are really lavish with their praise of each other. They advertise themselves and their wares most highly. This scratching of each other's back must give them a lot of joy and comfort. These fellows are recognized as the "logical twins" because of all their experimenting around with logic in a desperate attempt to justify the idols they have bowed down before. They make no appeal to the scriptures. Logic (their twisted and perverted kind) is enough for them. They have seemingly become slaves to this type of speech and are bowing before the gods of logic and human wisdom — their own at that! Just think of being called and praised as "The Greatest Thinking Machine" Deaver knows! Well, the "machine" part pretty well applies, for Warren is in such a rut or on a track with his "logical deductions" and "syllogisms" that he does appear to act very much like some part of a machine at times — but not a "thinking" one! Never has a man been as badly over-rated as Tom Warren; unless it is Roy Deaver! With all their "logical talk" they really sounded wise when they were otherwise (as Bro. Hardeman used to put it!) In desperation for some sort of defense for some of the modern and unscriptural practices current in the church, brethren fell for all this "logical talk" of Warren and Deaver. Most brethren did not understand it (and who can?), but it was supposed to be logical so they just blindly accepted the assertions, assumptions, deductions and conclusions. However, now that a little time has passed it seems that all the appeal and flash of this type of thing has more or less passed away. Those among their number who still care about things being scriptural are falling back from such circumlocution to a more sensible and simple defense. Even the paper (THE SPIRITUAL SWORD) started by Warren and Deaver has fallen rather flat and insipid for the most part. The birth of the paper was hailed far and wide by ALL the benevolent societies and nearly all the promoters otherwise as a great force for their cause. One would have almost concluded that they had had no one do much in their defense before this paper came into existence. It may well be as some have surmised that this paper was born in the State of Texas and given the pontifical blessings of the GOSPEL ADVOCATE to help offset the position of the FIRM FOUNDATION that an orphan home MUST be under the oversight of an eldership, and to woo the people away from the influence of this paper. Anyway, it has hardly been more than recognized in the fray since it started. Neither has Warren's book of lectures, which was intended to be a sort of a "handbook" for the defenders of modern institutionalism. Preachers, young and old, could commit to memory some of the "logical talk" found in this "handbook," repeat it like a parrot and really sell the church on these man-made schemes and institutions. Like the newly-developed argument of Guy Woods (the "restored home" rigmarole), I have heard brethren repeat and parrot these arguments (?) and expressions who could not for their very life really explain them! Like the old Indian described a sermon he heard, such "logical talk" is "much lightening, a lot of thunder, but no rain." .... I suppose that everyone has read of the plans for the big "area-wide gospel meeting" to be held in the 8,000-seat Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Sunday, June 29. Well, they are really going to put on a show to top all the other such shows brethren have put on. They have secured some big names among members of the church to be the drawing attraction. Surely no one is silly enough to think that these brethren have any idea that the simple story of the cross would draw such attendance as they plan for! Pat Boone will be there (with his autographed pictures to pass out) to direct the song service. This will pull in hundreds of screaming teen-agers no doubt! The promoters of this stunt are most ambitious and they have planned for Bobby Morrow, Byron Nelson, Eddie Southern, Sonny James and maybe another well-known personality or two to be present. What are these promoters trying to do, impress the people of that area with our strength; show the world that we have some important and well-known people in the entertainment and sports worlds who are members of our "denomination;" or is it just a "flexing of our muscles" in a general way? I wonder. Do you suppose that the world will be favorably impressed by such an affair? Will it, could it possibly do any real and lasting good to put on such a show and have the largest gathering of members of the church under one roof ? It looks like the church has been turned over to a bunch of cheap politicians and religious carpet baggers! They want to tie the church on to the coat tail of any member of the church who may gain fame in some field. Trying to gain glory for "our denomination' by riding in the wake of the glory some celebrity has attained seems to be the purpose of all such shows — and they are a sorry and worthless substitute for the gospel and Christian living. Besides all the harm to the church of the Lord that this caper will bring, there is another sad thing about it to many of us. That is to see the name of Wallace connected with such. This name has for years been a synonym for soundness and devotion to the truth and constant and fearless opposition to any and all departures from the New Testament way. Yet in recent years the name of Wallace has been linked with things that no Wallace (the real ones of conviction and courage) would dare be associated with! Tom Wallace, son of Foy E., Sr. and brother of Foy E., Jr., seems to be the ram-rod of this big scheme. It is enough to make his revered father "turn over in his grave." What a shame! If Foy, Sr. could be here now there is no doubt but that he would be among the very first to speak out in condemnation of such foolish capers. But, under the direction of ambitious and worldly-wise men, the church is really "on the march" today — right into complete digression and apostasy.

THE HARVEST FIELD, 1958 edition, published by The C. E. I. Publishing Company, Athens, Alabama; is one of the most interesting, informative and thrilling books that has been published lately. It contains 317pages of material in clear, readable type, along with many pictures, charts and maps of interest. It is just what the name implies — a look at "the harvest field" — a general survey of the work being done by churches of Christ throughout the world. It is up-to-date and comprehensive. It needs to be read by every member of the church. It tells how the Cause is growing at home and abroad. It will arouse interest and concern on the part of all who read it. It gives the names and addresses of workers in foreign lands as well as the address of most churches in other lands. This is a book YOU NEED NOW. The price is $3.50. Order it from the GOSPEL GUARDIAN.

Someone sent me a copy of a bulletin published by the First Methodist Church in Diboll, Texas. The following note had been marked: "OPPORTUNITIES THIS EVENING. Methodist Youth Fellowship — 6:30 P.M. Evening Worship — 7:30 P.M. Mr. Morris Kemper, Minister, Church of Christ, will be our guest preacher. The topic of his sermon will be 'The Six States Of Man.' Miss Nita Ramsey will sing 'I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say.'" The one who sent the bulletin had marked the article with the word "Modernism". I do not know who Morris Kemper is and am wondering if he is supposed to be a member of the church. I would not be surprised to see such notices of brethren preaching for the Methodist, but I do not know but that this man is a member of the Christian Church. The Christian Church preachers are but only a little more advanced into modernism and apostasy than some of "our" preachers and it is hard at times to tell the difference.

Attention Camp McCoy

May we call your attention to the fact that Camp McCoy is used as a training camp for many in the National Guard as well as other units of the Army. We have no way of advertising or announcing our place of worship except through the Army Chaplain's Office. They have this information, but it is only given out to those boys that make inquiry; it is not permissible to post this on any Army Bulletin Board.

We are therefore asking parents who have boys in Camp McCoy to pass this information on to their sons. Also elders and preachers that know of boys coming here could do them a great service by giving them this information. If you will write and give me the names and other information about your boys, I will do my best to contact and encourage them to worship with us while they are here. It is not hard for the boys to obtain permission to attend the services off the Base, but many of them do not know there is a group of God's people meeting anywhere near them. Please pass this information on. We meet at 112 North 9th Ave. in Onalaska, Wisconsin at 10:00 a. m. for Bible classes; 11:00 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. for worship, and at 7:30 p. m. Thursday evening for Bible study. My street address is 1420 Vine Street, LaCrosse, and my phone number is 4-8256. We are ready and willing to help your boys in every way we can.

Your brother in Christ, Harry E. Johnson Murray Marshall, 2314 Overton Road, Dallas 16, Texas: "Finished fine V. B. S. here recently. Now in the Dallas Singing Normal — this year with us. Good start. Closes June 27. My family and I go to Nova Scotia for mission meeting and V. B. S. July 12-20. I hold Franklin, Texas meeting August 15-22. We're in our fourth year here. Overton Road a fine, working, growing church."