Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 26, 1949


Meetings Scheduled


June 5, Dallas, Texas, Preston Road, G. K. Wallace of Wichita, Kansas will preach. Vacation Bible School will be conducted during the week. Brother Hulen Jackson is the local preacher.

June 1, Crockett, Texas, Jim Dobbs will preach in the meeting. He has recently moved to Crockett, and reports are that things are looking up there.

June 5, Vickery, Texas, James R. Cope preaching. June 3, Groveton, Texas, Oscar Smith, Jr., preaching, Oscar, Sr., is the local minister.

June 5, Tent meeting time in Lufkin, Texas. Several meetings were conducted last summer and a fine number obeyed the Gospel. Nearly all were members of denominations and were adults. The tent with all of the equipment that is necessary will be used in surrounding territory during the summer. William Thompson will preach in these meetings.

June 5, Flint, Michigan, Rue Porter will preach.

Results From Meetings

Wilson Wallace has recently concluded a preaching trip on which meetings were held in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Illinois. He recently closed a meeting at St. Marys, W. Va., with eight baptisms and several restorations. He is available for meetings wherever called. His address is 4066 Whittle Ave., Oakland, Calif., or Box 1804, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Robert. D. Bankes of Sherman, Texas, closed a meeting recently with the Bunavista congregation, Borger, Texas. 0. F. Shewmaker, Pampa, Texas, directed the singing. Six were restored and six were baptized. Ten gospel preachers were in attendance at the meeting, and twelve different congregations represented. Brother Shewmaker will be with the brethren in a fall meeting. Brother D. C. Lawrence is the local minister.

Other News

Brother J. Early Arceneaux, Lovelady, Texas is in the hospital again as this issue goes to press. He is recognized throughout the land as one of the greatest Bible scholars of this age. The church at Lovelady is continuing to support Brother Arceneaux, though he has not been able to preach for some time. There are heavy bills, however, that must be met, and we believe that the brethren will aid this great and good man by helping to defray these expenses. If you would like to have a part in this work please send your check in care of the Church of Christ, Lufkin, Texas.

Louisville, Ky., Bardstown Road Church of Christ, Brother B. G. Yount is returning to Salinas, California, where he was formerly minister. He plans to leave for the West in August.

Brother Foy E. Wallace, Jr., closed a good meeting Sunday night, May 15, at Ontario, California, where Brother Woodrow Hughes preaches. He began at Van Nuys, California, May 16, where Wallace Thompson is the preacher. He is scheduled for a meeting at East Long Beach, Tenth and Termino,' where William S. Irvine preaches, in, June. Many of Brother Wallace's friends will be glad to know that he is coming back to Texas for a meeting at Grand Saline embracing the second and third Sundays in July. Brother Wallace has been in the west with his family working in some very difficult places for the past year and a half. His permanent address has remained Box 1804, Oklahoma City, Okla. It is probable that much of his work in the coming year will be arranged in Texas and Oklahoma and fields adjacent where he has labored so much through the years. Churches wishing to contact him can do so by addressing him as above.

Brawley, California, Brother J. W. Middleton who has labored here for a number of years wants to move to another climate. He has done a good work in a very difficult place and is a faithful gospel preacher. Any congregation that needs a good preacher should contact him at Brawley, Box 273.

Wellington, Kansas, Judson Woodbridge is to be available for meetings by July 1. He loves the church and the truth and stands for it. You will not make a mistake in using him if you need a meeting.

Beaumont, Texas, Brother Fred Custis reports the Bible School being conducted there on Monday evening starts off well. It began well and has increased in interest and attendance. Four of the local preachers are teaching in the school.


The Closer Tie

Mrs. Luther G. Roberts

"Is not the kindred of a common fate a closer tie than that of birth?" This is a question which is asked by Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "The Ambitious Guest". The conclusion of the story is evidence of the author's proof of the rhetorical question.

Hundreds of years before Hawthorne, Jesus said the same thing in different and more meaningful words. It was in the second year of his personal ministry, when he was journeying about Galilee doing much teaching and performing some miracles. One day he was in a house, probably in Capernaum, teaching the multitudes. A sudden interruption comes to the important warnings which Jesus is giving. One of the group gives Jesus the message that his mother and his brethren are outside and want to speak to him. As far as the record shows, the last time Jesus had been with his mother was more than a year before at the wedding feast in Cana.

There were none closer to him by birth than his mother and his four unbelieving (John 7:5) brothers. But instead of rushing out immediately to see what his kindred wanted, Jesus showed by his actions and his words that the kinship of a spiritual tie is stronger than that of birth and blood. He thought it; and he taught it. The entire multitude understood him. We twentieth century Christians would do well to ponder the unforgettable words in which Jesus couched his thought, "Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." (Matt. 13:50)


All the water in the world However hard it tried, Could never sink a ship Unless it got inside.

All the evil in the world, The wickedness and sin, Can never sink your soul's fair craft Unless you let it in,