Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 30, 1950

".... And We Need It Now"


Every week the Gospel Guardian goes into the homes of many thousands of Christians, all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and in nations around the world. We believe that most people who receive and read this paper are interested in the cause of Christ, and are desirous of doing everything they can do to encourage, promote, and help every other Christian on the earth who is trying to do good. Because we have that faith in your attitude, we bring you this problem:

In Tampa, Florida, is located Florida Christian College, an institution organized and supported by people who are interested in providing a school where an education may be received under the guidance and instruction of Christian teachers. This school is in no sense a "church institution;" it is a private concern, and its Board of Directors will neither solicit nor accept contributions from churches.

A letter from James R. Cope, devout and able young president of the school, presents an earnest and moving appeal. He says,

"Our present situation makes it imperative that I appeal to you for help. We are now facing an emergency, and if we are to obtain help, it must come from our friends. Our enemies would be glad to see us fail, and this we cannot afford to do. Recently the State Department of Education has told us that an expenditure of $25,000.00 must be forthcoming if we are to maintain the educational standing that we have at present. This money must be spend on the library and physical science departments. Five thousand dollars of this amount must be spent between now and the time school is out in June.

If you can see your way clear to help us with this matter with a direct personal appeal to gospel preachers and to all others who are interested in the cause of providing a proper education for young people, you will be rendering us an invaluable service."

There are many thousands of people throughout the church who are irrevocably committed to the belief that the school is an adjunct to the home, not to the church. These people are friends, not enemies, to all the schools in the land which recognize and maintain this proper relationship. They will not support a school which teaches what they conscientiously believe to be false doctrine in this respect. But now comes the poser:

Will they support a school which they believe occupies a scriptural position?

Florida Christian College with her immediate problem provides the opportunity for an answer. It would be well-nigh impossible for the editor of this paper to calculate the number of letters he has received within the last year from brethren all over the nation (and the world) commenting on the problem the church faces in the growing threat of "institutionalism." Most of these brethren meant, and many of them stated, that they had the schools in mind as being seriously involved in that problem.

But now comes a chance to draw the distinction where they want to draw it—the distinction between schools that seek to become "church supported institutions" and the schools that definitely and squarely face the issue and declare they will not accept church contributions. Florida Christian College belongs within this second group. She has done a magnificent work during the few short years of her existence. She is worthy of every support and every help that right thinking brethren can give. Her president, her Board of Directors, and her faculty are men who will make every effort within their power to maintain the school as an efficient, well organized, and economically operated institution. We believe that no man will be permitted on her faculty who will teach things contrary to the word of God. Here, surely, is a place where any Christian parent could send a son or daughter with assurance and confidence.

The tone of Brother Cope's letter is urgent. They need help, and they need it now. We realize that the Gospel Guardian goes for the most part into the homes of people who are of moderate income; the wealthy, as a rule, are not interested in a paper of this kind. But we believe that even in these homes of average income, thousands of people will read this page who could make a contribution to this good work. Will you do it? Stop right now, while it is fresh on your mind, and send a check or money order to Florida Christian College, Temple Terrace Station, Tampa, 4, Florida.


"Sorry. Wrong Number"

(Scene: The preacher's study in Brown Street Church of Christ; Akron, Ohio. Charles L. Campbell, preacher for the church, is seated at his desk. The telephone rings.)

Campbell: "Hello."

Party at the other end of the line: "Is this the Brown Street Church of Christ ?

Campbell: "Yes, sir."

Other party: "This is Reverend _______, the associate pastor of the High Street Church of Christ. I am interested in contacting a lady in each of the local churches to serve as a representative to the Summit County Council of Church Women for the children's world day of prayer. I have been appointed chairman of the Central High School district. Would your church be interested in sending a delegate?"

Campbell: "No, sir. We are striving diligently to maintain the New Testament order of work and worship; and in that we do not find any authority in the New Testament for such so-called interdenominational activity. We will not participate in any such procedure.

Other party: "Well, I shall be glad to discuss the matter with you when I shall have time. However, I cannot do so now."

Campbell: "I shall be happy to discuss the matter with you at any time."

Other party: "All right, but we will just let the conversation end here."

Campbell: "All right."

Other party: "Thank you. Good-bye."

Campbell: "You are welcome. Good-bye."